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Customer Service

You get better service at the Family Dollar Store. First they send you to the Philippines. I have been tracking a a package for 4 days and between Macy's and FedEx I have been given the run around.

Go somewhere else

Shop at Norstrom, Sears, Walmart or even Big lots you will get better service

I have waited 40 minutes at the Ballston Mall Macy's. There are no sales people in sight. Utterly unacceptable!

Stay out of politics!

Stay out of politics!

You shall be receiving my cut up credit card.You can put it with the other 30,000 + that you have already received.


Stay out of politics. Bring Trump clothing line back or i will cancel my credit card and not shop in your stores anymore.

Thanks for showing that America should be taken over by illegals! Come on.... Won't be shopping here EVER! Freedom of Speech and truth!

not shopping at Macy's

Based on your decision to not carry Trump's clothing line I will not be shopping at Macy's any longer.

Trump punished for freedom of speech!

Why would you punish Mr. trump for exercising his freedom of speech? You are not following the constitution. I will no longer shop Macy's. I will make sure my friends and family do the same!

goodbye macys

After your decision to dump Donald Trump clothes line, I will no longer be shopping at Macys.

Donald Trump

I will not shop at your store since you no longer deal with mr. Trump All my friends will do the same.

Donald Trump Disk

Who does Macys think they are? If you don't agree with them, they dump you? Well Macys, i'm dumping you!!!!

Bad treatment of Donald Trump

I will never shop at any of your stores again! You have double standards and I will cut my credit card!

Your attitude sucks

If I could I would give you no stars!

will not shop at any of your stores ever again.

Your treatment of Trump

I have been a customer of Macys all my life but I will never step foot in a Macys store ever again!

under the clothes and shoes

What it is really like work at store 562. Wonderful clothes shoes outstanding. I am going to send you an email about bite backing. Standing around talk and how what I thought was a wonderful experience ended.and turned into a bad one.

Ticket price $0.01

On the clearance rack a dress was on sale for $0.01 however it was not sold to me at that price. Spoke with a Manager at the Ventura, CA Macy's store and she refused to sell it to me at that price. Contacted the Corporate office and the issue was resolved they are sending me a check with the $... money amount that they sold me the dress for.

Online Purchase

I made an online purchase 11/10 for three separate items. Macy's debited my checking for the total purchase amount of $124 and two days later decided to run my card again for each item as individual amounts causing my account to be overdrawn. When I called Macy's to question why, I get a vendor from another country who hung up the call when I asked to speak with someone in the US because he could not understand my concern. I am very dissatisfied with the poor service I've received.


I have a special potty chair and looking for a company thats willing to invest in me and get this chair out to mothers who need my help with training and entertainment.

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