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That's ralley thinking at a high level

Watched the show religiously with my hubsnad and 3 kids. We really loved the All Star format!! Allison was amazing!! The others were great to watch too. She just always made me cry when she danced. I hope they do the same for season 8! Loved the watching the male dancers dance together so different than before. Was hoping for kent to win, Lauren was my second favorite with Robert being third. Although Alex was our initial favorite until his unfortunate injury. Hated the flowers Robert and Kent got for second and third that was horrible, there should be a prize for second place!!!! Can't wait to see the dancers agian during the tour we have tickets for Toronto.

Not fair to employees... Wish the owners would really feel for the employees and know they really are people too. Bully politics are played all the times totally destroying people. They then wonder why people feel the way they do toward them and the company. Would not recomend any person to work at any locations. If you care about your self stay away!

Beware if yu get a job there. Many issues and not nice place to work. The moral is poor and the bully by many is permanently in place. 1,2,and 3rd in comand will be nice for a bit till the new wears off then look out. The turn around of employees is a lot.

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