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lol And I was just in the middle of citearng a heavily modified version of the plugin with %comment_count% included (along with a rather adventurous implentation of the jQuery Tools multi-level tab control for fancy archive navigation) If you're adding fields might I suggest %post_date% (for displaying the date visually in the archive listing), %post_categories%, %post_excerpt% and possibly even %post_content%.If you're interested I'll share my modified version of the plugin with you once it's complete.

Thanks. However, I was not able to make the changes work.%post_link% - %author%returned the post link and the hypehn but no author name.%post_link% - %author_link%returned the same.%post_link% %author%returned the post link only.%post_link% %author_link%returned the post link and the author link. However, it showed the same author (myself, author of the page where plugin is used) as author of each post.Moreover, the link referred to:example.com/author/instead of:example.com/author/username/I am using the latest version of WordPress (2.8.4) and version 1.6 of this plugin.

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