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Office Manager

I went to Prescott Az & stayed at the Laquinta Inn for that extra touch, room service, restaurant/bar in the Hotel, etc. I could have stayed elsewhere for much cheaper and I should have! When booking I requested a room close to elevator as my guest has trouble walking, I received a room FARTHEST from the elevator. Upon arrival no one to help with luggage or even offer a caddy to use, the carpets were filthy throughout, cockroach inside the room, phone didn't work to call front desk, no security to be seen and doors into the hotel left ajar, first floor had posted notes on doors displaying room numbers, one pack of coffee left for two guests, I went to get something to eat at the restaurant/bar at 8pm & was told they were closed an hour early due to it being slow, the exterior patio outside restaurant/bar was filthy with cigarette butts in the fire pit which was not on, ashtrays filled with water & cigaret butts, when going to the front desk to discuss some of the issues there was only a tacky cardboard sign stating will be back in 20 minutes which meant we would have to come back down as the phone didn't work in our room to call, after returning again we found what looked like a kid somewhere between 16 - 18 years old. Seriously, one kid left in charge of a huge hotel?! When checking out, I again lugged all our baggage out myself & when passing by the front desk, there was a new guy at front desk, he looked up at me as I was getting the cart to put our luggage on & instead of asking can I help you or even a good morning, he spit his chewing tobacco in a cup! This was the worse place I have ever stayed at & sadly none of the employees have a damn! One would have hoped that a manager would have contacted me to try & rectify the situation but I have to heard from anyone! Despicable for a Hotel! I have had better service from a cheap motel!

Ely Nevada LaQuinta Inn.

Don't expect the W-fi internet access at the La Quinta Inn to work at all. I wouldn't be able to post this if I didn't have my own wireless internet. If you need the internet and your paying for it stay someware else.

Dublin Location Stinks

Staff has bad attitude, manager is "never wrong " and does not accept complaints well. I will never stay here again... Very bad experience... NEVER AGAIN!!!

2nd stay after being called a fucking fag by front desk

So far the staff is rude. You would think after inviting me back to stay to show they are a friendly company we'd get better aervice but not so far. Sangam airport north.

The most expensive room, had no coffee service, no clock and no liner for the ice bucket. Your breakfast has no imagination. I will not stay in another La Quinta Inn if I can help it.

la quinta in south corpus

One of the dirtiest hotels I have ever stayed in. Rooms smelled like smoke and were dirty. Restroom were dirty and found a roach in the room. The breakfast area was dirty as well. The drink area for their breakfast was dirty and drinks were not good. When I emailed the manager her excuse was they had lost power so the drink station was not working right. I stayed the whole night and never lost power. Never addressed the dirty rooms or lobby. Email her back but never responded.


Unbelievable dirty gobs of hair in the sink and feces in the toilet

terrible general manager ,and motel

laquinta west motel in amarillo,texas is very bad the person is never there at work so you can talk to her there is never a mgmt. there on the weekend,the rooms are dirty and very much so needed to be sprayed carpets smell of urine. They need help,and tthey have staff smoking where the dogs are suppose to go to the bathroom there has been a tremendous change and things are not as good as they were the last time i was there.

dirty room

I just want you to know that i stay at La Quinta in Costa Mesa. i was not very happy with the conditions of the room. Dirty towels, stains on the bed spread, base boards coming unhinged, not phone to call the front office. As of today nothing has been done to compensate me for the not so hospitable stay, i left several messages for manager to contact me. One employee advise that i could recieve a 40% discount, im still waiting on that. but as of now im thinking of not staying there again or letting my friends know of my experience. Thank you for allowing me to post this message.

Dirtiest Hotel Ever

Ardmore, Oklahoma Warez Ave, Hands down the dirtiest hotel I have ever stayed at. I will never stay here again. I will stay at the older La Quinta which is by far cleaner and more hospitable.

retired miltary

@ La Quinta 4001 scots legacy dr. Arlington off I-20 AC inefficient notified front no reply, lights in computer table area doesn't work I swap bulbs not the issue it is wall lamp unit. here for conference will check out tomorrow and find new hotel

Will not stay here again disappointed

Laquinta inn norcross georgia terrible will not stay here ever again.

Worst Than Horrible

La Quinta. Amarillo, Tx East I-40 Airport Location Have killed 7 flies so far and 1 larva. There are what looks like blood stains on the rug and some unknown brown stains. There are many black spots on the off white curtains that I believe are insect feces. We plan on sleeping in our clothes. Not sure why we are staying. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID

very bad

Went to a albuquerque,nm for a wedding I toke my dog. After the wedding we went back to the hotel and my dog was missing. I talked to the receptionist and they didn't resolve me nothing and I will never stay there again


My credit card was overcharged over $3,000 and even though Iaquinta hotel agrees that they overcharged my card it has taken over two months and counting to reimburse me and has refused to pay overdraft fees associated with it.

morons there in oklahoma city which is a corporate entitity. you can't leave a message for a guest!!! Hello, this is the 21st century!!

rapid city sd joke

Could not make it to the hotel. Car trouble. They charged my account anyway. Never had this happen at any other hotel. They wouldn't refund the money and just don't care. This franchise is just money hungry

La Quinta Inn St. Augustine

I have never met someone as rude as your front desk clerk Jennifer. Simple questions gets you harsh answers and responses. She swears in front of us and others, talks hard and snappy, and has no respect for others. I do not see how you let a woman like that be the face of your company. I think you should hire more friendly people who can handle the job right. If you don't like the job or dealing with guests, find something more suitable and stop ruining stays for good people. I know me or my family will not be back as long as she is around, and I will surely let others know to.


This is a joke, they didn't clarify how the hold on cards worked. So they completely put us in debt. Don't go.

Never Again

Found roaches walking on the bed sheet and on the wall. Gave us another room but after seeing roaches could not stay. Went to another hotel.

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