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I have worked for labor ready for the last 10yrs. Off and on, never had a problem till I moved to idaho. The staff in Boise are uncooperative,unprofessional, and unappreciative of the people that pay their salaries...

terrible policies

My husband works for this inefficient company mostly on the weekends. Well this morning when my husband called to get his pay, he was then informed that he would not get it until after 5:00p.m. Now this is news to us...In the past if you worked over the weekend you were always able to receive your pay when the office opened. When the question why was put before them. I was told that the staff gets swamped with tickets so to make it easier on them they'll just keep the workers waiting all day. Just another example of incompetence.

Down right Dirty true Blue

You would think and this day in time the corporate ladder the had man of the company would stand behind his investment , right the only thing the man or who ever just tell the people that work for true blue ,go ahead pass the buck to the next person well i see why they call it true Blue ,remember code red means emergency code Blue means your concern are dead , well what I'm trying to say that Labor Ready worker are like scab labor they are the bottom of the labor scale ,the poor no car driving drunk's cant read or right , it would take a act of God for them to be able to stand with some the labor staff company pay their workers a decent wage ,so that everyone happy all i can say please stay away form labor Ready all that will happen working for them is you will soon be on the code Blue list .

civil rights violation Title VII

Well, i just couldn't believe the text message that i revered from Labor Ready this past weekend. When i read it, i knew that i truly was a disenfranchised minority. Not only am i black man, but I'm also a felon. Title VII of the 1964 civil rights act protects (or at least that's the story congress put in the bill) Americans from discriminaton. Here, labor ready says "you can't even Apply for the job. What was the job you ask? Well,i guess that a man that has done his time, gets out, goes to college, and do the right thing, isn't good enough to apply for a job "Holding a sign in the rain" to direct traffic. That's awesome. And its also going to cost Labor ready.$$$ These cars often are dismissed because there isn't any proof to support the allegation. But, i have it in a tex message. Thanks labor ready. I'll see every one in court.

Corporate Office

I sent some paper work a few weeks ago to be filled out so I can return to work and have tried to call a few times and see what the deal is with the paper work and all they can do is send you to a voice mailbox and they dont EVER call you back. This place is so unorganized it makes you sick, they really need to get their stuff together.

Corporate Rudeness

The Rudest and the most Egotistical Organization I have ever dealt with. I would NEVER want to sent to a Temp Position by this 4th Rate "Temp Agency"!

General Labor

Most unorganized and rudest staffing agency I have ever dealt with.


The labor ready in apopka florida rasict or wut you wont to call it how is it most of all the black people that was there has trespassing charges the only way you'll can solve it is to get the manager and the woman that works behind the desk in the morning out of there n.w.a.a c.p

Construction worker

The staff at BRANCH 3207 are doing a fantastic job at getting folks like me back into the workforce in an extremely rough neighborhood. It is an employers market at present so employers only want the best of the best. Keep up the great work! Martin K.

It sounds to me that all Labor Ready managers are all the same. They don't treat there employees with respect. They don't treat you equally, they act like they are better then you are! I thought it was just the Labor Ready in San Diego. If the corporate office doesn't care about complaints, then maybe they trained them to be this way to there employees and there customers. They don't seem to care what there customers request either. If you get a call back or are requested by an employer, they will not honor the request and will do whatever they want. At least that is what the manager in San Diego says, that he doesn't care about the customer and can do whatever he wants.

Completely unhappy.

I just want to say that the Labor Ready in Schertz Tx. has an entirely incompetent staff.

Labor ready problems.

I have been with labor ready in South Charleston West Virginia for a few months now. It's a major pain in the butt dealing with the managers and anyone else that works there. If I ask a question I get yelled at. The people are rude and are always raising their voices to you. It's disgusting to me. I would recommend staying away from labor ready. They are very short with you. They like to leave out important information. They tax per diem as well, which I thought was against the law. They tax me for travel. I have never dealt with such greedy people. I feel like money is being pocketed. Called corporate and can't get help. Going down the division of labor for my state route. Customers needing help hate dealing with the people as well. Had to rant. I am done working for these people. Something needs to be done at the top it seems as well.


Hi im thomas johnson ur new branch on s combee rd hired a new front desk worker. When i went in and asked ti get paid out first to make my daughter to her appointment ontime she got an attitude with me. Wouldnt tell me her name, or five me corporates number. Now im dnr from there and all i did was ask a question..... Her name is brenda....

I had to go to court and serve on jury duty ,when I return to labor ready the next day to report to work ,they told me I was suspended for two week becacause ,I missed the prior day to go to court.well they will hear from my laywer very soon if they don"t call me back. stan from memphis,tn

I work at the labor ready in Augusta,Ga. The problem is we have two rude managers here. Both are very mast and rude. Both have nasty attitudes toward people. One will tell u in your face that you work for them and my understanding in I work for Labor Ready Corporate just like she do. This manager tell manager takes you off a ticket cause off a ticket out spike. The second manger has a attitude problem. As do the first manager. Both them feel like they talk to you any kind and ex

hiring construction workers

Have had problems getting our workers paid correctly for 4 weeks. No one in Waco Texas office cares to straighten this out.

labor ready in Bethany okc

This place sucks its what all the reviews say at the bottom and alot more close this place down.


My first experience with this company had the worker not finding my event space for 50 minutes and their Harrisburg PA office having a bad attitude when I cancelled the job as I had hauled most of it myself by the time the worker appears. The second worker was excellent and early helping me complete the tear down and loading of the truck, however, the office person called me at 5:37 am asking me if the person worked the 4 hours. 5:37 AM calling my cell? I called the Harrisburg office and was treated rudely by their staff. I will not use these buffoons ever again. Rude, inconsiderate and who needs that when you have other choices?

liars liars

The office here in Duluth mn. They person there side they called me and they didnt . They said I refuse a job and they would put me on any other job. They said I refuse an 36/hour job but I couldn't get into town and we was in flood area rodes were washed out... and I still haven't got my w-2s yet..

hate smoke

If I see those people who manage the labour ready in oshawa at 433 simcoe smoking in the door ways of the building one more time I will involve the police. I don't understand why jen and. Tracy get away with all the lies they tell potential workers. Those people think eveyone is stupid and I'm completely fed up with them. I've already reported them to the ministry of labour and I'm far from done.

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