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hot and ready? not really

Sounds familiar? Every time I go to caesars southwest cutoff they never NEVER have hot and ready pizza!!! Why am I waiting outside for my pizza every single time????

$5.00 really

Why do the commercial say five dollars for hot and ready pizza. you going to buy one and they're $5.99+ tax and they say I don't know why they only say five dollars on the commercials but they're $5.99. I think they need to figure out what they're going to do with the pricing because that's false advertising

Sanitary problems

As I watched my husband go in to get the pizza I have observed the employees sweeping the floor, rubbing their face touching things ,equipment, and then went to make a pizza without washing their hands. With such a problem of diseases that are coming into our country, there should be a standard hygiene practice at all times! Reading the reviews it seems to be that Little Cesar pizza shops have bad hygiene habits and are not corrected! This was in Uniontown Pennsylvania

false adveritsing

They say pizza is 5 bucks and i get charged 6.52. The commercial lies and the manager Saad was rude to me.

Horror story

Today at 12:40 pm in las vegas, Nevada, Flamingo & Sandhill area. I had paid for a large pretzel pizza and even left a tip. One of the employees friends came in, preceded to pick his nose in front of the register. Then your employee shook hands with him and went back to cut and box up my pizza. You can look at your damn surveillance cameras and verify all this. I left disgusted and owed a real, germ free pizza or refund.

false Advertisement

I have always paid 5.00 for a hot and ready, now im told they are 6.00 and your adds say 5.00 all day long, so why am I paying 6.00 now. Plus when I ask to speak to the Manager at the one on North Branyt in San Angelo TX. he told me to read the fine print and when I ask for Corp. number he told me he didn't know it. plus he could care less what I thought.

rude manage

I paid $20 for a coupon card from a school in Cumming Ga and one of the coupons said buy 1 pizza and get 1 of equal or lesser value for free I went to go and use is and the manager at the Atlanta Road in Cumming Ga said it was not real and it was fake and said she could not accept it and would not accept it. Not very nice to say it is not my fault that the school misprinted the coupon. The Little Caesars should have to accept it.

Rude Managers

This is the worst little Caesars ever in Bloomington, IN. The east land plaza location has the rudest manager. I called with a complaint about getting 2 of my 3 orders of wings with no drumettes. These are the kids favorites. I called the manager who told me if I have a problem to call the 800# as he was too busy. What kind of customer service is that. They took my money and did not even honor their guarantee. You can bet I'm writing corporate about that. The pizza was cold also. I wish I could give a lower rating.

Really, a glass Pizza

While the family was gathering for the death of my mother we went to Little Caesars for pizza. When we go home and started to eat, my Uncle who is in his 80's bit into a piece of pepperoni pizza and bit down on a very large piece of glass. This piece was about an inch wide. It did poke him pretty good, not enough for another hospital run, but we probably should have just for documentation. I did take pictures and took the pizza back. the Manager was VERY Sorry and did give us another pizza. But I have yet to receive a call from his manager. I do not reccomend the Pizza.


Why does your commercial say is $5.00 and you are charging $6.00 at your store on 125th Street between St. Nicholas and Morning side In New York City?


Every commercial I see says that the hot and ready is $5.00 I go to the little ceasars on 87th and blue ridge in kansas city missouri and the hot and ready's are 5.99 I do believe that is false advertising please make me understand if this is right.

i thought pizza was hot n ready not hot n ready enough to take home n recook

I stopped in the clifton colorado little ceasars and got a meat trio. got home and the dough was under cooked and the meat looked n tasted raw. i had to recook your damn pizza in my oven because ur employee told me oh jus waste ur gas n drive back down there n ill trade ur pizza out. i want my money back i gave u money for product i can eat not get one shitty pizza traded for another shitty pizza. that


would like to say everytime I go to lil ceasers on union in Tacoma wa. they are always out of the deep dish I feel as though they should compensate for the inconvieniece seriously they need to do something with this

not happy

Everytime i go to little ceasers on 79 th and cicero in chicago ill they never have pizzas hot and ready like it says. I always have to wait 10 to 15 mins for my pizza and they always give me attitude.

52931 IN-933 South Bend, IN

My findings are this, 4 out of 5 times, I stopped at this little caesars for pizza, on the way to work, and they didn't have any hot-n-ready pizzas. Told me I had to wait 10 minutes. I asked about the deep dish hot-n-ready, the girl said, "had one, sold it about 10 minutes ago". I asked for my money back, and will not return to that store.

Great Experience!!

My school, St. Martin de Porres, in Philadelphia, PA just ordered 20 pizzas for students being rewarded for their academic successes. The pizzas were terrific (the best pizza I ever ate according to one of the students)!! The service was exceptional. Lisa at the Little Caesars at 11th and Girard was wonderful. She went out of her way to make our celebration a success. We will do business with her again!! Thanks.

Phony advertisement

It is very annoying to see your ads and then you call up the local store and they say oh that's a corporate store advertisement we don't go with their price list ... Now that I just read the fine print this site is very frustrating and very misleading I asked for the corporate headquarters for Little Caesars not this site You guys are very misleading and wasted my time

deep deep dish

Tried the new deep deep dish and I didn't like it. Little Ceasars is my favorite pizza and I loved the old deep dish pizza. The new one is too much dough it doesn't need to be that thick. Thats all you taste. If I wanted a loaf of bread I would eat a loaf of bread. In this day and age people are trying to watch their carbs and calories. Bad choise..bring back the old one..it was awesome.

Little Caesars Pizza Tastes

I enjoy Little Caesars Cheese and Pepperone pizzas, and I would like to suggest a third kind of tasty pizza "Fruit-of-the-sea" pizza , a pizza with a light topping of small bits seafood. I ate seafood topping pizza in Europe and it was deliciously a winner. I have not heard of or noticed any kind of seafood topping pizza being sold here in southwest Florida !

I ordered a deep dish pizza. I lived in Chicago, and what you advertised on TV is not a deep dish. It is dough with a little cheese an d hardly any pizza sauce. I asked feo double extra sauce. When I got home, there was a tid bit of sauce. I took a bite, and spit it out. The worst abomination I have ever purchased. You are frauds!

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