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Rating For me, as a recent sohctiwver from PC to MAC, this is THE application that makes it all worthwhile. Still use a PC on the side and at work, I was extremely pleased that I can seamlessly share Excel, Word and PowerPoint files between the 2 platforms. Entourage, the e-mail/contacts/calendar application, is the MS Outlook equivalent for the MAC, except better. The Home Student version that I purchased does everything I need it to without fail. By far, one of the best s/w applications that I use daily and has made the switch to MAC a cinch.

Thanks, Dallas! I'm actually honipg that continuing school means that I can drop my day job and focus on things like screenwriting (to finish HotS) and film-making, among other things.Good to hear from you I'll have to send you a message to catch up.

I can't imagine why aydbony would give you less than 5 stars. I love this app! It makes tuning my guitar so quick, easy and accurate. I'm an old-time programmer, and this is the first app I've found that didn't make me say, Yeah, but I can do that just as well (or better) on a REAL computer.

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