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I want the name and address of your corporate officers. "0" rating

I bought this fltues for my wedding. Good thing I bought them with plenty of time, cause when I finally got them, one of the fltues was broken, totally crushed actually. Luckily the store shipped me a new one and I got it just on time. The fltues are beautiful, yes you can see a little bit of the glue, but its on the bottom, who cares? They are worth it.

They grow up way too fast, don't they? What a handsome litlte man you have; I can see why he's stolen your heart. By the way, I broke my litlte toe this week (somehow managed to do an imitation of a kickboxer in my house and hit it on the corner of the wall). It must be from reading your blog. Now, if only my photographs would improve from reading your blog, lol. Happy Birthday Spencer!!! I hope you celebrated in style!!!

I have a package that is sitting in the Langhorne, PA post office of items being returned to Lenox. Lenox refuses to accept delivery and has sent the package back to me. I am trashing Lenox on facebook, amazon, etc.

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