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Dear Lego gods

I love Lego so much,I love the fact that you can do/build anything you can think of and the only limit is your imagination,as long as you have the time and bricks to do so!!!!!!!!!!

I love you guys

Dear Lego inc. I LOVE Legos I love a lot of the architecture sets they are very creative. I have 1 question. Can I send you a letter will you respond but over all I really like your products and they are super fun and the airplane sets are so fun Im 12 and I'm still playing with the sets. Your BIGGEST fan, Daniel Kahana


I would like you to construct a new World Trade Center lego model to build. I met one of the designers of the actual new building in NYC. I am 10 years old and would LOVE to put something like that together. I just finished the Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy. It was one of my favorite lego architecture buildings to put together.

suggestions for Legos

My 10 year old nephew and his friends would think it would be a great idea if you could create more different kinds of pets to build. Animals like different dogs, lizards, ect. Also to create a model like the Titanic to build. It might be a big deal in the Lego business and I think a lot of people not just kids would buy them.


Was searching for a Lego land in the area and am extremely disappointed that there is not one in the Springfield/Enfield areas since this is where the corporate headquarters is located. I hope there are future plans to have many more events/activities available to our children, families, and communities.


Can u make a cargo plane that has a door in the back that u can put down.your favorite customer alex156

What is the address to write a letter?

Dear Lego Company Inc. My brother and I would like to write a letter to you about a question about the new 2013 summer lego sets. My brother has been waiting all for the new Lego Chima sets, but however, they are still not available in stores. The question is, why aren't they available? Today is August 1,2013, which is the release date. So... why aren't they available? Please consider this. Thank you: Dave and Eli


What is their real phone #

Legoland Florida, June 30, 2013 - My four person family drove from Virginia and paid full admission to celebrarte a nine year old's Birthday. Rain closed the rides and the day was not much fun. I get a "rain check" at the grocery for soup or soap. There was no value at Legoland on June 30. Very disappointing to spend so much money for nothing. Florida with the frequent showers is a questionable Legoland destination. My family felt gipped.

Wrong phone number listed

I just called needing to speak to someone in the corporate Lego office and the phone number listed on the website is wrong and belongs to another company.


I have two girls 6 and 10 both are very interested in the STEM programs. They love Lego friends but they would like to build airplanes ,large cars, trucks and spaceships but they don't like the dark colors . Even the loose legos in the mall store don't have pink,purple,orange and and maybe you could also have the plane with maybe a logo like a barbie semi-truck or a monster high yacht

Michael McNally/James Groccia

Outstanding work in assisting young James in fullfilling his quest for the Emerald Night Train set. Please let Mr. McNally know many people who have no affiliation with James, such as myself are touched by his efforts. Legoland will be at the top of the list of theme parks when my nieces and nephews visit from Braintree, MA this February vacation!!! Sincerely,. Michael J. Uhlman

The new lego's Friends female oriented lego's. May I say it's about xxxxxxx time! What's wrong with you to take so long to try to get to the young female population!!!! Now maybe females will get interested in becoming archetects and buildings will have two female bathrooms for every one male bathroom. You know since the female pop. out numbers the male pop. 2 to 1! N0W, think, women watch DIY, Food network, HGTV, Oxygen, and Hallmark. Yes, very masculine women. Think about lego home decorator, with legos that can change colors (like painting a new color on the wall), lego hair stylist ( a lego head and interesting shapes to build a hair style, lego interior design which lets you build different styles of furniture and a space (could be connected with decorator), and lego anatomy for those girls who want to grow up and be scientists (we really need a cure for cancer and it's going to come from a female).

We love the Lego movies! We think Clutch needs a new adventure. It is very hard to find the movies. I got one online and it turned out to be the game and we have a Mac so we can’t play it. Bummer!

I love legos but i can never get them because they are so expensive. I think that they should put more detail into the minifigs and also put an extra phase 2 helmet in the new star wars sets so that i can change my p1 troopers into p2.

i am trying to build the lego ninjago fire temple but when i put 1 piece on another one falls off.and now because of one uneven piece in the middle.and when i got done building the fire dragon i touch it and it collapes in front of me.Now i am still building it.how do i get the piece uneven?it has already taken me 5 hours to build it and i am only 3/4 done .Also from reveiws,it should only take 4 hours entierly.not worrking.

ilove lego army guys!

We loved lego space police on your website. We are so sad, and mad that its not available anymore. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!!! FROM A VERY UPSET 6 YEAR OLD

Is any one having a problem past or present with the shipping boxes from Lego Shop At Home? Boxes inside shipping boxes crushed, creased, or other wise damage due to shipping? List you experience here and include you State where your Lego was sent to. The shipping was Good since May of this year Very Poor. Sent items back 9 times on various sets.

Dear LEGO, Hello. I was wondering if you guys have any new ideas for LEGO techno. You see, I came up with these ideas when I was watching a LEGO special, and they talked a little bit about LEGO techno, and how some smart hackers transformed LEGO into a technology version, and how LEGO thought that was a really good idea. Well, I agree with that. I was thinking, maybe you guys should expand that idea with making technology sets. It's the 21st centenary now, and some call it the centenary of technology (I'm typing on a laptop- that's just helping that, I guess). And there's lots of adault LEGO fans, too. People are becoming very creative and more interested in robotics, and I was thinking that is you guys should add onto LEGO robotics. Maybe make little bucket packs of them (i.e., one bucket could contain a motor, two wires, ect.) and sell them. It would be really cool, and I think that they'd sell very well. Well, thanks for reading this, and please write back on my idea (despite you guys probally get loads of e-mails and letters everyday). --From S.J. (sorry, parents don't want me to give my name on the internet) P.S. Sorry if I wrote this in the wrong place, it's kninda hard to find contact info.

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