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I have Purchased many things at Louie Vuitton over the years I've primarily shopped in NYC and Beverly Hills. However I'm going to make a long story short. The entire staff at LV in the topanga plaza store including the store manager SHOULD ALL BE FIRED!!! Try something called customer service. If I could put down less then one star I would.


My story is very similar to all the ones I have read on this webpage and on many others. To make my long story very short, Louis Vuitton lost my respect as a customer and they do not deserve to be in business selling high price merchandise like their brand. My purchased was made at Saks Fifth at the Triangle Center mall in Raleigh, NC... When Kevin one of the rudest associates at that store assisted my husband on buying me the 1200+ purse he was very kind and pleasant. When my husband called him to see why they'll not exchange for a more expensive purse he was the rudest "person" on earth. Needless to say do not support this company and buy other brands that are more affordable and are worth every penny you spend...

Terrible Customer service

I purchased a hand bag for my wife for Christmas on 12/06/2012. There were three different sizes and I chose the largest one. i also purchased a pair of sunglasses for myself. the total charge was $2100.00. When my wife opened her gift, she didnt like the size and asked me if it would be alright to exchange it. i of course said that's fine. She never used the bag nor did it ever leave my house. she contacted LV and they sent her a return label. She in turn purchased another bag along with a matching wallet. Paid an additional $150.00. After 3 & half weeks of calling and getting the run around, we finally received the shipment. when my wife opened it up, she was stunned. It was the original bag with a letter stating that the bag was damaged. I contacted them and spoke to a supervisor. She in turn investigated and informed that they had pictures of the bag and the handle had a discolor to it from moisture. They refused to exchange the bag and came up with some BS excuse. Why don't they just have a no-exchange policy instead of jerking people around. I will never purchase another thing from this company. Buyer beware regardless of who they pretend tobe!

I purchased a $1000 bag at the Phipps Saks and returned it within the 30 day return policy. As soon as I mentioned that the strap was uncomfortable, they refused the return or exchange. The salespeople act as if they are the most important people when they are, in fact, selling handbags at the mall. I urge you never to purchase a bag from the Phipps Saks unless you know there is no chance of returning it.

My husband bought me a bag from the Manhasset store. I went back to the store with my husband to return it and pick out another bag. The bag I picked out was $350.00 less, so the sales person told me he could not refund me the money. I was told they do not have cash in the store, he asked me to wait around the store to see if someone paid cash, which there was no way I was going to do that. I leave an hour away from the store so I was told my only option was to get a check mailed from corporate or he was not letting me exchange the bag. He was completely rude, so needless to say, that was 3 months ago, and no check has been mailed. I have been calling the store with no answers or return phone calls, I am ready to have my attorney call the store. This is unreal, I will never purchase a bag from that store again.

I was given a Louis Vuitton White Alma purse with matching leather wallet. As a seamstress I can't believe the lining (suede like) they used in it. The red lining has run into the leather (wallet). Now I'm afraid to use the purse at all. Everything will turn red. I've seen this purse on eBay for up to $1,000 dollars. My rating is actually a minus (-). Note to Louis Vuitton, DON'T USE THIS RED LINING. My friend gave this to me because I was so envious of people owning Louis Vuitton purses, but if you can't use it safely, what good is it?

My husband have to call the corporate office for North America about my concern on a purchase in LV, NY (I never did) under my name since the person from the store won't return my calls anymore. The person who my husband spoke with was really arrogant and rude and this is what he said, "We can't be responsible if someone stole your wife's identity...and if it was a mistake on our part (Louis Vuitton) there is nothing we can do...no harm done...sorry." NO HARM DONE??!!! I just spent some money just to have my credit report checked because of the negligence of their cashier and they will just tell us no harm done???!!! You would think a high end store would be better at customer service but they are not! I would never ever buy another purse from Louis Vuitton! THEY ARE SOOO ARROGANT!!!!

Last Sept. 4, 2011, I received an email from Louis Vuitton NY 5th Ave thanking me for my purchase of Origami Long Monogram and attached to the email was the receipt. The thing is I never purchased anything from Louis Vuitton in NY!!! I bought my purse last year here in Michigan where I live but never purchased anything recently. Another thing was when the purchase happened, my family and I was on our way home from Niagara Falls, Canada. I called their customer service (unfortunately, I forgot her name), she was so rude and gave my concerns with disregard. The situation that I was in could probably be a case of IDENTITY THEFT but she was not so helpful at all!!!! The next day, somebody called me from the store itself and told me that they checked the security camera and I was asked to describe myself. I was told to contact a police and report the situation (which I already did the day I got the email) and they will do the same on their end and will keep me posted. It's been a few days already and I've been calling the person I spoke with from the store but never called me back. I have to spend some money just to pull up my credit report just to make sure I was not a victim of identity theft. If this thing was just an error on Louis Vuitton's part, they are not answering for it which really pisses me off!!! They are so unprofessional to think they are a well known company. THEY SUCK!!!!

WOW! I thought that I was the only one who felt used by Louis Vuitton, the number one luxury designer on the planet. I must be in sane to to think that they would care about me and my Vuitton purchase from three years ago at the Charlotte NC Store in Upscale South Park Mall. My $800 bag is falling a part and the only thing that I was told by a sales person in the store. Here is her quote " when it comes to luxury items , the key to a long life of the product is rotation of that product.

I have been a customer since 1997. I have many handbags, including luggage. The greenhills mall, Nashville, Tenn store is the worst I have ever dealt with. First, they agreed to return my bag, then she came up with some reason why she couldn't. They did not give me back my receipt, and I was on the phone right outside the store where they saw me, and did not even move a finger to try an return it to me. So, I noticed it and had to go back in the store and ask for it. Listen, there is a definite reason one does not see much louis vitton merchandise in the Nashville area compared to the west...... who wants to deal with the only Louis vitton store in Nashville! I would rather carry channel,coach or even go to macys!! Good ridence to Nashville, I'm moving back west.

I had a an uncomfortable experience there,"No One"came and asked if they could help me, they just stared at me, I'm hispanic and just felt looked down upon, when I asked for help the lady who helped me took seconds, spoke loud, and just left me standing there with more questions, I left very.sadden and disapointed, but everyone else that came in while I was still at Saks was greeted and asked if they needed help, it was just too obvious, the whole department needs to learn how to treat Everyone that walks thru their door with equality

Same here. Very rude sales clerks at Louis Vuitton Saks, Raleigh, NC. I will go back to buying Channel bags and not shopping at LV Saks Raleigh, NC

I had bought a Louis Vuitton Tivoli model handbag and wanted to return it after only having it for 7 days. I brought in the original receipt and the return was refused by the sales person. She stated that it was not a resellable item because there was a slight unnoticeable stain on the handle. I could not see the stain, but she kept telling me that it was on there. I had told her that I never worn it outside of the house and had kept it in the original bag. I also had stated that what if it was already there when I bought it. I should have examined it carefully. Everything was my fault and they refused to listen. So the stain as stated by the sales associate was my fault and now I am stuck with the bag. I bought it at Saks in Orlando and for all these years, I thought Saks has been ranking high on their customer service. Unfortunately, I thought Saks stood for trust and luxury, but this is not true. I was not treated the way I thought I should deserve. This has been a bad experience for me and I will never buy another LV handbag again or would I ever shop at Saks again. I would not want anyone to have to go through what I went through trying to return a brand new bag. I asked for the manager and they stated that he was on vacation. There were no solutions offered or possibility of store credit. The bottom line is the store does not practice superior customer service when it has on the back of the receipt as 30 days money back. It has poor customer return policy and I was not treated well as a customer.

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