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Great food and service

complainers need to get over it they are great and I give them five stars


The little Caesars in Calhoun GA is amazing best pizza ever only issusr is no pretzel crust pizza yall discontinued it


Went into San Pedro,Ca location employees combing through their hair in kitchen and touching their nose and touching breadstick oven without washing hands!!! So disgusting


I wouldn't think that pre made pizza's could be good, and I was right. Frozen pizza beats these!

poor pizzas

we orderd 3 deep dish pizzas,they were dry,and burned,manager said they would replace them,but when we went to pick them up,nobody knew anything about them,just want them replaced


Service sucks manager so rude olive branch.

Contaminated Food!

Contaminated Food! I was sick vomiting after eating and sick for three days after. Made formal complaint with County Health Dept. Stay away from this restaurant. 9915 n. Knoxville Peoria IL. Does not deserve even one star but it will not let me post otherwise.

No flavor

Got the new Bacon Deep Dish in Orangeburg, Sc and it had no taste. This is the first time I ever had a tasteless pizza. No flavor at all. I will never go there again.


mgmt is rude? Food was horrible! Ashtabula Ohio on west side!

2015 campaign tv adds: Sloppy, is that the best you can do?

Little Caesars market their pizzas at $5.00 on TV and on their website. But there's a number of stores charging $5.55 before taxes to reflect an increase in their products. This is deceptive marketing practices and makes me seek services from other pizza providers to show my dissatisfaction with their product services.


Your lil ceasars store in north little rock the workers where rude i understand the lobby closes at 8:00 pm but you worker left outside the door and two people came in while lobby was closed i pulled threw the drive way order my pizza and they forgot about me for ten minutes is that how long it takes then they took my order i like ceasars pizza just took tooooooo long.

Don't go here

Poor service, broken equipment, closing before time. 15226 Hawthorne blvd., Lawndale, Ca.

hair baked in

I didn't know that pizza was supposed to come with hair on it! Worst experience ever! The girl at the counter was rude and obnoxious when I told her about the incident...she wasn't wearing a hat, gloves or even gave her hair up. Guess what, the hair was her hair in my pizza!

Pretzel pizza

That's the worst pizza ever, so so salty and it didn't taste like a pretzel. The lady at little ceasars said if you don't like it bring it back. We tossed it and told her how bad it was and she said that's a surprise.

feedback on the Painesville Ohio Little Ceasars

I have attempted to contact the corporate office three times and each time I received an automated email saying the following: Thank you for contacting the Little Caesars Customer Care Center. Your message has been received and is being processed. But I have never heard from anyone!!!!!! What a disgusting company and personnel to match!!!!!

very bad service

I went to the holiday location tonight and am sick as my ,so instead of going in I sent my daughter in so we wouldn't spread anything around. When my daughter came out she the wrong order so i took it back in with hesitation with my illness and told we had the order, they called manager out,and she was rude, and told me not send my daughter back in!! I explained to her that i was ill and didn't want to spread it around and she was very rude with statements and attitude! I myself have managed restaurants and her attitude was completely inappropriate!! I'm very disturbed and appalled that we were treated in such a disrespectful way! !

False advertising

I went to the Lower Burrell, Pa. store. This is the 4th straight time there are at least 3 people waiting for pizza. They never have pretzel crust pizzas ever hot n' ready from 4-8pm. It's 5:47pm right now and they don't have any. It's great your employees are out smoking while people wait and there's no pizzas even prepared. I call the Natrona Heights, Pa. store and they don't have any ready either. Don't advertise things that can't be handled by certain stores. This gets no stars at all.


we live in youngsille nc and my son got his first job there he worked two to three day a week and then it went down to one day a week and now none and no reason why all he did was wash dishes if this how u treat employees i think u need to go back to manager school and hope i don't put a wrongfull law suite aganist you

club lol casear

Went into THE. Store to buy my family pizza... I waited 25mins or more... the store manger was txtn &talkn while taken pizzas... that nasty.., smh. He was so rude ... slamming ad throwing things... I go n dis store a few times ..... and every time the same thing ....

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