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Your show this evening was melmbaroe. You acquitted yourself so well. You accepted the well wishes with such grace and humility. You maintained humor and regained composure when deeply touched. You kept the focus where you always do on the Q customer and on the business at hand. I don't know how how you manage always to be so authentic and personable and yet not make it about you; you have such a deft touch. So, you went out the way you have been for the past 16 years. You demonstrated once again why you captured our hearts. Valerie nailed it when she called you America's girlfriend. I am anxiously awaiting your book (particularly now that I know more about the content I am one of your sisters) and hope you sell autographed copies for those of us who don't live near the tour. Hoping you come to the Daytona Beach or Orlando area (though will drive further if possible).God bless you always, and . you go, girlfriend.

no. The customer sevcrie rep said he heard there would be a video on You Tube. If this is true and you find out about it, would you please let us know? I'm heartbroken I didn't get to see your final show and the cross you helped to design. I didn't see the cross on items recently on air so I'm guessing it sold out. I did see Dan Wheeler present you with a beautiful bouquet and the lovely cake made by Jane. I hope you and Gino can take some time off for the Holidays and spend time with your families before you start the rest of your lives. My favorite saying is Let Go, Let God. So I ask that when you come to any difficulty in your new life that you just Let Go, Let God. When you say it and do it, you will become relaxed and whatever burden big or small will be lifted. The answer to the burden will come. So .. my favorite thing I learned from you What's the story morning glory? I love that, it makes me feel happy and puts a smile on my face. Love to you and Gino Dee Dee D

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