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this is for all you racist leaving comments.... come try this crap in chicago ......

Food looks great! And for $4, I say that's great value for money ;) From the looks on the photos you've taken, I think the place is quite nice relaly. I'm not a big fan of bright-lit restos myself.I relaly like your blog, I find it relaly interesting. I enjoy browsing through blogs that feature appetizing food and delectable sweets. Following you now. Do check out mine if you have the chance to.Cheers!Wi

It's 110° out and Lil Caesar's has a young guy standing out by the curb holding their pizza sign! That is just WRONG@!!!

Efon is the owner of Little Caesar in Lanham Maryland, Elizabeth, is one of the supervisor there, Efon busy practice is horrible. Elizabeth of hispanic descent is a flunkey for Efon, firing all the young black african americans to bring in an all hispanic crew. Efon has step on all his managers, in Briggs Chaney, Lanham and Wheaton keep in mind all of his managers are black, he has demoted them to crew members whilst taking on all hispanics. He has treated his crew as dirt, not concern for the health or welfare, when issues are brought to his attention he would not return calls, only comes to the store to strong arm people. If people in the Lanham area new how he treat his employee the store would shut down. Needless to say the health inspector of that area. Support your black youth and stay away from Little Caesare

I just returned from the Houghton Lake, MI Little Ceasers near old 27. I went into this store and stood by the counter and the girl was finishing a pizza from the oven for a customer. She seen me at the counter and handed the customer the pizza turned went into the back area to make some crazy bread. All the almost ten minutes waiting at the counter she seen me and the guy was reading a paper or something at the phone never looking up or acknowledging me. The store was not busy, phone was NOT ringing and no one else was in the store. There was another older gentleman outside by his car who worked in the store. I came out and told him you cannot get waited on and he said no one took your order and I said ten minutes standing there and no one even looked twice to take an order. Never ever gonna catch me in there again and I truly hope in the very near future this place goes under and it will with the customer service they do not give here. Never thought the people may not talk there and are mutes....send someone in from the Corporate office to check on your franchise, they are all going down hill quick...just take a look and see. NO STARS HERE EVER..

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