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Kmart- When I tried "Kmart advertising" this is where I landed. Are we all going to let ANY advertising exploit children in their ads.... The ad running (August 2012) for Kmart "back to school" clothes is obsene! The child models are made to look sexually inticing. Come on people! Didn't the Sandusky scandal teach us anything? Get it off the air!!!

The commercial made for JC Penny is obnoxious ! Women screaming does not entice anyone to shop at their stores. When the commercial is aired my remote control goes to mute until it has ended.

Really really mad bought my 9 year old son a pogo stick from you guys called the double pogo 5 days the bottom broke off took it back tonight and was treated very bad by kmart manger Dave I lost the receipt had half the bosx from my boy ripping the box open Christmas morning went home and looked up the name and low and behold you guys are the only one selling them and review show peopl that bought them from you guys had the bottom break off just like this one all after Christmas it is so wrong not to stand behind what you sell this kmart is in OAKDALE CA 95361 my phone # 209 595-3567 they did not take it back now if my son happens to get his hands on it and gets hurt cause the rubber broke off on the bottom again my # 209 595-3567 my name is Ryan Ockey 424 view point Oakdale Ca 95361

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