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Junk from day 1!

We waited almost 3 months on our furniture that was supposed to take up to 6 weeks. One end of our sofa is lopsided and leans in and the other side the handle/pull cord for the recliner broke off. Also my husband was sitting in the oversized reclining chair and 2 screws just fell out of it. Also the stitching and staples are coming out on the foot part of the recliners. We have had this furniture less than 2 yrs!! Junk from day 1!!


I wish that I had checked out La-Z-Boy horrible reviews before dealing with them. They lied about their "Ultra Shield" protection that was supposed to be added to my couch AT THE STORE, before it was delivered. I was shown how great the stuff is, and it was demonstrated to me as being "water/stain repellant." The fact is, it's either not, or nothing was applied. Also, it appears that La-Z-Boy Warranties are worthless.

Don't waste your money

This company stinks ! don't waste time or money, huge run around waited 12 weeks for my furniture. Managers are nasty and yell at you on the phone ! Run run run

Worst Customer Service Ever

There is nobody at La-Z-Boy that seems to stand behind their products. I have never gotten the run around like I have with this company. Don't buy furniture for this company - you will be frustrated.

Bad business

Not what they use to be and it's too bad that Mr. lazyboy does not run his business with more reliable people. Use to be goo ...beware ...don't buy from them

These people are a joke

I was going to leave a review about all the problems I have been having with this company. I then saw 17 pages of one star reviews and decided why bother?

Unfortunate Business over customers

Frustrating business policy of not being able to return, change or cancel furniture orders after finding out they will not fit in your home space

Whiteplains NY

Like so many others on this site, I am very unhappy with my couch.I have been trying to deal with customer service, but the are rude to me. One call I was told that the pilling of the fabric is normal and that I should get a pill-shaver. This when the furniture is lightly used and not even 1 month old! Now they are not returning my calls. LaZboy is TERRIBLE! A -by Pat

Terrible Customer Service today

Had the worst experience today. Delivery suppose to take up to 8 weeks and is now 10 weeks. Was paid in full at time of order. Called and on top of 10 weeks it will be an additional 2 to 3 weeks. Nobody calls you to let you know status, etc. Langhorne, PA service is horrendous, rude, arrogant and not one bit friendly management. If you are not going to put the customer first, you will lose your business!


Purchased a la-z-boy sofa an love-seat recliner from la-z-boy furniture store in Clay ,N.Y. 10 months ago.The foot rest is made of cheap particle board and does not stand up to normal opening and closing.Foot rest has cracked in half twice already,contacted company and was offered same part replacement.The furniture is junk, poorly made with sub-standard materials.They know its junk and they still keep on selling it.Customer service is terrible ,they could care less about there customers

Unreasonable delivery schedule

Bought a chair from your Ocoee, FL store. It was a stock item; however it is taking 10-12 weeks to restock the warehouse. I am surprised you are still in business with such terrible delivery schedules. I won't consider Lay-Z-Boy again when your competition delivers in days rather than weeks.

Filing suit

We are filing suit tomorrow against La-Z-Boy in connection with a fabric failure on two recliners purchased less than a year ago. The store located in Mobile, Alabama has failed in their representation of the product, its warranty and claim process and generally showed bad faith and neglect, in dealing with our family as a long standing customers


Purchased a all leather recliner 30 months payed 1300.00, leather is wearing out on the back. Customer service tells me warranty is up do I want to buy a new back. I will never buy another piece of furniture from them again. They do not back their products. Back to Macy's.

Terrible customer care and service

Bought very expensive recliner, salesman talked me into warranty and how wonderful warranty and service was so I purchased that as well. Been waiting 3 months and still waiting for my chair to be fixed! Trust me do not buy a lazy boy! Service and care are awful they just want your hard earned money!

Worst customer service ever!

Purchased three reliner couches and two chairs. The leather recliner has a spring sticking out between the cushions. Contacted Comfort Care 4 times, local store 1 time and corporate headquarters today. Customer care has never contacted me, local store claims that Customer Care is overloaded with work and will get back to me as soon as they can and Corporate send me to a voicemail to leave my complaint. It has been 7 weeks since my initial call for repair. Totally unacceptable.

Still waiting on my replacement furniture for 2 of the 3 pieces that were purchased. It' only been 6 months. La-Z-Boy did offer me a $100.00 La-Z-Boy gift card to use in their showroom. I said that was an insult since it has been 6 months since this process started. I'm very disappointed. I feel like I would have better furniture and customer service if I would have gone to Walmart.


We bought an lazy boy chai all the paint is coming of the collar is casual oak

Very Poor Quality

Growing up my parents always purchased La-Z-Boy and my parents loved it. I recently purchase a couch and recliner. The recliner has been replaced twice and is being sent back again. The fabric is loose and the foot piece is crooked. Every time someone sits on the couch you can hear the springs squeak. They told me there is nothing they can do about that. The furniture is six months old. It is a disgrace how they let this company go down the tubes. Even the serviceman told me it was the worst product to purchase. I guess that is why they call it "Lazy Boy"

Lazyboy sleeper sofa

We purchased a sleeper sofa from Herman's furniture in Sandusky Ohio and it was delivered in August and the coushions are already worn out and a representative brought new cores and those already broke down as well. It looks like the couch is 10 years old.The sleeper sofa was $1400.00 and we are very very disappointed and will never buy lazyboy again!!!!

I purchased a complete set of leather sofas loveseat and coffee table, and 2endtables. Within 2 years of use, the 2 sofas lost color, shape and form. The loveseat foot rest on recline split in half. We were very disappointed with the quality and the use of all three pieces....2 sofas and 1 loveseat were made not to wear well and were downright cheap. We will never purchase any future furniture from lazyboy. Poor quality!

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