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The Kohl's Cash system stinks...The magazines saw for every $50.00 spent you will receive $10.00 in Kohl's Cash. I bought two $50.00 gift cards and was told by the manager at the Laurel, MD Kohl's store that gift cards are not included in the Kohl's Cash program as "gift cards are not discounted" so therefore I am not entitled to the Kohl's Cash for these items, EVEN THOUGH I PUT THEM ON MY KOHL'S CHARGE when I PURCHASED them! How many people think this is a rip-off? I certainly do. A purchase is a purchase if it is money spent at Kohl's and gift cards are spent at Kohl's. I spent that money at Kohl's and I will NEVER buy another gift card from Kohl's...I may never shop there again. You should not have to use a charge card and pay interest to get sale prices...that is just not fair to consumers! I intend to take this to Corporate. If not resolved, I will cancel my charge cards and never buy another thing from them.

I chose a piece of jewelry marked $28. It was supposed to be 60% off of the marked price. It rang up at only 35% off. When I pointed out that the price was incorrect, instead of voiding the entire transaction and starting over, the clerk used her calculator and came up with a price of $16.80. I pointed out that that price also was incorrect. (She obviously had figured 60% of the regular price and not a discount of 60%.) She figured the price two more times on her calculator, both times sticking the calculator close to my face and becoming more irate each time declaring that that IS the price. She then called the manager over and they discussed me and my transaction as if I wasn't standing there. The manager did some figuring on his calculator and told the clerk to credit an additional $2.24 to me. No one apologized for the inconvenience or for the error. When I got home I refigured the price I should have paid, and yep, you guessed it, I had still been overcharged. Needless to say the jewelry will be returned at the earliest possible opportunitiy. What a totally unpleasant and disappointing experience.

Get this,.......My daughter and I wen't to a Kohle's store in Lodi, Ca. to get a few things. My daughter has been wanting a pillow pet from the day they came out so she has been looking for the one she really wants. No other store had what she was looking for but Kohle's. She came up to me to show me that they had both the pillows she wanted and they were the last ones too. I did'nt have the money to buy them with the other things I was getting untill the next day so I said, "let's go see if they will put them on layaway till tomorrow." To see how happy she was when she found the ones she wanted I had to get them for her, so we went to coustomer service to ask if we can put them on layway, they don't do layway she said they can be held for 24 hours. I said ok thats fine so I have untill closing time tomorrow to get them,she said. Well we went back the next day around 530pm to pick tem up,guess what..............? NO PILLOW PETS WERE FOUND IN THE BACK ANYWHERE. and the lady who helped us that night was off the next day and the girl who had just got to work showed no concern at all and didn't help any further to see if someone else may know something about it. I was mad and the look on my daughters face made me even more upset. She was so disapointed knowing she lost her pillow pets she wanted so bad. If they say they will hold something for you they need to let others know too so S?&@ like this wont happen. My point is " make a point to make sure that the idems being held are there when its time to pick them up." :(

The Kohl's Cash system is broken.Good luck getting ant results from customer service. I placed a large order on 11/27 and have received no e-mails at all. I've called the "Customer NO Service" line and they know nothing. I've been tracking my order placed on 11/27 and it hasn't even shipped yet. But, their credit card charging billing system is working just fine. It's time to stop shopping at Kohl's and tell everyone you know to also stop shopping there. We got Bank of America's attention, so now it's time to let Kohl's know who keeps them in business. I will never give them any of my business again, or recommend them to anyone.


I placed an order 7 days ago and it still has not shipped. Instead, it has been subject to NUMEROUS cancellations. Now I have to start my shopping all over again. Thanks, Kohl's, for completely wasting my time and incompetently managing my order. Your CEO and your COO should be FIRED. When there are problems in the supply line, it leads back to poor management. Your executives are asleep at the wheel and inept and are not worth their bloated salaries. When I order from Penney's or Macy's I receive my order within a few days and if something is on backorder they let me know right away. Every Kohl's order I have placed takes about 15-20 days to receive the items. There really is no excuse for this. Hire new executive management please and I just might come back. Until then, I remain dissatisfied and will boycott Kohls. Thank you.

I am completely appauled at their whole "Kohls Cash" Promotions. So you go in and spend lots of money and meet the requirements to get your Kohls Cash, then you only have a 1-2 week period of THEIR choosing to redeem it? That is just wrong. If they are going to offer you Kohls Cash, you should be able to redeem it whenever you want within a reasonable amount fo time (like 6 months or a 1 year.) I think that they purposely do this so that people can't redeem the Kohls Cash. Just horrible.

I wish I could give them a 0 also, are you kidding me? They send out these email coupons to people and I have several email addresses so I received several coupons. The coupons say one per transaction, not one per day so I was doing a couple different transaction for some other people and they said you cant use but one per day. I showed DAN the wording where it says "one per transaction" he said ok, then comes over a few minutes later and says well it can only be one per day but if corporate says it is ok, then we will let you use them, so they will hold the items for 3 days at sale price til I get word. I call corporate and DOREEN says there policy does not state one per day, it does in fact say one per transaction so they would not stop me from using them so I call DAN at the KALAMAZOO MI Kohls and I tell him what corporate says and he states that unfortunately he is only allowing one per day and I said well corporate says that is not the policy and he said well that is what he is going with. So what was the point of telling me that if corporate says it is ok then I could if he was going to turn around and say he doesnt really give a **** what corporate says and he is going to do what he wants. What happened is they didnt realize how much could be saved if people were smart enough to figure out to do separate transactions because then instead of paying a lot you can end up paying nothing if you get the sale items. I think Kohls realized they made that mistake and because they have it in their wording they are now trying to change it so that people cant use them. What a bunch of BS...why send them if we cannot use them. My entire family which consists of about 150 people will NO LONGER EVER shop at Kohls because they are idiots and apparently it doesnt matter if even the president says it is ok, if DAN says no, then he overrides the president evn tho he makes what $10.00/hr as the store manager. Even he was ok with it too until he realized how much money I was saving, then he changes his mind. So when they see you save money they would rather screw you so you have to spend as much as possible thats also why they want you to get their charge card with 29.99% interest rate. YEA RIGHT! I will never be shopping at Kohls again especially the one in KALAMAZAOO MICHIGAN with DAN the manager.

Code Blue! What does that mean?? In retail means emergency. 5 minutes or longer,a manager finally came when a employee went down at the register hitting her head hard. Before all of this, I was standing in line as usual, at this time of year, companies do not believe in hiring enough people to accomdate customer service, cuts into their profits and management's bonuses (you were surprise by this statement - too busy shopping of course!). Anyways, watching the one cashier (from another country) friendly, laughing and joking around with the customer's children (dad filling out a Kohl's application)-(I rated her a 10 for customer service). She was waiting on a couple where the one partner was in a wheelchair & on oxygen, when the cashier went down hard. My cashier was ringing me up, when all took place. My cashier radio "code blue", no manager was seen or heard during my business transaction, imagine that! I told my cashier to look after her co-worker, I would finish bagging my own merchandise. That is when, I went to the jewery departement where a sales associated assisted me earlier, I knew she would be of help. Still no manager around. Code Blue was announce & discuss with the jewery associated (quick summary of all went down). I was wondering if a manager knew what code blue mean!! Finally, a manager, he directed the jewery associated to hop on a registered to get people out quickly. Really!!!!! I mention the gal needed to be moved out of area before manager came, that is when my cashier said, "the key word", associated was in a "car accident recently". OMG - no one called an ambulance!!! This person could of been having a sezcure, she needed medical help. I went outside to continue watching, a wheelchair was brought. OMG!!! Where the hell is the training as a professional manager who has no clue for medical. By moving that cashier he may have created more damage. I'm not a doctor or nurse. But, the point of responding to emergercy in a timely fashion, plus, not doing the proper procedure in this case. All made me sick! I & the couple in wheelchair, felt our hands were tied. We knew the procedure was not being done correctly. I hope all has not been totally damage for a $7.50 hr job, with no medical benefit. In the future, I hope the management team get medical training and procedures put in place, the next time, may not be a next time for that associated. It will be DOA!!!! Merry Christmas! I hope all find in your hearts that situations like this one does exists which needs to be address, it could be your family member who is next working at a Kohl's!

I just can't believe it. Every time I shop at Kohls, I get asked three times to open a charge account. First the cashiers will say WOULD YOU LIKE TO OPEN A KOHL'S CHARGE ACCOUNT? I say politely NO. They ask ARE YOU SURE? I say NO THANK YOU. They continue to say and insist YOU WILL SAVE 15%. Again, I say NO THANK YOU. What is wrong with this company? Are they trying to get customers like me NOT to return to their stores? I don't appreciate being harasses at the register...just stop. Those poor cashiers, they must hate harassing the customers.

I am soo angry at Kohls Credit Department. I tried to set up a payment program so I would be able to catch up to my payments and keep my account open. Well I called and set up a program and I told William (credit guy) that I would call back and pay on Friday (today) well I called back and the person I spoke to (Fred) told me my account was closed today and i can no longer use it. I asked why if i I'm setting up a program to catch up and he told me that today it was closed. Why didn't William tell me my account was going to be closed today. Don't u think he would have told me u have to pay it earlier to keep it open???!!!! Soo unprofessional!! I will never shop there again!!!

I'm with the others who dislike the black Friday TV commercial. Is your creative team new?should be looked at & appropriate changes made ASAP. Also noticed the voice on tv sales ads has changed. Boring & not as good & vivacious as whoever was doing it for last few years. Bring her back!!! Thank you.

Disgusted with the Online customer service department. My story is too long and too upsetting to retype. They argue and tell you want YOU have to do to rectify THEIR mistakes. That department needs better training, better policies, and better guidance to treat customers right. I have called the corporate office and left a msg. to please return my call. Hopefully, they will rectify the problem.

Your shoes are UGLY, UGLY, UGLY. Plus if you do find something, never have sizes available. I would start at the top of the management pole and work my way down to the bottom and get rid of these people that are so tuned out to what the consumer wants. I am in my fifties and would not wear a shoe from Kohl's if you gave it to me. I also used to buy my grandkids shoes from there and have no idea what happened to the cute shoes you used to have. Not there anymore. Also, your quality of clothing is extremely poor. Very disappointed. I am back to Target.

I am so disgusted with Kohl's right now I can't see straight. My complaint is with the online ordering dept. I purchased two items on 11/25/11. After not receiving a conformation of my order I became concerned. I do most of my shopping online with other stores and I know this is customary. I called the customer service dept. and tried to resolve this issue. I spent $122 on Thanksgiving day while they were running a promotion of Kohl's cash reward , $15 for every $50 you spend. Well I spent over $100 so I assumed I would get the Kohl's cash of $30 sent to me. So far I have not gotten it. I've emailed several times, talked to two different reps on the phone and no one seems to be able to straighten this mess out. They say they send it to my email address so far it has not shown up. I added Kohl's as a contact so my email server would not mistake it for spam.I can't imagine what the problem is in sending it to my email address. I feel really ripped off right now. I will be contacting the corporate office in an attempt to get this resolved. Is this Kohl's cash reward thing a bogus marketing ploy to suck you in and then not make good on what they promise? We'll see what the attorney general has to say if I don't get results.

i have waited 3 months for a 25 dollar return check and have done everything to get it. but still i have not seen it and after this experience i will deff. not be shopping at kohls any longer just because of the poor quality of the customer service. and i definitely think kohl's needs a complaint page for all of us who have to complain and complain to the local kohl's. THIS SHOULDNT HAPPEN TO PEOPLE WHO NEED THE MONEY!

If I could rate Kohl's a 0, I would. My experience started when my purse was stolen and so I had to change my checking account information, and either I transposed some numbers on my online Kohl's payment, or something unknown happened in the transmission. Instead of notifying me that my payment did not go through, they waited a month and then charged me a $25 penalty fee for a returned check. I have never had a bounced check in my 56 years and this was not one either, it was a simple mistake of an incorrect account number that I still am not sure was my fault. When contacting Kohl's, who is the first to insist how customer friendly they are, they refused to acknowledge there was a mistake and event went so far as to LIE TO ME, saying the charge was imposed by by my bank (who would have notifyed me if there was an error, BTW.) I confirmed with the bank that this was NOT true and when calling back, they offered to split the difference with me. Tired of arguing, I reluctantly agreed. Ever since then, I have been getting bills for their half of the $25, plus compounded interest, and repeated calls to their headquarters results in empty promises to correct it and send out a letter, but all I get is more bills. Kohl's, you should be ashamed of yourself for your hypocritical advertising and total ineptitude!!

It is now Saturday but I want to also express my disgust in the deplorable, immoral Kohl's Black Friday TV ad. There were too many WRONGS to go into BUT people do get hurt in store sales by greedy aggressive shoppers and how many of us have had something taken from our store carriage and Kohl's had the nerve and audacity to perpetuate this behavior. SHAME on KOHL'S, really bottom of the barrel LOW CLASS advertising and INSULTING that we consumers would like being potrayed as such.

Our family and friends were shocked when we viewed your Black Friday television ad. Prior to this we really liked Kohl's and shopped at your stores on a regular basis. We could not believe this ad. In this day and age when there is such an entitlement attitude, selfish thinking and violence, we as parents try to set the right example and instill in our children the right attitudes of thinking of others. Evidently Kohl's does believe in supporting these values or that they are important. How sad. Whoever came up with and approved your Black Friday Ad evidently does not have a good sense of what responsible consumers are really about, and that is insulting. You really should be ashamed. The lack of respect shown when the woman puts her hand up in an elderly woman's face to stop her is unbelievable and then she steals something from another woman's cart. We have seen in the news situations on Black Friday where individuals are injured. Your Black Friday Ad really does appear to support this type of shopping behavior. Many, many of us have shopped Kohl's over the years and we have decided we will no longer be shopping at Kohl's. Shame on you for allowing this to air.

I completed a survey not long ago that gave Kohl's a good rating, but after todays experience I am not sure I ever want to return - there are many other stores that offer what Kohl's does if not better. What I felt today was it is this way because we say so - live with it. I do not like the crowds on Black Friday and thus choose not to do direct shopping on that day - I an willing to pay a bit more, but I do return items knowing that in reality the lines should be short so I would be able to get in and out. I went to three other competative stores today parked, did the return and was on my way at each location within 15 minutes. The Kohl's in Cumming, Ga had no such ease - I continue to recover from and accident of two broken ankles, arm along with other health restraints and had to wait in a line along with those buying items for almost 40 minutes. In conversation with an individual I assume was the manager of the store [an employee asked when they would get a break she replied not today - just lunch] I atated that there should be at least one register for returns - no not today and she also stated that Kohl's has a anytime return policy so I could do it another time. Not what I wanted to do. I think too besides displaying a rude manner she was ill prepared in her knowledge - I asked three times for the address of someone to write re the days experience. I was pointed to the counter where she thought the address was - was not. She said she would have to go to the office indicating toward the back of the store - I stated fine. After waiting on another customer she disappeared to a near the register room - about five minutes later she returned and went to the counter behind where I was staning and gave me a form out of forms that were upside down in the holder - and indicated that this is waht I was looking for. It was not - it had no address on the Tell me What You Think form. I think the poor organization today was not only observed by myself as others in line were quite frustrated. I found the behavior of the woman supervisor/manager was poor at best and does not make one have any positive thoughts about wanting to return to Kohl's. I am just one, but do have many friends that I am not sure how I will respond about their questions about shopping at Kohl's.

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