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Customer Service

I have been trying to order Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda jeans size 6 talls for 3mths. Seems like no one at Kohl's customer service or corporate office can help me with this issue. They kept sending me stupid e-mails with reference numbers making excuses for why this item is not in stock. Nor can anyone tell me when if ever this will be in stock. Can't get through to anyone at corporate office, they arevery poor at problem solving.

Horrible Cheaters

I have had a Kohls Charge card for years, recently(past 9 months) I moved to an online banking solution where my bills are dispersed automatically. This is the starting point of this problem. I recently noticed that since June I have been charged ~335.00 in late fees for my Kohls charge account. After some investigation I noticed that it takes a few days from the time my bank submits the information before Kohls receives it(This has been corrected on my end) hence resulting in 9 months of late fees. Today (4/9), I attempted to reach out to customer service at Kohls to resolve the issue. I explained my frustration and asked that someone please make it right or else I was going to close my account. The representative placed me on hold briefly and then returned informing me that the most he supervisor could do was to refund 2 of the late fees. I asked to please speak to the supervisor and the customer service representative informed me that she was about to close my account(remember I started the call of by telling her if someone couldn't make it right I wanted to close it) I told her to please just let me speak with the supervisor. This was the last communication I had with her. I was placed on hold for 20 minutes at which point the call hung up on me. Upon calling back(a few minutes later) I found that my account had been closed and I was responsible for the remaining $75 dollars on the account(even though at this point I have paid them $335 in unnecessary late fees). At this point I requested the customer service representatives name whom had mistreated my case and I was told that, that information is not saved and they had no employee id for the woman or her name. Again, I asked to please speak to a supervisor. I have been on hold AGAIN for another 30 min. This is ridiculous. In my opinion, the company knew that they were in risk of losing my business and did not want to negotiate on ANY type of refund. They then closed my account without my authorization so it would be hard for me to work with anyone moving forward. They then refused me the opportunity to speak with anyone of authority so I could file a complaint against the first customer service representative.

I have worked for Kohl's for 9 years. They are the worst. I have recently been railroaded by our management team. They have written me up for following Kohl's policies. They also wrote me up for calling someone a derogatory name that I had never heard of or used. They cut our hours and hire cheaper people. When a customer is upset with you for no reason and you call a manager, you get written up. I had a customer today who came up to the counter and started telling me stories, she then dropped that story and started another, then stopped that story and started another. I stood there smiling and making eye contact trying to follow what she was saying, none of the stories had anything to do with kohls or our merchandise. She then said she didn't want to talk to me, she wanted a conversation. She never told me what I could do for her on kohls behalf. I then got called to the office and written up for calling a manager and not giving the customer what she wanted. How are you supposed to give someone what they want when they won't tell you what they want.

Northborough Kohl's

The other day I made a phone to the Northborough kohl's regarding a pair of Boy's shoes. The customer service associate was impatient and rude. He made little to no attempt to find my shoes. I was directed to the store manager amd had no idea what I was talking about. 40 minutes later I was directed to the sjoe department where they could not find the shoe on the sales floor or stock room. The young man said "sorry for wastimg your time." It was wasted time. I do not recommened this store to shop in.

Excellent Service

On 3/24/2013, at approximately 3:15 pm, I received service, not only with a warm smile, but the sales associate by the name of Vickie, went beyond any expectation or requirement of her position. She not only found the items that I was looking for, but did so with true professionalism and sincere concern that I was satisfied. People like her will have me and any one that I can tell returning to that store for that kind of service. The store is located in Marina, Ca., and she is definitely an asset to your business.

poor customer relations

I have been a loyal customer since 2001. Last summer I overlooked the envelope with the check in it when posting mail before leaving on vacation. When I next went to Kohl's, I found that my account was on hold because of the unpaid bill. I went to my car, found the bill between the seats, and paid immediately. They took off the fees. Recently I was given a rate increase on my insurance because Kohl's had reported my account as being late. I immediately wrote them a letter, requesting a waiver with the credit report. I have heard nothing for several weeks and the "customer service " agent says they cannot access what has happened about my letter and cannot give me a contact number to call. It seems to have disappeared into an abyss. I am furious!


I have been trying to get the mailing coupons started again after a move 14 months ago. I have read a lot of the problems people have had some like mine and a lot about their bills so it is no wonder they can't get something so simple straightened out. I have also been going to other stores at this time. It is funny, Kohl'l didn't have trouble finding me to send me the bill!

Checkout System

My, how many complaints! I will say my daughter shops at a store in Dallas, Texas but has always been pleased with her purchases. My complaint in Tulsa, OK is the waiting in long lines to purchase something. That tells me The Customer is not important. We were in business so I know how important customers are. Wake Up!! There are plenty of other stores to shop.

Kohls worst customer service

kohl's credit card-customer service. I have been a Kohl's customer for many years and spend thousands of dollars a year there. I have meticulous credit and have never missed a payment. Something happened when I made a payment on line and missed a payment. The formula for calculating payments caused me to be 60 days over due. I called customer service twice -to get help and understand what happened and then did further research with my bank to see why my payment did not go through they did not want to hear it.I then called a third time asking to speak with a supervisor who also seemed to have a standard script and again no acklowledgement that I have been an excellent customer since 2008 and they may not be responsible for any errors. I cancelled my account, took my name off the mailing list and will not ever step foot in that store ever again. Send your customer service reps to training on how to speak with people especially angry customers.

Don't call us, we'll call you

They should answer the phone by saying "Hello this is Kohl's. We'll talk to you when we get around to it." Very poor in service by phone. Grab your coffee because you are going to be on hold a LONG time.

Poor Customer Relations

By my own admission, I had messed up paying my Kohl's charge bill. I was not sure when I went to paperless billing, but for some reason my Kohl's bill just left my mind some of the time, adding up late fees. If you look at my credit ratings it is quite high. I do pay my bills. I called and requested some fees to be waived. The person on the phone waived two fees. I asked her to waive three. She said she would waive half of the third. I told her if she would waive the whole amount of the third, I would really appreciate it. I would remain a Kohl's customer. Otherwise, I would prefer not to be a Kohl's customer and to cancel my card. She told me I had to pay the entire amount right there on the phone and wanted to charge me $10 to do so, in order to remove the late fees. Nice. I went online myself and paid the full amount, and she took the late fees off and canceled my card. End of story. Wow. That is how a customer of many years is treated? She was Operator #4086. Ok Kohl's, there are many stores out there. I will do more shopping at J.C. Penney, Macy's, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Target, Walmart. A good company should always attempt to show respect for their customers. Maybe this was just a poorly trained employee. I don't know.


I purchased a $450 bracelet on Feb 26 . the offer was that I was able to get another bracelet for lesser value for $1. The woman helping me suggested the $75 was a good match , I was concerned about being able to hook it on myself. My husband was standing there with me when she told me 3 times I could exchange it if I didn't care for it. My husband left and I turned to get a swimwear wrap. I realized I was going the wrong way and when I was passing the jewelry counter the sales person who waited on me was doing some kind of dance to show another woman that she got someone signed up to a charge. When I got home the $75 one was too hard for me to put on. Two days later I returned to the store to pick out another lesser bracelet as the previous sales clerk told me I could. The offer was over and this manager was called over and I was told it couldn't be done. What I have to say about all of this is the first sales person was more interested in signing me up to a credit card and doing her "little happy dance than making sure I could fasten the bracelet. then to be told I couldn't exchange it topped it off. I returned all of it. The experience ruined my birthday gift and I will not use the credit card or patronize the store! Macys will outdo their sales people and will succeed further than their store ever will with their genuine concern for the customers as the people they hire do not have this quality about them !!!!!!


Was trying to get some hats and gloves for my patients at the Children's Hospital I work at for next year and asked the manager if she could help me out. She was attentive and helpful and allowed me to purchase 30 pairs of hats and gloves that were on sale anyway for an additional 45 percent off...thank you very much. The kids will love getting those Angry Bird, Elmo, hats next year from Santa.....God bless Kohl's for helping out the kids!

when you returning make sure check the amount the one you paid for the item and the one with product credit they alwayz give you less money of orignal amount you paid for the item,and if you do find that out and ask for the reason they looked at you like are you stupid thats how comouter works,,khol's at bay parkway BK NY

Never Again

My first time in Kohl swas horrable, I told them how bad it was and they had no remorse, Years past so I try it again same thing. THis time the one in Austell, GA. There is no customer service at Kohls and I prefer to spend my money where I have some service. Kohls you lost a customer for good!

Bad Return

I purchased a Tablet on black Friday for a Christmas gift. It quit working right after christmas! I took it back.I paid $162.89, I was told I would get back $114.00 ! The reason? I was given $45.00 in Kohl's Cash at the time of purchase ! So that is what I got back $114.00. But on the receipt it says full refund! Kohl's will rip off your money. I will never shop at Kohl's and I am telling everyone I know not to shop at Kohl's in Marysville Washington ! PS I had to rate with a one star to send this post, But the rating is no stars,

The bathrooms and changing rooms in the Menifee, California store are horrible. No toilet seat covers at 11 am on 1/22/13. Cleaning lady that came into the bathroom when I was there, said they ran out. How can this be for a large corp. company. I spoke to the store manager, who was going to check into this. That's the same thing he said last year when I told him about the same dirty woman's changing room that was not cleaned.

Never had A Kohls Charge Card

I was Christmas shopping at Kohls several years ago, went to check out, and the cashier ask if I wanted to apply for a Kohls Chage Card. I said no thank you, she was so persistant as to get points for everyone that applys, I said yes. So I gave her my info she ask for, and her results came back that I was not able to get the card, as my credit score was not high enough. About 2 months later I recieved a charge card bill from them stating I owed them around $300.00. I never recieved a card, never charged anything, even on any of my other charge cards. For the past several years, after endless calls to them, this is still not resolved. However, it was turned over to Equifax, and the other 2 reporting agencys that shows a amount of close to $600.00 they say I owe. Obviously the girl that took my info, got the credit card. I talked to Kohls today 1/22/13, and they show I don't have a account there, but it shows I do according to the 3 other credit reporting agencys. This is making my credit history look bad, and Kohls is not working with me to resolve this. This all took place at the Kohls in Albany, GA. So, I will never shop at Kohls.

LOVE Kohls

I've never had a bad experience at Kohls. I'm told when I buy a product that things are returnable through credit to your card/ with your reciept, or for the lowes price of the item within the last 90 days.

Bad Business

Placed an order (# 547764118) two months later and it is still not here. Paid my bill on time and my order is still not here. How late can a person be on paying your bill before you get up-set? Why should somebody pay their bill on time and then wait for months to get their order? Why can other companies ship products and I get them in two weeks and it takes you months? Why don't you respond to my e-mails? I will ask the same questions to the BBB and see if maybe you answer them. Will you? Or maybe you simply don't care since I paid my bill.

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