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Rude and Waiting

I stopped by the Little Ceasars on Gateway Drive and went into order..I waited over 10 minutes gor my order to be taken and there were only 2 of us in line! Which would be understandable if there was not employees standing around talking! Will not be going back to Little Caesars for a long time no matter how good of deal it maybe!!

Every time I go it's never ready wait time 10 mins not coming back any more

sucks x10

Norwich Connecticut store. I gave my daughter 20. An hour and a half she came home with 8. Change in one hot and ready pizza.enough said. Do not go


I waited for a hour for wings and a lady next to me waited for a hour also, she got half her money back and I didn't cause the manger said she didn't know how to refund money back on a credit card store in Glendale Utah

They Have Went Down Hill

They used to have crazy bread that was soft and they used to be covered in parmesan cheese, I was very disappointment when I ordered their crazy bread yesterday, I wont order it again.

Charging practices

Laramie, WY. Asked for an $8, 3 meat pizza with two extra toppings and light on the sauce. Should have cost me $12 plus tax. Instead, was rung up for Basic cheese pizza with six toppings (evidently, less sauce is a topping). It became $19 plus tax ($7 base cheese pizza with 6 toppings times $2 each. Not happening. Spoke to manager, a young kid who didn't feel like he could counteract the wishes of the franchise owners who had instructed him to charge in this mannger. Shameful. Good way to lose business. Thely lost mine. I used to work at that same Little Ceasar's and we NEVER treated customers that way. In fact, we did our best to keep people happy. I will tell my family, my friends, and already, some of them have stated they will do no business with Little Ceasar's until this is resolved.

wait an 2 hrs.on hot n ready

The concord location inside kmart had people waiting an2 hrs. Plus for hot n ready

Can we get it right?

I ordered four pizzas for the homewood AL location two weeks ago and when I got home I realized the the only one that was correct was the pepperoni pizza I ordered so I called the manager and she was very apologetic and said next time I ordered my pizzas would be on them. So I called back last Thursday and not only did the manager on duty not no what I was talking about he wouldn't even honor what I was told the week before he told me he would only replace half of my order so I said that would be fine and told him the two pizzas I wanted and he told me no problem and when o showed up to pick them up they were wrong for the second time. Very frustrating!!

Little Cesar laredo,texas

Received two cold pizzas. Zero customer service no manager present.

customer service

Worst customer service from the employee and the managers. Will never eat at a little Caesars never again..

Very poor attitude / hair in food

Well here in Laplace la I went to little Caesars expectinggood attitude and good food as usual. But I came in ordered my food and the workers were alright . I went home and found hair in my pizza so I bra ugh to back just asking for another pizza, well they said " that's not out hair " and were arguing my case but the hair I found was baked into the bread . After arguing my case they were rude and nasty . But eventually I got another pizza . It shouldn't take an argument to get another pizza due to the insident . So you lost me as a costumer and along with my friends and family thanks to this little Caesars.

Hairy pizza

I ordered 3 hot and ready pizzas from the Lewisburg tn little Caesar's and my pizza had hair in it and there refusing to replace my order they want to just give me one pizza to try nd solve the issue but I ordered 3 and didn't get to eat Wat I payed for and that don't seem right to me

Everyone got sick

Do not eat at the Odenton Maryland location. We at there and all ended up in urgent care my 7 and 9 yr old we're screaming their throats were burning. By the time we got to the dr so was throwing up. It took 10 days for patty to contact me and she pretty much called me a liar but we froze the pizza. I'm not letting this go and I won't go away. I will turn to the internet and I will scream loud!

Go else where

Don't eat at the Odenton Maryland location unless you want to rack up medical bills.

bad service

Oder 5 pizzas, gave me 3 cold and old ones. Manager Ron was very rude and aggressive by slamming the pizzas that I have already paid for. In front of my family and other costumers. I felt very uncomfortable for that type of service. I am a huge fan of there pizza but it looks like I need to start looking some where else if this kind of costumer service continues.


Went into the Mcalester Oklahoma store. When I walked in they went to ring me up then stated registers were down and that it would be few minutes I waited about 15 then they told me it would be a long time. Thanks I missed lunch. They should have offered a free one for wasting my lunch break. The last time I was there the ovens were down. Makes you wonder why you would go back

Horrible customer service and very rude. Order my pizza at 6:21 waited till 6:45 several people that walked in after me had their food amd left and still never got my pizza. Was very upset left and called and the guy who answered named joey was very rude and told me after I never got my pizza and left that I had to come back that day to get a refund. I was already inconvienced enough and had two small kids in the car with me. I will be goinf by there Saturday to get my refund.

Worst Cold Pizza Ever

Pizza was so cold like it was the lunch time pizza... I was there at 5:00.. Not going there again Imperial Valley in Houston, Texas


They should where GLOVES that nasty.


Every time I go into your 16 and Crocker location the manager mike is always verry rude to me and its getting verry old if this issue is not resolved you will be losing several customers because I will tell my friends and family to not come into this store that your employees are verry rude

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