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place sucked

the labor works on preston hy.in Louisville,Ky.was the worst experice for me and my wife.it was not the fact that we did not get sent out after they told everyone would get sent out.it is that when we left we had insect bites that hurt and could not get rid of them,even in our car! they itch and hurt they are no see ums! we have tried everything to get rid of them,no luck.nobody should go though that torture just to go to work.we wish it was not true,it should be cloused down.09/2014

Favoratism at the Hamilton office

How about a man that goes in every morning between 5 am & 5:30am sits for 2 to 3 hours for 5 weeks and hears from 30 other people that the staff called their home phone the day before for job openings,Does this sound fair for the one man going out of his way to work, or is it more like favoratism to the 30 that don,t have to go out of their way and get basic curbside treatment. The policy of this temporary service is first come first serve. I believe this to be scandoulus within this office and all staff employees should be terminated by higher officials.

Mine dribble back to shocol. One tomorrow, one the next day, one on Thursday and the last not until later this month!What's up with that?!And...Really, what's the point of a two day shocol week?

My employment with this company is horrible. I have been the subject of discrimination because of a diagnosed medical condition and was told that they normally don't hire mentally handicapped people and why I wasn't told this is the fault of the office I applied through. Now I am required to come in every day when I am unfit to drive and live 2 hours away from the closest office. I tried to call the corporate office but no one will return my phone calls. Do not work for this place.

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