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why don't they consolidate all of the other post ofcife branches into atlantic street. its large enough to be the only post ofcife. why save a post ofcife you can find anywhere and get rid of a unique piece of history you can find only in stamford?

How to trust LG product in the market; Lg easily cheated by Dr. Sunil from Rubbicon Technology USA can supply 6"shappire wafer from Rubbicon Sapphire Technology Malaysia which is failured in audit in Jan 2011. I will publish internationally to confirmed LG purchased 6"wafer from Non-AVL. This indicate LG very poor in managing the suppliers. How end user will trust your products in the market.

Requested a charger to be shipped over a month ago keep getting excuses about how they dont have a return authorization number. I Am paralized and this phone is my lifeline please have a corperate supervisor to call me back asap at 9314592395 Sincerely Heath Kerley

I bought my son one of your LG Straight Talk Cell phones from Walmart in May of this year. It was a bomb from the beginning. No one could call my son after about 2 weeks. It went into a Verizon voice mail. No one could ever reach him. He could only call out. Waht good is that? You could never get through to anyone on the toll free number 877-430-2355 and the website StraightTalk.com did not have any contact information. We tried to get our $ back but discovered the receipt was lost. I do have my bank statement showing the debit transaction. The total cost was around $72.00. By the time we realized problems and trying to fix them, the 30 days was up. Also there appeared a black spot on the screen. It had not been dropped. HELP! Please let me know what you will do for us? email me at: eoa1923@gmail.com or call 828-674-1000

I was watching my tv and heard a loud "pop" sound and had no picture just sound. I called LG and told them what happened, my tv is just out of warranty, they basically told me to bad so sad and gave a number to local service company. I then went online and seen where several people were having the same issue with this tv. I called LG again 5 days after and told them that I had researched my problem with my tv online and found that several people had this problem and maybe they should consider a recall on this tv. I was on hold for 5 minutes and the gentleman at LG came back to say that even though my tv is months out of warranty they will cover the cost of my repair and within 24-48 hrs service was set up. However the TV repairman told me two days after that the number for my service call was no good and that i had to call LG back good thing I keepted names and records of my call to LG since the TV people said that LG had no records of that number nor I had any warranty! I will call coorporate head quarters next to let them know the poor service given! more to come on that!

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