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Right.But it's a done deal. And we'll be punished if we re'neg. And no cgahne of government, in the unlikely event of that happening, will alter it.The U.S. has had, for many years, a war economy- its in every State, with bases, military contractors, millions of jobs, and the enormous budget-public and not public- that goes with it. Its increasingly the ONLY economy, other than the Wall Street daily outrages. And the millions that depend on those bases, that work for Lockheed and General Dynamics and Remington-all of it- have no desire to see it end. After all, they're defnding Freedom aren't they? And they certainly won't vote for anyone that wants it to end. The cheerleading and marching bands play to it, Fox and the radio talk show hosts beat the drums, the hardware lobbyists pedal their evil influence for big bucks, to the highest bidder no matter what the record of human rights abuses- while all the while there is nothing for schools, universal tax supported medical care, failing infrastructure, social programs. Not one single Senator or Congressman or woman will argue against it, or condemn it, for fear of being branded unpatriotic, unsupportive of the troops, undermining the State economy and being traitorous. Its cleverly self perpetuating. We see it here- questioning the so called mission in Afghanistan is increasingly condemned as not supporting those we have put in harms way. The government has found the spin that frightens opposition into silence. And we will be and are a part of it all. Enemies will be found, and wars are planned. Of this I have no doubt. We will be on side, as we are in Afghanistan. We are, like it or not, part of the envelope , one that the new and coming integrated border security plan, soon to be rolled out and sold, will make obvious. If we have second thoughts, expect the pressure to come to bear. Its about trade. But its also, with this government, a more obvious support of it all, almost blatant and unapologetic, and certainly unashamed of it.What does it take for us to realize that this country does not have an independent foreign policy, or that our military does anything without the prior approval of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff. We are deluding ourselves, and being deluded by this government, and past governments. As we will be by future governments. It hasn't cgahned since the Avro Arrow, except to be more blatant, more far reaching and increasingly more obvious to any one paying the least attention.The only economy the U.S. has is a war economy. It will create the enemies it needs and It must have those wars to feed that economy. Without it, the collapse is immediate. The poor and increasingly desperate will, as always, be the expendable cannon fodder. Nothing cgahned there.And we're a part of it all, and will be.Get used to it.

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