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potential employee

I had an interview today with Kohl's and was treated very poorly. I am looking for their corporate number to voice my disappointment but, after reading these posts ........I am no longer interested in working for them. For a multi-million dollar business to only have a two-star rating is pathetic. I will gladly tell them that tomorrow!

Wedding Wishes gift registry

I got married last year ( June 2012) and I was suppossed to recieve a gift card for 10% of what people bought off of it. Well, it has been over 6 months later and I have called Kohls on 3 different occassions and I still have not recieved what was promised to me each time. I am getting a little tired of this and I want to tell others that yes, they may sound sincere on the phone as they are talking to you but nothing ever gets done!

treated pooly

For the time I have worked at KOHLS in Coconut Creek I have been treated very poorly by the managers. I worked so hard and did everything they asked without asking any questions.They would tell me they were not giving out any hours due to financial issues but then they go ahead and give associates who are their friends 35 to 40 hours a week and only assign me 4 hours a week. Who can live on 4 hours a week. They showed so much favoritism to their friends who they hired.They would assign their friends to work at the registers then tell me they have no more positions for me to work at the registers and get more hours. I am very disappointed in the way KOHLS treated me.

Parking complaint

Lakewood Ca Kohls lets people with RV's park for months on end in their parking lot. They do NOTHING to stop it even though there are signs stating NO overnight parking. They have to call the landlord as they dont have th guts to call \City hall or the LA County Sheriffs department. They could care less.

Complaint Prescott Valley Az Store

I went to the Prescott Valley Store on Jan 1 2013 to return 1 item and to get towels for my home. I had never returned anything to Kohls before so I stopped at the first register I came to and waited while the cashier helped her customer. The cashier stopped her transaction and said. "What do you want" I explained and she said get what you want then exchange or take it to the back. We have a line. Soooo.... confused I tried to find the same sweater. Couldn't find help. So i figured i would come back and exchange later. Then i went to the towel department where I found 6 employees visiting. I asked for help with the towels and was told they didn't have any others available in the back so could I find something else. I then asked the employee if I could exchange my sweater in the back and purchase the towels, the total would of been around $150.00. The man told me don't spread the rumor but I could. I told him the line was outrageous up front and only 2 cashiers. He said I know that is why I am back here. It is lunch time. So I took my purchase to the exchange area where there were only 2 people in line. The cashier back there said "I am not doing purchases any more only returns now. The lady she was helping was doing a return and a purchase at the time. I let her know what the man said. She said she had to get done. The store was open for another 4 hours. I have never been treated like this in your store. I still have my sweater. Didn't get to use my 20% coupon. I left my purchase at the store. The front of the store was still out of control. The way i feel now is i will not go back to the store. I spent over $800 at Christmas time and everyone was glad to take my money. What happens later.......nothing. So unhappy lucy

:/ experience not so well

I had made a payment at the Lubbock, Texas location for 35 dollars when my minimum was 25 on the 14th of December when my payment wasn't due till the 19th. N it hasn't went through so I called customer service n they had me go through the trouble to copy n fax my receipt to them n then I called to have someone to confirm it n they told me I need to call back in 3 days. This is very inconvenient for me and I'm displeased.

Refund?? PHUCK U

so i bought several things for Christmas for my sister, well i went ahead and had her try them on. Actually is was two pairs of Vera Wang Pumps. Well they didn't have her size i wanted my money back for them, i tried to explained to the cashier, the customer service counter, and to the manager that my card was stolen and my account was obsolete. It was either they put the money back in my cancelled account or they give me a store credit; I'm sorry i don't like to be forced to spend my money somewhere i don't want to spend it. My entire family shops at Kohls, and we probably all together spend over 10 grand there. We have a huge family after I informed them of this no-one in my family will be shopping there again. Huber Heights Kohls.

a pleasure

Always a pleasure. Great parking, great prices, great selection, and the best salespeople around. I've been a Kohls customer for 17 years with never a problem with anything. I wander into a competitors store on rare occasions, and quickly wander out being even more thankful for Kohls. The return policy, no questions asked, made it easy for my wife to get clothing for her Dad when he was in a nursing home. If he didn't like something or it didn't fit there was never the slightest problem returning, Kohls didn't want to know the reason even. Before Kohls my wife did all the clothing shopping for me as I just didn't like the stores. Now we both go to Kohls together and always enjoy the trip. We know a few of the salespeople by name and it is nice to get a personal greeting in a store. They apparently enjoy their work and thats hard to find these days!

Peep Toe Clog shoes - women

GOOD! I have been wanting to buy the Peep Toe Clog shoes in Womens - size 6 and have been looking at the shoes for a while, online as well as Dept. stores but was unable to find my size. I am wondering why do you guys not make size 6 and below as lot of customers might use it. They are comfortable and very good but I can never find in any stores nor online. The customer service representative stated that they no longer make it in that size. I cannot believe that company would want such pair to be produced in all sizes as there are many good reviews on this.


Jennifer in the finance office quickly and effeciently helped me with obtaining a W9, which our local store did not know how to do. Our school is going to purchase almost $1000 in Kohls gift cards for our needy students. Thank you! Happy Holidays!


One more thing I have to add. How many department store do you get recognized by the cashier when you go in. Cindy A always does. I feel like I have my own personal assistant when I go there. I feel like I am a part of the family. Kohl s family.. Thanks Kohl's, Also Walmart doesn't have a leg to stand on.

Did not receive ordered item

Very dissapointed with Kohls customer service. I was excited that I could order on Black Friday to avoid the craziness of the crowds. The boots I ordered as a Christmas gift never came. I realize that this could have been more of an issue with UPS, however, Kohls has not helped make the situation better. With my job I do not have much time to go out and shop, and they no longer have those particular pair of boots and I don't know if I'll have any time before Christmas to get any shopping done. They said I could order another pair similar boots with MY money and they would get my money that I spent on the first pair of boots back to me within 30 days. Thanks for making the situation better Kohls. I obviously do not plan on buying from you again.

False Advertising...Bad Customer Service

I went to Kohl's to purchase the Bella Chocolate Fountain on ad only to find out that they didn't have it. Neither did the other 4 stores I visited. I could understand if I went by late in the afternoon and they had sold out of it but when the doors open? I asked the salespeople on the floor about this item and most had no idea what I was talking about and those that did said they hadn't seen it....ever!! At the last Kohl's I went to, the salesperson contacted the manager on duty who said,"If we don't have it, we don't have it, there's nothing I can do." The reason I know he said this is because they were conversing over their portable radios. Nice, huh? I asked to speak to the manager and the sales person told me he was on the 1st floor so I headed down there. I got on the escalator and was on the 1st floor in under 2 minutes. When I got to the 1st floor and asked for the manager, I was told that he wasn't available. I told the cashier I had come downstairs right after the salesperson spoke to him on the radio and asked again if she would let him know I was there. She said, "I'm sorry, he went to lunch, can I help you with anything?" Really???? So, I proceeded to explain to her my dilemma and my frustration that the chocolate fountain is NEVER available when it's advertised and she told me I should try the kiosk. I had already informed her that it wasn't available online....Her response, "Well, there are over 1,000 Kohl's stores all over the country and just because something is advertised does not mean we're going to carry it. Plus, we don't handle the advertising?" Are you freaking kidding me?????? I KNOW there are more Macy's, Wal-Marts and Targets than there are Kohl's and yet, THEY manage to ALWAYS stock their shelves with the ADVERTISED items and if they run our of them or didn't get them, they offer you a raincheck so you can come back later and pick up the item. Kohl's gives you a raincheck but they NEVER get the item in!!! False advertising, terrible customer service and lack luster management. Tell me again why I should shop there? Macy's is a little more expensive than Kohl's but what you get in return is exceptional customer service and the product you want. Getting out my scissors to take care of the Kohl's card as we speak. Bye, bye Kohl's.

Returns and Customer Service

I WAS a loyal customer on and offline due to your inability to correct a situation, you have lost me. You suck at both Returns and Customer Service. Thanks for a non refund of $58.44 dollars. It would also be great instead of going in circles to speak directly to someone who knows what they are talking about. GET IT TOGETHER.

we break the law

I accidentally sent my landscapers check in my KOHLS bill and they presented the check for payment which of course my bank refused as it is against the law to cash a check not written out to you. KOHLS charged me $25.00 for a returned check. Their customer service was rude and arrogant. After 6 years I asked was loosing my business worth $25.00 dollars to them to which they replied there is nothing I could do about it. Bye KOHLS

deplorable 800 customer service

deplorable treatment, their mistake and they don't do a thing about it. and the unprofessional customer service you get when you call, the minute a customet gets upset,they transfer the call, because they are so unprofessional to handle it. But they still have their job

Horrible Customer Service

Went to Kohl's shopping in Manchester, Ct I had a terrible experience with the assistant manager there so I called the Corporate Headquarters to register a complaint. I never got a call back re: my complaint. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Kohl's has just lost another customer. Extremely poor customer service from the Manchester store as well as the Corporate office. Kohl's gets a zero rating from me!

Shopping Experience

Went to Kohl's early this AM and left the store 15 minutes later because of the loud, poor choice of Christmas music. It was blaring and made for an unpleasant shopping experience. I won't be back unless corporate can help it's customers.

Very unhappy with the customer service dept or I should say all the big top offices. I bought something for a few dollers in Sept and being it wasn't alot I forgot about it. Come October I never received a bill. Now Nov. here comes a bill and I open it to see a 16.00 late fee. I called customer service and really could not understand very well who I was talking to, I said I would go to the store tomorrow. I am talking the Fort Myers store in Fl. I go to the store and a wonderful lady at customer service helped me. She got hold of someone and they did take the charge off my bill. I said I would pay the few dollars right now and we hung up. I never carry alot of money with me and I never carry my check book. I give the girl my debit card and she said she could not take it but it call someone again about it and said please can't you take it. He gets on the phone with me and says there is a 10.00 charge to use my debit card. I refused to pay that and explained my situation. Did not care. I explain that when I pay I pay on line and it comes out of my checking. Did not matter. Came home and paid it online and it will take 2 days to go through. Never again will I shop in a Kohls. Very poor customer service on the higher level.

What customer service?!!

I gave one star cause I had too... they deserve zero!!Ordered a few items online, last week for Black Friday. Got a package today with some of my order and not all... First of all, box wasn't even closed, and secondly an item that was on the packing slip wasn't even in the box. Called Into Kohls, on the phone for over an hour, and they don't want to refund my money. Customer Service my butt... They don't care about their customers. I will be returning everything and NEVER shopping there again. Ain't nothing special about Kohls! So sad and disgusting.

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