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Articles like this make life so much smpiler.

Dude, you did it for your infamy . True Graf werrits, do it to create their own style amongst the thousands. And just because the art started out with infamy, doesn't mean it will end with infamy. It's an artform that does have it's baggage. Baggage meaning all the rookie young kids that never been taught, that go out, and act the fool, trying to hold down ugly chicken scratches, as if they were indians marking their territory and not allowing others to interact with them. We're in a new society where we want to encourage getting to know one another, and become friends and learn from the next. How are we ever supposed to be friends with people who act the fool, and have no desire to talk to anybody they don't know? We've grown with so many generations attacking one another, it's all we have to look at. And it's like the old saying monkey see monkey do . We humans, are the same. We see conflict that has happened in the past, and feel the need to repeat, or carry out so called grudges. That's what makes us so aggressive and hard to deal with. All these teachings we've been given, that we subconciously, act out, without even realizing it most of the time. Just going by what we remember and how they dealt with it, and trying to do the same. That's why there's the Bible. It's a guidance book to Life. It teaches you of occurences in the past, and how they were dealt with, and the righteous ones that did good during those times. That gives you an idea of how to be a better person to your brother or sister here on earth. Being good to one another. In other words, being able to paint and decorate our world we live in, on the concrete jungle, we've built. Without us, this world would be its own painting. WIth beautiful valleys, beaches, forests, and mass amount of life thanks to it! With us, we've built a concrete jungle over it, so it's now our turn to decorate it with what we like, and find to be intriguing and sophisticated. Which is exactly what graffiti is, but unfortunately, that can't always be shown, with people like you, trying to steer the concept away from the real matter. Which is of course, this well evolved worldwide art movement. As the art evolves, while we won't forget where it came from, which was illegal and such, we won't forget where it will go! (Graffiti walls at public parks, etc) Make graffiti accepted and legal with even its own competitions sponsored by big money, to promoting the art of creation thru many public walls. Same way skateboarding came about. While it was legal to own a skateboard and skate in your own property, same way as it is legal to buy spray paint and paint in your own property, it was not legal to skate in other properties, as it is not legal to paint in other properties. They solved the problem with skating by creating parks and encourage the fact it's another way for kids to get out and do an activity. Same thing can happen with graffiti by creating public walls that encourage and help develop creativity in kids, with lots of different inspirations, from other kids from their neighborhoods, and from around the world! We already did a lot by creating this concrete jungle, how about we go about decorating it too! It can all be done, if we just sit down and think about this a little bit. The art of getting up helped this art form be born, and it will just be brought up to the next level by now collecting pictures of your pieces you did in all different yards, and compare with what others did when they came to that yard. Help encourage creativity! It's what will inspire our community to do even bigger and better things! To think that to fight graffiti is the way to be, is just a communist way to think, and try and oppress creativity and ingenuity. Freedom of expression was meant to be used to the best of its meaning. Now, lets organize it, and lets see what our people can do? Why not, we're a nation of Leaders. Let the world follow And that my friend, is how you take it to the NEXT level. Not just about being infamous. That's just how this came about, and a low mentality level way of thinking. Becoming wanted by police, it's not exactly every artist's dream, which is what infamy is. But, having their styles up in all available legal yards, with colors, and, other crews, respecting their pieces, is way more rewarding, than ending up in jail with fines and a dirty, now criminal, record Maybe one day, businesses witll actually feel priviliged and honored to have a piece painted by certain graffiti artists. And by then, we graffiti artists, can say we won, the war on graffiti .Again, if you're with me, CHEERS!Jah Bless, from Rapid and I hope I inspired you to think differently and a little more open minded!

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