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I would like say that my experience with Lazy boy has been a nightmare.I almost had to lay a beating on the service tech that came to my home.Reason being he smelled like booz and he was very disrespectful. I would never do buisness again with lazy boy or recomend anyone for that matter.


Bought for name owned it less then two years scrapped it because of the quality! ! ! Customer service is non existent life time warranty on parts but charge you just to look at it to see what parts you need

5 yr protection

They tell you the ultra 5 year protection plan on leather furniture is included in the price. Then they charge you for it.

Terrible Customer Service

Atrocious customer service. Don't buy from La-Z- Boy. Giving them 1 star is being overly generous. Once the sale is made it's good bye customer.

Lazy Boy is not a customer service oriented company at all they sell you an extended warranty that you may as well wipe your rear end on and the leather is not good quality.

would give zero if available

Worst customer service EVER experienced. Do not buy anything at the San Jose store. You will not receive it when promised, no one will call you back, and the manager will justify it by saying they don't have to deliver as promised if it's not in writing.`


I have 2 leather recliners that are 8 years old. The leather is cracking and looks horrible. From reading the reviews, I guess that I am lucky that they lasted 8 years. Paid over a $1000. It's a shame that no one cares at the office. Don't buy.

Can you say BBB?

Terrible in every aspect! I even have to give it 1star. You deserve a big fat ZERO!!!!

No Customer Service

I called to express my concerns but got nowhere and had to leave a message several times and NO one got to me. I wonder if anyone works there or if anyone cares.

Bought a Lazy Boy recliner a few months ago, and am really dissatisfied with the construction of it. Where your feet rest, if you at any time draw your feet up a bit, there is a sharp edged hard board, that hurts your feet. Had a recliner several years ago, (Lazy Boy), and the construction was much better. Will probably never buy another, unless improvements are made.

Extraordinarily poor business practices

I would love to be able to actually rate Laz-Z-Boy furniture. However, Laz-Z-Boy does not seem to be able to deliver the furniture I purchased. My several calls to the store are not returned and the corporate apologists seen only to be able to blame the store. My calls to the company go through several people who have no authority to perform any measurable task. Never again

Wow, just like so many others who have posted reviews, I am unhappy with the product and was misguided in the store by my sales person. Not happy about service, product or sales rep. Done with this vendor.


screws don't last long in particleboard. Use real wood, even pine. Chair fell apart in a year.

Poor Quality

Paid over $6000 for a sectional. After two months of minimum use, the pull cord on one side broke off. Less than a month later, the seams on the cushions are coming undone.


think twice before you buy. not happy people are rude and pricing is high and you can get better made furniture else where. I have bought 4 things from them shame on me.


Bought less than two years ago, 800 number useless, called store, directed to service - again useless and this is with an extended warranty. $50/hr and has to be sent out with no idea how much it will cost. NEVER AGAIN. 3 other recliners, less expensive, no problem. Bought this for when my niece was preg, no heavy weight on it, no abuse (except from service). NEVER AGAIN! RUN

They won't leave me alone!

After the purchase the robocalls began, and every time I picked up, there was nobody there. When I dialed back, I got a recording telling me they wanted me to take a survey, and they'd "call again later." No human being, and no way to leave a message. Grr! Why call when there's nobody there to talk to you if you DO pick up? This has gone on for MONTHS. In spite of calling the local store (twice!) and the delivery department to ask that my number be deleted from their database, they're still calling. I called corporate headquarters today, and am hoping they will be able get me out of the database. I am keeping my fingers crossed.


Ordered a sofa and recliner ( special order) 6 week wait. When delivered they unwrapped furniture and scratches were on furniture. Warehouse wrapped up scratched up leather. I guess they think people are stupid and take delivery. I refused, they took everything back. I am discussed to pay over $5,000 and have lazy boy ship furniture with scratches. With special orders you can't cancel and get a refund. If I would of known this I would of spent my money some where else.

ordered 2 recliners...a sofa and an ottoman...after waiting for delivery on these items for over 12 weeks ...each and every piece is defective...so now i am on the "comfort care" wheel....that means you call "comfort care" and they send someone out to tell you your stuff is defective...you wait....call "comfort care again" it's a run around...there simply is not any customer service...and if you call corporate to get help, they forward youl to "comfort care", SHOP ANYWHERE ELES

Wish knew then what I know now

Bought a La-Z-Boy wall away recliner (Lancer) in Feb. 2014. From day one I felt that is had too much play in it's movements. Called the store (Chesler's in Uniontown, PA) & someone from store came out only to tell me that the movement was normal. Now the recliner creaks when I shift my weight and moves excessively side to side. I wish I had bought another Flex-Steel recliner. The one I got rid of was over 20 years old and was just starting to show its wear. I am extremely disappointed with the quality of this chair. If I could give this a minus rating I would

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