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Tunica Miss

NEVER been so humiliated or treated so poorly! Not only will I NEVER stay at ANY of your properties because of this - but until the day I die I will do my best to discourage anyone I know from enduring this humiliation!!!! There are NO words!!!!


I stayed at excalubur 2 nights in Aug. on my confirmation TOLL FREE CALLS was included in the resort fees. Always phoned home, during the many times I have stayed there FREE. WELL what a surprise I received as I checked out fast track then my cc statment arrived charged $127.45 for 5 minute and 3 min. calls. I looked up in dictionary TOLL FREE meaning no toll levied for this use.....Well Dwayne a manger at EXCAL was so rude to me and said no free calls as of 6 months ago....I am out of luck. Rosie at Billing said she could remove it, but Dwayne would not let her. AS I am in Vegas twice a year NO more staying at MGM properties.

Bruno Mars & Security

Tonight's concert & security a nightmare. Had a old blonde bimbo & her scuzzy entourage try to pick a fight with me. Got a few others around me to join in. Told security who acted like the problem was to be solved only to verbally browbeat ME in front of perpetrators -- who all taped most or all of the show on their cameras (making it difficult for me to see). Security tersely told me I could go to a worse seat -- and was there anything else they could help me with (take it or leave it) easy to see who side their on. Everyone knows criminals deal out the back doors there. I didn't live here long before even I heard about how crooked they are. Just didn't think a concert would have abusive security.

Darrin M Morris A Bellman at Luxor Accused of Duct Tapping Childs Hands to Rail

Why is it that this man is allowed to work around kids at the Luxor go to www.lasvegascomplaints.com and read about what he is accused of.

No live person to contact

I was trying to contact someone in HR because I had questions regarding job postings. Impossible to get a live person. All I can get through is hotel operator. No contact email address to discuss matter or ask questions or complain. This whole system clearly says that no executives or managers want to be contacted by public. They are garded by heavy phone system.


I toured all the major casinos and my favorite was the MGM. The fact that I won $1,125.00 on the slots near the elevators may have had something to do with our great time. Blackjack was kind to me too. Loved the food and the surrounding people seemed a little more upscale than in some of the other casinos. We will go back again. I heard about MGM's special deal with Southwest airlines. Next time we will take advantage of it and fly out.

Customer service line sucks

I've spent 4 phone calls trying to reach a human at the M Life Member services line. HR ought to check their desks, they may all be on vacation. Each time I've been on hold for over 40 minutes, then gave up. Anyone that thinks that is acceptable does not deserve to have a job. It's apparent they don't want my business.

Horrible Vacation Experience

Well, after reading all of the unhappy messages, I no longer felt bad at all. I was going to complain about the unpleasant stay I had with MGM over the last holiday weekend, but I change my mind now. It is not worth. Basically, we picked the wrong hotel. If many customers complained the services they experienced, MGM acted igorantly. It is very clear; that is, hey you don't like us, don't book with us. We do not need your business. Vegas is internationally known travel place. MGM do not need repeated customers. They expect the fool from all over the world to stay one-time only. Do not expect them to apologize because it is impossible. Remember this hotel only does one-time business.

I am a returning guest at the MGM Hotel,my stay at the Hotel was July 9th-23rd of 2012 I was so disppointed this time the room I booked is the same kind of room I always had.and it wasn't the same. When I asked the front desk to change my room they didn't even try, and that I had to go to the supervisior which wasn't much help either he was sarcastic but changed my room. The 2 weeks I stayed ther was misable. The one person at the front that was helpful was Jana which she was not allowed to give her last name and she tried her hardest to help me. And the one most who most helped make it more pleasant trip was Fabiola in the slot dept which is i think called the GSR She knew how to treat a guest and talk to them and showed she really cared about the guest. I would love to have her reconizied for the great and caring ways of her job and how great she was at it. I want you to know that if I evered stayed at the MGM it is because of Fabiola. I hope you mention to her what a great job she was doing to help the MGM keep their guest happy.Which I was a guest when my son was 12 and now he is going on 25 I go to your hotel about every 2 years. sincerely Mrs.Favara (631)647-7956 zx2angel23@yahoo.com

We stayed at the MGM Grand on 07/13/12-07/15/12 We where given a room. when we went up to the room. Found out the room was dirty, We called customer service an they told us to hold on & then they hung up on us. Then we called again an ask to speak to a manager We spoke to Nathaniel We asked for information on how long it would take to get the room clean and he told us that he did not know. what kind of managers do you have running you hotels?,that can't get a cleaning person right away,to satisfy a customer We waited more than 30 minutes an no-one showed up. My sister went down stairs to take to a manager. She talked to Tammy who was just as inept as the other manager we had spoken with before except she was rude. I don't know how you have people like these working as managers. It took more than an hour and a half to get out of there, we missed a reunion with our friend due to the delay. We are club members an we where thinking of going back in Augost for my sisters birthday. but if your service is going to be this bad, we might think of going else where. To top it off, some of the help there saying bulgarities to me and my sister. We had a very unpleasent stay there. I hope there will be some disiplinary action.

I will not go back 2 the MGM

Iam still waiting for a response on complaint filed back in 2002 that started when I Left a meeting with the vendors dept. I was assulted by store clerk in when returned back to california. The clirk was in a Grand Casino shirt, was their ever a settlement at hand (909) 278-4705 . The survallance tape was leaked to the public

My wife and I stayed at the Excalibur,1/14-1/16 2012 First off they did not have my room ready at check in, They gave us a room with 2 queen beds in Tower 2. The room was dirty and several lamps and odds and ends were broken On our last nite at 3:30 am , a Sysco delivery truck backed in next to our room And delivered his load . I called the front desk to ask why , and I was told He must be a little early today.I told her this was unacceptable and She responded ,"well sir you ARE in Vegas u know. So I'm not supposed to sleep? Also the buffet for dinner the previous night was horrible, the food,service was atrocious, I talked to a buffet mgr. And she said she was sorry and she would tAlk to the Chef. Really? The Chef obviously does not care what kind of food is served.,based on results, So the 43.00$ we spent at the buffet,could have went to Baja Fresh and got some good food For less. In December we went to the Monte Carlo and we were surprised at how raggy it looks,old plastic anchors sticking from the walls where some signage had been removed, I visited other floors to find the same things,nit just ours.dirty rooms , bad service, lots of money spent for what?when we first came to theMC 10 yrs ago it wasnt like this, while in a poker tournament, we exchanged War stories about this hotel and the Waitress told us the MGM group was not spending any money on this hotel and that all the issues we had we pretty standard complaints that she hears all the time.The M life is BS. will Never stay at another MGM owned hotel and will tell everyone I know about hat q horrible experience we've had.

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My husband was an employee there. He had a brain hemorrhage in August of 2010. He had purchased the short term and long term disability insurance. The short term ran out March 6. The long term will not approve him because every doctor and hospital has given all the information needed but MGM WILL NOT RELEASE HIS EMPLOYMENT RECORDS. We are going to have our house foreclosed on because MG won't do this simple thing. WHY??? What is so hard about this? The insurance company has asked repeatedly for these records. I have made many calls and been told it was done, but it HAS NOT BEEN DONE. WHY? This has got to be done immediately or I'm suing MGM personally. Not to mention the fact that his hemorrhage started at work and they refused to get him medical attention. He could have died. The brain damage is worse because he was left at work and the bleeding continued for hours after it could have been stopped. I'm smelling a huge lawsuit! GET OFF YOUR BUTTS AND DO SOMETHING!

We went to Vegas for our friends destination wedding, we booked our hotel right next to theres, the signature, in which i mind you they only paid $100.00 more for there package which included the gym, hotub shower flatscreen full access kitchen amazing room, Our room was suppose to be in the west wing with a dual shower head, a king size bed and a flatscreen tv etc., but when we go to the hotel all i heard was I am sorry we don't have your room available so they stuck us in a room with double beds and not even in the west wing and this room had an old tv, no dual shower heads and when we got to the room our lamp was broke. I called and ask to talk to the manager and they wouldn't let me and said im sorry there is nothing we can do for you tonight try and call back in the morning. I called in the morning and again ask to talk to a manager and again i was just asked what is wrong and they said well we can get you a room but not till noon so call back. I then called back and they still didn't have my room available but then offered me another room for 100 extra a night, ok I don't think so i said i wanted want we were suppose to have originally, a room in the west wing with a king bed dual shower heads flat screen etc. I was very annoyed for them to tell me they had none of those rooms, all they could give me was a room with a king bed and that was all. So i just settled because I was there for a wedding and still had a ton of things to do and wanted to enjoy Vegas a little, ya well then they tell me to take all my stuff down to lobby and go to the key desk where I could switch my keys, so I did that very thing and when I get down there she said well didn't they tell you that you were just moving to rooms down from 413 to 415 I was so mad and furious but I know it was not her fault and I just wanted to go enjoy my vacation then we get to our new room and guess what our shower is broke I just gave up. Our housekeeping wasn't the greatest way overpriced for what we got the only good thing was the location. I have never wrote a bad review about a hotel ever, because I have never had the experience I had at the MGM, and no one even tried to attempt to make our stay better, I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS HOTEL I WILL NEVER STAY HERE AGAIN. If I had not been there for our best friends wedding I would have fought this hotel for my money back and stayed somewhere else.

The Mirage and their Kokomos Restaurant! Do NOT eat there!!! I literally had a mouse run up my pant leg on March 20th, 2011. I contacted the State Health Department and with their inspection, they found a terrible pest problem! Let alone, they received 40 demerits for other health violations. The Mirage has had zero customer service skills in conversing with me about this situation. They have NOT returned my emails either. I am telling everyone also!!!


We stayed at MGM grand for a business trip 8/16 TO 8/19. Our first day there the hotel tub backed up and toilet overflowed. On our last day there we left 4 piece of our luggage with the bellhop. We watched him bungy cord up all 4 of our bags together and we also had opened 2 pieces of our luggage in front of him to take some clothes out. In my bag was a dooney and bourke handbag, glasses,shoes, clothes, jewlery etc. My husband had opened 1 of his bags as well w/ 2 expensive men shoes in it etc. When we went to pick up our luggage these 2 bags out of our 4 bags we suddenly missing. They had no explanation for us. We waited over an hour for a manager to come down and talk to us. Who was horrible by the way no personality and did not even apologize for loosing our bags!!! Currently they say that they are investigating it. I'm demanding a full refund from the hotel of our $2000 of goods stolen from us by this hotel. The idiot at lost and found tried to tell me that the hotel has no surveillance cameras. OMG! In conclusion horrible stay and not a safe place to stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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