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I too have a very bad taste in my mouth about their cancellation policies. They are charging an extra month even when a certified letter is sent to cancel before the next billing cycle. My advice to them is read all these reviews( very unfavorable) and change their policy or loose a lot of unhappy clients! Lifetime is NOT in the business to please their customers, but rather for their own gains!

X Member

Liberal as they can get! This company axed Fox News Channel at their centers! When I inquired about why they dropped Fox, I was told that corporate dropped them and nothing can be done about it! Today I did something about it, I call my fellow members and we are all axing LifeTime Fitness!!!!!

Membership experience

I had a terrible member services experience at my gym at Old Orchard in Skokie, IL. After reading the reviews on this board, I don't even want to call the corporate. It's too bad -- the place has a lot to offer and they are blowing it by such a poor customer service.


Well this will be the best decision ,I can make in my life..if I read all the reviews.. I called this morning to lifestyle in Brandon Fl, asking for prices for a personal trainer.. The person who answer the phone was so unprofessional ,,she told me she dont know the prices and she will transfer me with that deparment..I wait for 5 minutes seems like someone lift the phone and hang on me.. well I called back again ,she asked me a lot of questions and transfer again,,no one answer.. I called the third time and ask for the manager ,he told me if I have really interest to go to the facility tothis discuss prices.. well reading all the reviews and my experince in the phone, I will say thanks i didnt go to sign with you guys..so happy,,i didint do it..

Greed- Lifetime Offers No Value

Instead of keeping our membership at it's current rate, they choose to put granite benches in the women's and men's locker room. They really do not have level of professionalism- it starts from the top - and the GM of our club a has the personality of an envelope. I also called once to see about using a room of theirs for a networking meeting,and they wanted to charge me $225.00 Are they nuts???


When I turned in my notice to stop my membership on Oct 1st I was told that I had been overcharged for over a year, that I should have been charges $68.00 instead of the $100.00 I was being charges since I turned 65 in July of 2011. I ask for a refund, at least for the balance owed to be applied to a few more months membership. I was told that I could get one free month but that was all. They are still trying to bill me even though I turned in my notice in Oct. This club is in downtown Dallas, Tx. I have attempted on numerous occasions to try to straighten this out with no luck.

Credit Card Trust

Do not give this club your credit card number. They are not to be trusted as I see from the review and my personal experience that they abuse the trust of their customers by charging after they have stated they would stop. DO NOT TRUST


I'm so sadden the way lifetime charges my credit card without my authority. I've done everything asked of me to cancel the account and months later I'm being charged. I've complained and complained and now I have to file complaints with the Texas attorney general and other consumer protection agencies to help me. They say I have to go up to the office and cancel and I did. I took off from work to cancel my membership and now they are charging me still.


To whom it may concern, Currently I am a member of Lifetime Fitness in Syosset, Long Island, NY. I'm sure you are aware of the recent super storm Sandy that has caused significant damage to our area. I am also hopeful that you are aware of the need for people and businesses to come together and assist others during the immediate and the many days after this terrible time. After several days of observing and thinking about Lifetime's response to the members, their families and the community in general, I feel this facility, and Lifetime as a whole, has failed miserably in doing its part to be a support system for the community it serves. Lifetime Fitness and its management had the chance, and without question the resources, to step up and provide its members valuable, and yet simple services. Your company instead decided to limit these services as well as the hours it made available to its members. While other businesses and facilities opened their doors and services to the general public, Lifetime treated its members and the public as an inconvenience and burden. Not opening the kids areas to allow children a safe place to play. Closing at 8:00 instead of maintaining its hours so people had a place to go for warmth and a hot shower in the eve and after work hours. Not allowing family members access to these essential needs for brief periods of time. I think the most disappointing thing i observed was your employees being very unprofessional and mean spirited if a few members happen to be taking a shower and being in the club only a few minutes after closing time. This is not how a business is suppose to treat its clients and not how people treat others at a time of need. As much as i appreciate the refund of the few days of membership the club is giving, I would rather them keep their money if instead it would have extended itself to the community to its fullest extent possible.

Membership Cancellation

This club kept my credit card information and charged me for three months after a staff member assured me that my cancel of my membership would be completed. The club management in Georgia was very unprofessional- they are money grubbing trying to trick members into paying extra months by making cancellation very difficult. I feel this business is dishonest. The gold clubs are also quite disappointing in Georgia, but the lack of professional staff is by far their worst trait. Be very careful when you sign a membership with this type of club. I am reporting their practices to the Better Business Bureau.

worst place ever

I wish I could rate it 0!

First let me say as a member for over a total of 10 yrs I am sad to have seen the membership rates go up with out any added value over the last couple of yrs. Secondly it is an unfortunate situation when Life Time changes it policies and doent inform its members ie. increasing fees for felx accounts, cost of membership, service fees and or any cost associated with membership. With so many choices in gyms and work out facilities these days one would think that with the state of the economy each and every client, customer or guest would be valued and treated as such but unfortunately Life Time has grown so large so fast that this simple and most valuable concept has be lost or altogether forgotten. My family and I canceled our membership todag and have absolutely no intention of renewing period. Buyer beware if I could have given a negative rating I would have.

dirty place,bad managemnet at the collierville location. once you are signed up they will ignore your comments and concerns. Once you try it it is not really a great place like it looks, at the end the deal about the sexuall abuse at the day care is still on and it is bad.the fpllowing was recently mentioned in the news papers about that The parents of three young girls who allegedly were sexually assaulted at Life Time Fitness in Collierville have filed lawsuits against the gym and the man accused of assaulting the girls.

I tried for WEEKS to freeze or cancel my membership after my cancer came back. ASHLEY FORNASIERE keeps harrassing me constantly to pay a 400$ balance and I haven't even been to the gymn in over 6 months. These people are horrible. I sent a letter and dozens of emails. STAY AWAY from them. Especially her. She is nasty.

Romeoville Location I am constantly hearing of pool rules, some adhered to, and some not.. some inforced, and some not. 1) Kids 12 and under not allowed in hot tubs anywhere in the facility - Cant we man that? 2) No open pour time inside, even when swim lessons are not going on? This is ridiculous, espcially when there is no room outside at the big pool. 3) Closing off the hexagon area, near the slides, where the kids usually are able to jump and play games.. now closing it because some corporate lady got splashed on by a kid? What is your club doing? Are you TRYING to lose members, cause if you are, I am halfway there. You make rules, dont enforce them, and then have ridiculous rules made by corporate, and dont defend it for your members? I will be writing Corporate, and well above that as well. You may want to have more chairs at your pool, if you are going to make other guests move over for a party on a Sunday afternoon.

I joined Lifetime fitness about a month ago; I signed up for their personal training for two months four sessions each month but due to surgery had to cancel. First I was told that I could not cancel then when I mentioned that I was going to have surgery and I have paperwork from my physician I was told to submit a copy, which I did even though I tried to cancel within 48 hours of signing up. I was told that my bank card would not be charged....well Lifetime went ahead and charged my card the first month but refunded me only after I dealt with approximately five different ppl and it took them three weeks to refund my account. Well to my surprise the following month they took the funds out of my account again causing my account to overdraft even though I was assured that a note would be placed on my account. I've spoken to several ppl @ Lifetime including their customer service department in regards to refunding my account, it has been almost a month and I've not receive even a return call from anyone @ Lifetime. I am very, very disappointed with the service that I receive from Lifetime and the way I was treated it has left a very bad taste in my mouth, one would think that a membership for $82.00 and customer no service that they would have at least had the courtesy to return my calls. I would never recommend anyone to Lifetime - Big name but the customer service sucks....I've had to dispute this with my bank hopefully it will be resolved soon. I am going to contact the better business bureau and blast Lifetime on FB for their service.

My big problem with Lifetime (top tier club) is the very, very loud speaker levels. Not to mention, the self-serving obnoxious constant commercials that come on much louder than the music -- guess they can't make enough money just on my expensive membership. Constant complaints go unanswered. Not a very relaxing atmosphere.

The Lifetime Fitness at Premier Place has a lot to be desired. It all starts with the management. The Whirlpools is nasty never gets clean with slimy edges , flies coming out from the vents if you pay close attention.

I use to work at lifetime fitness. I moved down from memphis to get my life togeather.I stoped smoking weed and mad a choice to change my life. My Mother got me a job in the childcenter and I soon found out how much i loved working with kids.Durring my first year I worked very hard to get a raise and I was soon promoted to supervisor. The parents and children really enjoyed have me around. I loved playing sports with the kids, I never came to work late, and I was always there to cover any shifts needed. Durring this time working in lifetime fitness; I faced alot of learning experiences, and had a hard time making my friend/coworkers respect my new supervisor role.I spent most of my time getting advice on how to compose myself as a supervisor and make people follow my lead.I felt that alot of my coworkers were jelouse of my new promotion because they were they longer. One of my coworker/ basketball friend kept on challenging me. He would mot listen to me at work and kept on trying to bully me. I told my supervisor about this and they did nothing. One day he said " I gonna kill you after work".I told my DH about this and she told the Nadeem to get rid of me. They ended up tranfering me and him for play fighting( we were shadow boxing in the hallway) We never touched each other. I felt that it wasnt a good reason to tranfer me because of that. I was a good worker and I was good at my job. Most people come to work and hate thier jobs. I love lifetime and I prey that I can work back there oneday. Kpinho09@gmail.com

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