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Not had any instances of any down loud hoinkog this up to a computer. No downloads either. Windows recognizes it as removable storage, no drivers or down louds needed. And as to BN getting info about you .really? You have a Youtube account (and most likely a Facebook account) and you are worried about someone stealing your info? You just gave it all away, bro. Investigation? Google barnes and noble investigation . Nothing about any privacy scams.

As I'm sure others found out today as I did, the book was NOT in the Barnes & Noble System. But to those who would like to have Lisa come to your area for a book sniigng once it IS, I wanted to pass on what I was told. Once the book is in the system, I was told to contact their Small Press Dept. In NYC to start requesting a book sniigng in your area. I think we should flood them with requests! LADIES IN WESTERN PA: I think if we could unite in our requests to B & N to bring Lisa here for a sniigng, it might have more weight. If you are interested in joining this effort, please contact me at smk1952@verizon.net</a> to get started planning. Also, wouldn't it be nice to see her on Pittsburgh Live Today at KDKA?? Maybe we should flood them with requests also!?!? I will hope to hear from some of you. God Bless, Susan

I called the corporate number this morning and had no response. I simply wanted to visit briefly with one of the executives. My paternal grandfather was G. Clifford Noble who founded and served as first president of Barnes & Noble. I am a New York native, graduate of Vassar College and author of The Noble Legacy and Content Consultant for Barnes & Noble, an Abdo publication and thought those involved with the bid for Barnes & Noble might like to visit. I am the former Mayor of Corpus Christi, Texas, cut the ribbon on their store here and as a youngster, I was very close to Grandfather Noble. His son, J. Kendrick Noble, my late father, was also president of a publishing company in NYC. My late brother, J. Kendrick Noble Jr, was a senior analyst for Paine Webber in NYC in Publishing. Perhaps you knew him. I am anxious to learn your plans, if any, for Barnes & Noble if you complete the purchase. Is anyone interested?

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