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since you raised the price 70 cents per gal. because of the refinery,are you going to drop it 70 cents per gal. the day the refinery comes back on line?

A CLEAN DESK Is the sign of a very sick and disturbed mind!Big ups, looks very nice. I elcipeasy love the bookshelf. If I won the Lotto today, or got an intern, the first thing I'd ask for is somebody to organize my bookshelves by Library of Congress number so I could actually find stuff.

I went in to buy a pack of smokes tonight & the employee wouldn't accept my temporary state I.d. It's a legal I.d. & its not my fault you have to wait to get the hard copy in the mail. Funny thing is I went in there the day before & bought a pack of smokes with the same temporary I.d.! I will never shop bp again & neither will my friends & family.

The sales associate was very rude and wouldn't honor a price that was posted. And when I left the store he bad mouthed me to other customers.

I live in Fort Wayne, IN. The near Handy Dandy atmosphere is great. The employees are fabulous. Please stop having you employees solicit additional sales to me every time I check out at the register. STOP IT! please send a memo to halt the solicitation. Handy Dandy location is located on Coldwater, Fort Wayne, IN

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