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Why isn't the marketing dept. able to tell time? The Black Friday advert. says the store opens at midnight Thursday...really? That's 12:00 am on Thanksgiving. I know they mean midnight Friday...but why don't they know how wrong they are? At midnight it becomes the next day....Marketing dept. needs to go back to third grade. Does anyone read these comments?

How is it possible you can advertise Black Friday 4 times within a half hour???? I need to see it that much?? Why don't you pay your employees more money or give to the poor. I won't be EVER shopping there again..You obviously have more money than you know what to do with....

You should be ashamed of yourselves for running an ad like the one for Black Friday!!! The picture of the young woman reaching into another persons cart and taking something for her own makes me sick. Our society has enought trouble with its social morays without you advertising it as an acceptable practice. I have no desire to participate in the black friday "festivities" but this ad will go a long way to keepping me out of Kohls stores in general.

How can any modern day store in today's times not be equipped to use debit cards to pay my credit card bill? Was told in store that I could do it online. Drove home tried unsuccessfully to create an online user account. I thought that a good old fashioned real person on the phone might be able to help me pay my bill with a debit card. Wrong! Was told that they are only able to use cash or check. I can log into my bureaucratic ill run government website and in no time pay my water bill with an email confirmation of my payment by debit card. In contrast, a publicly traded corporation is unable to accept a debit card in person,online or by telephone? What kind of sense does that make? Here is a company that can have my credit checked and a credit card issued in my name (for a 15% discount) in 15 seconds while standing at the register. If its about the processing fee I can understand that. If you want to make 21.9% instead of 18% I understand that. But if you want to make shopping and paying my bill more convenient I will more than likely spend more money at Kohl's. Your telephone customer service reps leave a lot to be desired. I felt more upset after talking to them than before. I took the customer service survey afterwards but I could only express my feelings of frustration through a telephone keypad! I guess the IT people that came up with that idea are the same ones who can't figure out how to process debit card payments to pay my credit card bill or adequately set up your website to easily register. Come on Kohl's get with the program spend a little money on your IT department and come into today's times. It is a digital world when processing transactions and a comforting person to person when dealing with customer service.

I had a lovely experience with the sales associate that helped me with online shopping over the phone. She was so very pleasant and seemed more like a friend than anything. She represented Kohls so well. It is employees like her that create dedicated, lifelong customers which i intend to be. I have had numerous positive experiences with the employees at my local Kohls as well. I think it's very important and I just wanted to say thank you, Linda for the great service! Sincerely, a more than satisfied customer.

i thought christmas shopping on line was supposed to be a warm fuzzy affair,what a experience with kohls's!!!placed my order put in all info only to receive a e-mail it was being shipped to wrong address and wrong person!called back took a 1/2 hour to cancel order and re-submit order with every assurance all was well.received another e-mail same scenario,called back got a supervisor and once again another 1/2 hour and assured all was well and the order would come to me the card holder and purchaser.well the same identical order is being sent to me and my niece who i have to inconvience and have her ship it back!!!thats it cutting this card up and doing my shopping at macys where they always get it right the first time.

Kohl's application number 0061188732. I applied for a Kohl's credit card. My credit score is 868. I owe 34,000 on a 200,000 home. I have one credit card that is paid in full each month. I make approximately 70,000 per year and my husband makes approximately 90,000 per year. I was denied a Kohl's credit card. Experian said there was no reason I should have been denied. There was nothing to contest with Experian because I don't owe anything. On the denial letter Kohls said AMOUNT PAID DOWN ON OPEN REAL ESTATE ACCOUNTS IS TOO LOW. My home was completely paid off. I got a little mortgage to remodel. AVAILABLE CREDIT ON OPEN REVOLVING ACCOUNTS IS TOO LOW. I don't charge much, I pay cash. Now, I really don't understand this one. AVERAGE CREDIT AMOUNT ON OPEN REAL ESTATE ACCOUNTS IS TOO LOW. I called my credit union where I got my mortgage to see if there was any thing they needed to do to help me. The credit union said that I had excellent credit and it was CRAZY that we were denied a Kohls card. The credit union had just checked our credit report a couple of months ago. Yes, the credit union said if we would have wanted to borrow 100,000.00 on this mortgage they would have lent it to us with no problem. Last, SUM OF BALANCES ON BANKCARD ACCOUNTS IS TOO HIGH. We do have one card that we use, but it is paid in FULL each month, WE NEVER CARRY A BALANCE OVER TO THE NEXT MONTH, THIS CARD IS PAID IN FULL EACH MONTH EVEN IF THE BALANCE IS $7000.00. Now, the last time I talked to Kohls they said it was my income??? But, they couldn't tell me what they were talkig about pertaining to my income. There are some other department store cards but if used they are paid in FULL each month. I have never asked to up the credit because I DON'T charge that much. I am a responsible 61 year old that has worked hard and ALWAYS paid everything before the due date. I still DO NOT understand why I was denied when I know a person that was given a card that owes a lot of money, does not make much money, and does NOT have good credit. Go figure

I just love Melissa in the corporate office Wisconsin, She is sweet and pleasant and is truly a fan of Kohls and and takes compliments as they were her very own Now she deserves a compliment of her own Kohls, you have a great representative in having Melissa on your staff as well as Mgr Michael Mauro in the Princeton NJ store Thank you A satisfied customer Margherita Ireland

I have been shopping at Kohl's since it opened in our area ( Montgomery County,MD). It is a fabulous store and have had nothing but very positive experiences. My concern is your survey site. There doesn't appear to be any way to mention outstanding service people. Patti and Wackwella in Germantown,MD. are exceptional! With the job market being what it is, outstanding service should be recognized.

I do NOT work for Kohls. All the above comments are CORRECT because I've seen the above happening when I've gone into the store. In my opinion, a stores' credibility is the way THEY handle their employees. The way that CORPORATE HIRES managers or supervisors who are SELFISH, SELF-SERVING, self-centered, power crazy, MEAN, grouchy, disrespectful, people haters, name grabbing liars, AND you name any negative factor that you can, is WHY people don't keep coming back. I personally know of a manager in the Davenport store WHO setup the NEW employee as a thief. She embarrassed the girl in front of other employees by telling her that she would not tolerate shortages in the drawers and that it had better not happen again, WHEN SHE IS THE ONE WHO TOOK THE MONEY and made it look like the employees were doing it.

I worked for kohls for 8 years,then out of no where they fired me just after 1 week from getting a raise and the manager telling what a good job im doing. this is store 77 from wheaton il. ill tell you what happen. i was doing a shoe move(which ever shoe was being moved) and the power went out. it was out for a day in a half. my boss told me to keep moving shoes with a flash light (jackie 304) said that. so i did for a few hours then i returned when they had lights again, which was a tuesday. i moved what i can but it takes a few people and 2 days to move the whole floor. i was on vacation wed, thur, friday and the weekend. no one finish the shoe move so that monday i started moving them again. by myself all week. i had thursday off that week. friday my bosses boss SHERYL MARK came into the store and walked the for with my boss PAT WAGNER. sheryl was mad because some of the shoe shelves were empty. i had the shoes on uboats to make it easier to move the shoes into the right spots. but my boss PAT WAGNER never told her boss i was in a shoe move. because JACKIE304 should of finish that show moved when i was on vacation. PAT WAGNER would of got in trouble for it not being done. and PAT WAGNER had it out for some employees, she said to me herself that she does not like me showing her up. well back on the show move, well pat dont like getting yelled at so she told SHERYL MARK she will take care of the show problem. so that weekend all i did was fill shoes the move never did get done. then that monday PAT WAGNER told me to throw away empty boxes that were laying in the stockroom. i put them in trash bags and never closed the bags and i didnt throw them out until tuesday, and i just sat them down on the dock. the next day i came in and PAT and ADAM the LP at store 77 said i was tossing away a mismate shoe, i told them i didnt do it. this is what i think that PAT had ADAM put the shoe in the trash if it was even in there and say i did it. then they said they have me on tape tossing out alot of mismates, i asked to see the tapes 3 times they said no. then i said to show me the camera in the shoe stockroom they said no. they said ADAMS boss(jason) looked at the tapes, they wouldnt even get him on the phone for me, (because he never seen the tapes) THERE ARE NONE. i told PAT if i have 1 mismate or 100 it wouldnt benefit me at all, so why would i toss any out. i never did. PAT WAGNER just wanted to fire me because i showed her up(which she told me herself) by doing my job. she dosent like having (just a worker) look better then her.. and she does not like getting yelled at by her boss. i am told how bad the shoe dept. is now. that day they lost a very good worker. out of 8 years i only called in sick 2 times never late, and i always did my job.

I got a job at Kohl's.I was so happy I haven't worked a permanent job in two years. I have had many years experience in retail. I also have a degree in Business. I of course jumped at this part time job after my unemployment ended several weeks before they hired me. Otherwise I would have no income. I was scheduled for many hours prior to the store opening then as the weeks went by I was cut down to 4 hours a week. I am not a dumb employee that has no knowledge of how a store should operate. I havent worked since last week and I have a 5 hour shift this week and I am off until next Thurdsay. REALLY!!! I mean how am I going to make them see what kind of employee I am in a five hour shift per week. Not to mention I am customer service and didnt even get to complete the training before the store opened and I lost my supervisor three weeks into the store opening. A supervisor that knew less than me. I just dont understand. I have been looking to work elsewhere but, I can just quit because my work ethics are not to quit. I am a loyal employee that has stayed at many jobs because I felt good about where I worked. Most of the places I worked happened to shut down because the chain closed due to Walmart and Target and big stores have taken over. I like to stand behind where I work. I am seeing poor management, I have asked for help before by so called higher ups and they act like its a burden to help me but, the training was inadequate, Its hard to get experience when your not even there. Its hard to be happy and have the "Yes We Can" attitude when you dont even make enough money to shop there. Its kind of disappointing to me. I miss the old days of stores that actually cared about employees and were fair in scheduling. Must be other people must be better because they have more hours than me. I feel I am being pushed out the door. I am a good employee with good work ethics. I cant even prove it!!!

I am fed up with Kohls, I have shopped there for the last time. I have called, talked to employees, e-mailed and never get anywhere with my issue. I used to get all the mailings, the little catalogs with the 15,20 or 30% and have spent a lot of money at Kohls. Well I no longer receive the mailings, why I don't know. I have asked over and over and no response. I have NOT moved, I DO pay my bill on time, and I just am sick of it. There are many other stores to shop and I will spend my money somewhere else. At least they could repond and give me some satisfaction of why my mailings have stopped. One employee at one of their stores told me it was my mail carrier, it is not. I have spent my last dollar at Kohls. Thanks for listening, I guess I don't EXPECT any reply to this message either. A very disgusted customer.


I had been kohls today as they were having a 50% sale with an additional 15% for seniors. I had purchased a sweater for $23.99 on sale. When I got to the register I also had a $20.00 kohls cash from my previous shopping trip. I figured my sweater should be $23.99 minus the 15% off of $3.60 making it $20.39. I then had my $20.00 kohls cash for $20.00 so I owed .39cents Right? But they equate it by taking the kohls cash off first then the 15% making it that I owe $3.99. That is a very miss leading practice making my kohls cash worth only about $17.00. Thats WRONG!!!

Ok this is really bad customer service. I go to a Kohl's Store in Las Vegas, NV. on Blue Diamond on 10/30/11. Well I tried to apply for a Kohls credit. I filled out the form for it and then cashier asked me to swipe my credit card. I then told her that i don't have money on my card. She then tells me it won't be charged because it's only to verify that it's you. Well low and behold it was charged and I got a fee on my acct. Called the manager and they said that can't do anything it was a mistake. So I as a customer have to pay a $35 fee for that mistake. I just want my money back and they can't do a thing. Wow really this is really not good customer service.

Fair to employee's???? NOT!!!! I am going to send notice to Jennifer Lopez about what kinda company she is adding her name to. Kohls hires part time employees and then treats them unfairly by only scheduling from 4 to maybe 12 hours a week @ 4 hour days. Plus changes those days each week. A person CANNOT live on 12 hrs a week so if the employee manages to get another part time job to help suppliment thier income needs, Kohls management WILL NOT work with the employee by accommondating so that employee can work two jobs. Kohls hires more an more partimers rather than give more hours to those already employed at Kohls. With the economy as it is, fuel prices HIGH...you would think Kohls would have a heart and work with their employee's so they don't end up putting all their income in the fuel tank just to get to and from work. It is soooo sad to see these struggling employees who NEED the job, be treated so unfairly just so some corporate employee (s) can live high on the hog. I DO NOT shop at Kohls for that very reason. Sue Masson Northern Calif.

I returned some items at Kohls in Danbury CT, I don't appreciate her trying to trick me into receiving merchandise credit when I purchased it earlier that day with my credit card. I worked in retail for four years. Stores want people to take merchandise credit because it makes them more likely to come back. However, they should not be TRICKING people into receiving it. Had I not know this fact, I wouldn't have gotten refunded on my credit card, which I'm still waiting to be refunded in my bank account. Naturally they managed me to charge me for my two purchases that day but not the refund also processed on the same day.

I would like if anyone in the world can help me with a serious problem I would like to contact the CEO of kohls and talk to them about a very very very serious issue that is happening at one of their kohls if anyone gets any lead to help me out I would gladly appreciate it. God bless you.

I use to work for Kohl's in the late 90's when they first expanded to the east cost. They had a program called Idea's Make a Difference. This program allowed employees to give ideas to the corperate office and if the idea was used the associate would get a percentage of the savings the idea made. I submited an idea for electrocnic signage when I worked for them. I left the company in the early 2000's and they switched over to electronic sinage shortly after and I haven't seen one cent for the creative inovated idea I had submitted. I feel used by them and am very upset. It is a shame that they can steal ideas and act as if they did things on their own.

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