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25cubic feet LG fridge

Purchased about 2.5yrs ago side-by-side.Approx 3-4weeks later Sears sent a 30cub.ft replacement,but dimensions DIDN"t fit/high/.Ever since our nightmare became much much worse. Not only food spoils fast,2/moisture is leaking down in right lower bin,snow accumulates on right lower bin freezer.3/door seal gasket torn 4/moisture is always on moth doore edges.4/Around lower area ow water dispenser RUSTY spot already????? Would like some satisfaction for 1680 dollars THROWN out on the wind.

LG Customer Service

LG has the worst customer service of any company that I have ever encountered. They will not honor their word or their warranty. NEVER BUY LG!!

No After sales service

Technical support here in Greece will do absolutely nothing to repair your problem. Everything seem to work perfectly to them, while the washing machine is having major problems that a little child can tell. So... DO NOT buy LG products. Save your money.

Used LG smart (so called) phone and it gave trouble right from the date of purchase. LG agents in Colombo are a useless bunch of idiots when it comes to after sales services. After struggling for 1 year, I had to throw away the phone as spare parts are also not available with the agents (Abans)

LGE is money hungry and makes rules that hurt the customer. I am a single mother. Father will not pay support. I have daycare costs, rent, etc....I was 3 days late paying my bill which included a 4 month $60 deposit. They said i had to pay all of the deposit and bill or I would be disconnected. I was only 3 days late. Now i have no grocery money, gas money, etc...for my child for next 2 weeks. large corporations that pry on their customers should be ashamed. I have to have electric. my child is asthmatic. The city should do something to limit the fees and harsh regulations LGE imposes on individuals.

Would give lower rating if had one. 47LV4400 TV is a piece of junk. Not two months old Had to have repair people out. Had to order a board. Board on back order.Its been one week.Who knows when part will come in.

I have an LG phone and its been replaced twice in 8 months I called the US customer service and they have very poor people skills I tried to find a telephone number to call the president of the company (i thought it was the service provider that I was haveing issues with found thier presidents corporate number easily and spoke with someone in the office) and cant find any corporate numbers I will never buy anything from LG again this company is horriable at customer satisfaction!!

I both a TV LED32LE4500 and I noticed that half of TV is dark and the other is light. I call LG Romania and they sent me to service. The service dosent solve the problem and I ask for a new TV. The answer was that the policy dont alowed that and I must go again to service and try to fix it. The reason I both new TV is to have one not to make my life difficult and to get a second hand TV, after I travel between service, work place and service. I would like to have rights as any European citizen and get a new TV when I pay for one. I hope sombody will see my problem and help me. Kind regards, Marius Nichitoi Iasi Romania Tel. 0040720004478

your agency in saudis arabia has very bad service and he doesn't care about his customer

I bought a refridgrator from your dealer at Mohan singh market on first week of July 2010. Firstly within two and half month my refridgrator was completely outof order. I had complained and compny change the compressor. Presently cooling of my refridgrator so poor. I have complained your tollfree no an site also on January 16, 2011 till today no responce given your service centre. Mr.Amit raina of your compny Mobile No.9811354754 has given me assurance till the 11/02/2011 we solve your problem. I am calling Mr. Raina since 11/02/2011 but not attending the mobile and not giving me updation of my complaint position. I request you do the needful other wise consumer court is the last solution. Y V Singh Complaint No.RNA 110118021296

On 2/9/2011 A LG&E service representative came to our home and shut off our gas without prior notification. We are new home owners to this address and were unaware that our lower level heating unit operated on gas. It was our understanding that the gas coming into the home was for the use of our gas range and fireplace only. We had intentions to call and have services switched into our name, but our call did come soon enough. The service man rang our doorbell at approximately 8:00 a.m. on Feb. 9, 2011. I was not expecting anyone, and was sleeping at the time. Once I did hear the doorbell, I made my way to answer the door to find the service man was no longer there. I went outside to try and find him, his truck was in my driveway, but I couldn't find him. I'm guessing now that he may have been under my house in the crawlspace shutting off our gas. I then came back inside to contact LG&E to immediately have services switched in our name. A customer service representative did set up services in my name over the phone and at that time, I did ask her if our gas could be turned back on, and her response was all work orders have been filled, and it would be next day before a service man could return. I wasn't too concerned because at the time it was my understanding that all we needed gas for was to operate our range and fireplace, not our heat. I ended my 1st call with the customer service representative. A short time later the lower level of our home began to get cold. I tried turning the heat up, and noticed that it wasn't kicking on. At this time, I became very worried, as I was nursing a sick child with the flu, and needed to keep our house warm. I immediately call a second time and waited again to speak to another customer service representative to try and explain my situation, and my great need for services to be turned back on. She explained to me that we have 2 heating units in our home, and our lower level heating unit operates on gas, and that because the service man had shut off our gas earlier, the unit on the lower level would not come on. I explain to her that we are new home owners, have just recently moved into the home, and had not yet called to get services switched to our name. I also tell her I have a sick child, and offer to pay extra for a service man to return to my home and turn our gas back on. She proceeds to tell me she would need to speak with a supervisor to approve a service man coming back to turn on our gas, and informs me that she will call me back to let me know a yes or no. Approximately 10 min. later I get a phone call back from her (LG&E customer service representative) saying that the supervisor informed her that due to the excessive amount of work orders a service man would not be able to return to my home until the next day. I then ask to speak to the supervisor myself, and after waiting he comes on the line. I tell him of my situation, and he puts me on hold and checks to see if there is anyway a service man can come back, and he too tells me no. I kindly offer to pay extra if he could work me in, and he still tells me no, and explains to me that it will be the next day before a service man can return. It is the middle of winter; I am a new customer with a household of 5, consisting of myself, my husband, and our three small children, one of which is suffering from the flu. Apparently, I didn't make the call soon enough to have services switched before an unannounced service man came and shut off our gas. I am very displeased as to the carelessness of this company. Had I received a written notification, I would have acted upon it assuring that our services would not have been shut off. LG&E publications proudly state that the LG&E is a company that cares, and this message is portrayed in the media through commercials, etc. I find this message to be false and misleading to the customer!! I have great intentions to speak to legal council regarding lack of notification, before services were shut off unannounced, causing suffering and unnecessary inconvenience to our family. I feel that we were not given fair opportunity to act upon preventing our service from being shut off unexpectedly, since we did not receive any prior notification regarding a shut off. We would have acted accordingly preventing our loss of heat, had we gotten notification. We are very dissatisfied, and plan to find out about the legalities and actions we can take as customers.

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