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That's a good question for which I don't have an aswner. I'm sure there is an aswner, one could probably call up the BUPD and ask around and eventually get it. It's probably a relatively vague concept by necessity as in, it's not as if there's a border crossing at Charlesgate where suddenly it's not the BPD's turf anymore. It's probably more that the regular patrol routes are divvied up so that the BUPD covers the campus areas, and calls regarding BU-owned buildings are assigned to the BUPD. But a cop is a cop that's something the BUPD has had to work hard to remind people of over the years. I know the BUPD better than the other schools, and I know they've had to remind more than a few drunken BU students that they (meaning the BUPD) don't give a rat's ass if the kid's a BU student or not, they're being arrested and booked just like any other publicly drunken PitA. In fact, I do vaguely remember hearing about how there was some pressure for the BUPD to work more with the BU administration because the kids busted for underage drinking by the BUPD were processed just like anyone else (assuming they were over 18, which most are) but anyone busted by BU's Resident Education (i.e. the guards at the dorms and the R.A.'s) for underage drinking got a letter sent to their parents which the kids feared a lot more. :-)Anyways, just to be clear: if your campus police are actual police, like the BUPD is (and I believe the HUPD, NUPD, MITPD are, and maybe BCPD, too) then you shouldn't have to worry about reporting a crime to them any more than reporting a crime to the Boston PD, Cambridge PD, Somerville PD, etc. The BUPD are real cops and thus they're largely immune from political pressure from the BU Administration.What you need to watch out for is reporting a crime to your R.A. Or to your dorm proctor. Or to the security guards (not PD) on your campus. Any of those groups will not have the weight of local, state and federal law that compels them to pursue the case according to the rules and laws of the US judicial system (like cops do) and thus they are subject to all manners of political pressure. Or worse, they may be subjec to the myriad array of privacy laws that accredited colleges/universities have to follow. Such privacy laws are not designed to preserve victim's rights nearly as well as compared to the criminal justice system is.

I watend to spend a minute to thank you for this.

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