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Horrible customer service and very rude. Order my pizza at 6:21 waited till 6:45 several people that walked in after me had their food amd left and still never got my pizza. Was very upset left and called and the guy who answered named joey was very rude and told me after I never got my pizza and left that I had to come back that day to get a refund. I was already inconvienced enough and had two small kids in the car with me. I will be goinf by there Saturday to get my refund.

Worst Cold Pizza Ever

Pizza was so cold like it was the lunch time pizza... I was there at 5:00.. Not going there again Imperial Valley in Houston, Texas


They should where GLOVES that nasty.


Every time I go into your 16 and Crocker location the manager mike is always verry rude to me and its getting verry old if this issue is not resolved you will be losing several customers because I will tell my friends and family to not come into this store that your employees are verry rude

bad food

Store at. Gilmer road loop 281..... service is good food is bad ...either burnt or cold...sumtimes pizzza taste old and stale

$5 Hot n Ready?

In San Antonio, Tx they advertise the Hot n Ready large pizza for $5, but charge $5.99 + tax at the window? The tax isn't the problem. What is up with that? Is it only in select cities? Just want to know. Thanks.

tastless pizza

you can run all the new commercials you want,until you improve the taste of your pizza you will still remain on the bottom of the list.

I came across this site and saw the less than positive reviews, and whereas I find the information helpful I also find it important to share the positive. I have visited the Pinckney, MI carry out multiple times (more than I should probably). I have always been provided prompt and professional service.

I had a bad experience at your ocala fl location the dough was pieced together and cut so bad it fell apart when I went to pick it up it was a deep dish well it was supposed to be anyway.

gluten pizza

I'm asking for yall to make a gluten free pizza I know a lot of people don't ask for the but some of us is the only kind of pizza we can eat.

horrible upper management

As a customer I find it horrendous that a woman who introduced herself to me as Alex the area supervisor would openly yell at the cashiers in front of a lobby full of customers telling them "If you don'tlike me or how I run this business McDonald's down the road will hire you." Last I checked it was the managers and crew that ran the store and have never had a bad experience with them. This visit makes me want to NEVER want to go back if this is how your area supervisors treat the people who work inside of the store. It was unprofessional and frankly very disturbing. -very disturbed customer in OKC, Oklahoma

Another horrid experience

Little Caesars employees some people with little minds! I went to there store on telegraph rd.south of Huron in Pontiac mi. The African American that works there was moving in slow motion. Two people left out of frustration . She tried to put the pizza in the box and dropped it on the floor! She looked like she medicated! When I told what happened,that she was lazy she started to mouth off to me!!!! This happened Saturday Jan. 18 2014@ about 4:30 pm. This female should not be employed at your company!

Pizza Pizza!!! :)

Hi My Name is Leslie Aumada, I Live in a City called Sinton, Tx by the Bay of Corpus Christi,Tx, The Reason I was writing to you was Because this Small town doesn't really have much around here and would like to know how do you bring a little Caesar's to our town, we have to drive into surrounding cities to order and pick up for parties please, let us know, we only have a pizza hut around here and their expensive compared to yall! Much needed in Sinton, Tx, Thanks!!! :)


Can u please make a gluten free pizza the only place I can find it is dominos and they charge a lot for a small. Their is a lot of people who can't have gluten so please come up with something for people like me. Thanks

nasty customer service

the monroe ave location is by far the nastyest place on monroe ave.the manager is aweful the staff on saturday the 4th jan, there wss hair in my pizza tht my child found in her slice! then the hassel to gt a refund was ridiculous very grose no hair net no gloves .. just nasty

food safety

Employees are not required to wear gloves while preparing uncooked food. They are not allowed to touch the finished product with their hands. The pizzas are removed from the pan with a spatula and placed into the box, never being touched with the hands after being fully cooked. This process is not in violation of any health codes.

Just went to little Caesars in Logan ohio @ 10:00 and they were out of pizza dough. I really wanted my pepperoni pizza bread.

This place is awful. Roach bugs are everywhere. Freezer leeks all over the bread. If dough drops on the floor they use it anyway. Sauce is mixed by hand and not a whisk. Store is ran awful and Hot and Readys are never ready. You get what you pay for! Go somewhere else.

Hot 'N" Ready

I have visited your location in Simi Valley California several times between the hours of 4 and 8 P.M..Your advertising says that your deep dish pizza should be available without waiting between these hours. this is not the case about 60 to 70 percent of the time. this is called false advertising people. And gets a lot of companies sued.

Lost billfold

The customer service was very helpful

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