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I have gone to the black Friday at k-mart now for a couple of years. Last year it was good. People were friendly and things were there. This year the add was out in the morning of thanksgiving day. The add said there was a tv for $88 which is great. It just said opens at eight. I went and stood in line for an hour, which is also fine. When we got inside and went to the tv department there were no tvs out. We asked someone where they were and they said that we were supposed to have come in the morning to get a piece of paper saying we got a tv. That was not in the add. There was nothing saying that we were supposed to show up early in the morning to get a piece of paper and then go back at eight to get the tv. I thought that was really messed up that people waited in line for that and then told differently. To me that is false. There was no organization and no honesty in the add. Pretty sad. Thank you Tavia

Horrible experience

I ordered some items online to pick up in the store.. Here's my first issue.. Email stated to pick up in Layaway. I go and wait on line for 20 minutes. I am next and the Gentleman behind the counter says oh you have to pick up in Customer Service, I don't know why they tell you layaway. I can forward you my email as it stated that!! Second I am trying to find the restoom. Nowhere are there signs telling you where to go. I am circling and eventually found an employee and she points me in the right direction (BAD THAT THERE ARE NO SIGNS) I take my 6 yr old daughter in and after he washed her hands she dries them and discards the paper towels into what looked like a puke infested garbage pail. It was so nasty that my daughter was gagging.. Someone needs to renovate that nasty bathroom and keep the garbage pails clean!! My third and FINAL mishap was I finally made it to Customer Service, but waited about 30 minutes because the rep had to help a cashier with someone who just applied for a credit card. Then they called over another associate then finally a Manager so there were 4 people helping this customer with a credit card as the line in customer service got longer... FINALLY I was waited on and left. The people were nice there just CLUELESS!!!! I needed to let Corporate know what went on in this store. Thanks Hope I see changes or I won't be back!

On Black friday I went to the Wabash store in Baltimore City it was quiet and everything advertised was in the store I was so pleased.until I reached the register where a very unpleasant cashier gave bad service, wanted to argue about some pillows that were marked down, called the manager for an over-ride and had a very unprofessional attitude during the entire sale. i frequent this location and practically know most of the staff by name but this young lady was new and rude. I was at another store for Black Friday it was so bad I left and was glad about my sales at K Mart until I met this young lady, no greetin, no thank you for coming or did you find everything. Where did plain good customer service go?

poor customer service

I ordered online and my order went through - then I received an email about 1 hour later stating that they were so sorry and please forgive them but it wouldn't be possible to fulfill my order. Then I found the item in the store, but the black friday sale had ended and the price had doubled - I was having my order shipped to the store - I don't see why it couldn't be filled by the store and why after I informed them of the problem I was told they could not honor the previous price. This is poor, poor, poor customer service. I do not plan to shop at Kmart in the future. It is not poor service on a local level, but on a corporate level.

terrible return policy

I received an outfit as a gift purchased at the KMart in Oak Lawn IL. It didn't fit and was not given the receipt with the gift. They would not let me exchange or get store credit, stating it was against store policy to accept any returns/exchanges without a receipt. Every other major chain store in this area will at least give a store credit, so I think this is just unacceptable. Telling everyone I know to skip shopping at Kmart. No wonder they are going out of business!

crappy service

place order they cancelled my order and then took a long time to give refund and then would not give me any discounts on next purchase

Terrible - Shopping on Black Friday

Friday ("Black Friday") I and a friend went looking for exercise equipment. I recalled buying something at the KMart at a local KMart/Sears store years earlier and we went there. I bought the model advertised online as "3.0" and having 2 different degrees of incline. On getting it home and constructing the unit - it turns out it does not offer incline options, and the Sunday paper is now selling the same model for $30 less than my purchase 2 days ago on Black Friday. However, I'm told that because I bought it from that store, it doesn't matter if it's not what was advertised, or if KMart is advertising it for $30 less - that I bought it on clearance and therefore I have no options. I've heard lots of complaints against Sears/KMart, even making the local news, as to their lack of business ethics - and I should have paid more attention to the warnings. Even if you see "Store Closing" and "Clearance", if it's a national chain store, you expect that the clearance prices will actually be better than the store's regular advertised sale price, and you expect that what they're advertising "2-position incline" will actually be backed up so that if it does not actually provide such, you'll be allowed to trade for one that does, or get a refund, etc - even if from a different store not closing - since the purchase was made in good faith. The "Store Closing" manager tried to convince me it was probably just a different model - that the model number doesn't mean all under that number are the same models (which is ridiculous) - the model is the same number as advertised. She further made clear that my agreement (although I didn't agree to this) when I signed on the line was that what I got I got. What I got was ripped off, and for $30 more at clearance than the rest of the company is charging for non-clearance. Unbelievable

early thanksgiving morning

Me and a friend, my mother in law ,and others went to kmart for the thanksgivings deals .My friend went to the store in Plymouth MI very early to insure that we got our deals she took 4 teenagers with her so that we could line swap when i got there with the rest of our friends and family .There was 5 people behind us became who upset when we came,We explained that the teenagers where only holding our place and that they where not buying tvs, everyone was ok with this.At 530 am the manager of the store started passing out tickets but refused to give us all one stating that one per house hold we offered to show id to prove we did not live at the same address but she still refused us .My problem with this is we stood in line in the cold for over 8 hrs just to be refused because she assumed we all lived at the same house .Most of us did not live in the same city or state .


On Sunday, November 25, 2012, I drove 42 mi to the nearest K-Mart to pick up my layaway. Upon arriving at the layaway counter, the employee informed me that the computers were down and could not get my layaway out. No signs had been posted on the entrance of store nor did I receive an e-mail informing me of this. The employee stated the computers had been down for 2.5 hrs. The emplyee stated, "Oh well, you'll just have to come back later like I told this other customer today, and she drove alot further than you did". The employee then directed me to the service desk at the front of the store, stating the computer there might be working. When I went to the customer service desk, the employee said, "Who sent you here for this?" I told her the layaway employee and upon hearing that, she turned to the phone and called overhead speaker for that employee to call her. The phone almost instantly rang and when she answered it she said, "don't have customers come up here for that, it can't be done from this computer!" The emloyee then said for me to go to the jewlery counter and the compter there may be working, so I went to the jewlery counter to ask for help. The employee there stated the computers were down and they were in India is what the delay was. She said my payment to get my layaway out was over $300.00. I told her it should only be a little over $100.00 and then she said did you make a payment online? Thankfully, I had kept my receipt showing my payments and the payoff amount due. I showed it to her and then somehow, after typing on computer more, she found the accurate amount. I was able to make the payoff at the jewelry counter. I will never shop at K-Mart ever again and will tell eveyone of my experience there. Not only will I never shop there again, but my mother was with me during this whole experiece and witnessed the rudeness and unprofessional attitudes of the employees. Never, not one time, did any of them apoligize for my inconvience, nor did I get a thankyou for shopping there. I feel I just got the run a round and treated rudely.

Horrible Service

I went to a black Friday event, i sat in line from 9pm the night before until 6am opening time just to find out no matter how long i was lined up for i would not have recieved anything electronics that was advertised. They had advertised a 32' tv for $97 and only had a total of 4 televisions to sell the day of the event. they also had android tablets advertised for $39 and only had 8 of them to sell, it was absolutely ridiculous and to top it off the night of when everyone was lined up at 11pm the entire area turned pitch black dark. i will never shop at kmart again due to falsse advertisement and extremely horrible customer service.

Employee Compliment

I encountered a wonderful representative of Kmart today while shopping at the Colonie, NY store. I was looking for electric scooters and a Kenmore vacuum. A young man named Ramen (not sure of spelling) was helping others in the toy dept. and came to help me as well. He went above and beyond, getting me a larger cart, lifting heavy items into it and offering to deliver to my car. When I could not find the vacuum, and the service desk employee didn't know where it was, this same boy came and knew exactly where it was (not in the normal aisle). His calming smile, and willingness to help on Black Friday was very moving. He is management material! Thank you.

Thanksgiving sale

I am very disappointed in your thanksgiving sale. We stood in line at 3:00am for the 6am sale. We were 29th in line. Tickets were handed out at 5:30.. And there were only 7 tickets for the 42" TV!! What a terrible advertisement for kmart to have with such a limited quantity. Customers should have been informed the amount so we didn't stand there and freeze! And not only that, but there were no tickets handed out for ANY products to anyone behind me. 6 tablets, 10 24" inch tvs, such a scam! And people were handed more than one tickets for multiple products! Didn't even give anyone else a chance!

Black Friday

Went to K Mart at 7:30 and stood in line waiting for them to open at 8:00pm to purchase a Tv that was advertised to be sold at 8:00PM. Well come to find out when we got in the store you had to have a ticket which they gave out at 5:00 pm that evening. NOBODY bother to tell the people in the line this. This is TOTAL false advertising and this was not mentioned in the ad AT ALL. Kmart just lost a customer.

online orders

i purchased two tablets online not only did they sell my product and i paid for it they canceled my order and didnt even contact me about it KMART STORE ON E COLFAX IN AURORA CO

black friday

Went to kmart tonight on thursday for the sale that started at 8 pm was there at 5 they hand out vouchers at 7pm for t.v's the people from the back off the line went up there and got the vouchers and cut like 10 people told the lady that hand out the vouchers and she didnt care. she handed 4 VOUCHERS to 1 lady in the front of the line to very disapointed with how this was done and how it was handle.

Black friday experience...

I just wanted to inform some of you about my experience this evening at the Kmart located on Tuscawilla Road, in Florida. First of all, Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales are supposed to be fun an exciting.People get in lines early to stock up on good deals and some will wait in rain, snow, hail, or sleet in order to get a promotional product. With that said, I decided to wait in line with my mother to get a few TV's from this location. We arrived at approx. 4pm and when we got there there were exactly 9 people in front of us. As the night went on, we noticed that the people at the very front of the line kept getting visitors who stayed throughout the wait. By this time it was about 5:25pm and I proceeded to call the store and ask what their polices were for the line when it cam e to the tickets that were to be handed out before the 8pm opening. I proceed to tell the "security" about the line-cutting situation and they un-caringly told me to handle it myself or call Seminole county police. Time continues to pass and the front of the line continued to grow. When employees and managers started entering the store my mother spoke with both and employee and manager about the ongoing situation and they said that they did not have anything to do with what happened outside. It finally came time to receive ticket vouchers and we notified the managers of the situation prior to them handing anything out, Not only did we speak up, but about 30 other people whom were in line, both in front of us and in back, were very unhappy as well, because they waited in the freezing cold too. The manager looked directly at my mother, after she was informed of the the line situation, and rudely shouted "I don't care, I an starting the ticket hand out here." Then people started to get irate because they knew that this was wrong. At this point it was not about the merchandise, it was about the experience and customer service that the managers had provided for their black friday guests. After being told that they had nothing to do with what went on outside of the store, them manager proceeded to call the police, but not before handing all the people who cut in line tickets. As people were shoving one another and trying to explain what the situation was, the manager ignored everyone and stated that she " did not care, nor was she going to do anything about it," and continued on with further rude and snide remarks. I personally will never shop at this location, nor any Kmart location again. The way this manager handled this particular event was not only unprofessional, but unfair, and unethical. People know that they may not have a chance to redeem particular merchandise therefore they wait long hours in order to ensure that they have played their part, when something as evident as this situation occurs, it is the managers responsibility to take charge and see to it that the situation is rectified. Whats right is right and whats wrong is wrong. This manager was wrong on all accounts and I hope that the Kmart corporation values their customers more than this, because you have lost 2 for life, and I don't know how many more after this event. SHAME ON YOU.

Thanksgiving Day Sale

This was the most dishearting experiance of my life. We got to the store at 4am to wait for the store to open to get the tv for 98.00 their were 58 people in line in front of us . wating in the cold is not fun. then the manager of the binghamton ny store comes out and starts handing out papers for people to get the electronics that are on sale. people who were in line were saving places for others so there were about 100 people before us so we could not get a tv as with the papers they were all gone. no crowd control at all. this is not the way to do business

Called and talked with Customer Service today. I love K Mart but the customer service needs a lot of work. I asked a simple question. If you pick an item up off LayAway and the item is now on sale do they adjust the price for you. "2" Different reps could not answer this question. What was really disturbing is they just hung up on me.... I am an avid customer of K-Mart and was planning to buy a stand up freezer form them.... Its pretty evident they don't want my business. So I am going to buy it from Best Buy where the employees DO CARE....


i know what wrong with kmart it been coming for years.Like to sit down with the ceo or direct mgr.I know i can revive kmart name.I have talk to a lot of kmart customer it can be fixed with a lot of hard work.thamk you for your time.[example take roseburge oregon store in 3 month it can turn a profit allso in idaho and ontanio oregon] my e-mail is wildman712@yahoo.com be glad to talk to you any time in person.

I purchases two types of jeans at the begining of the fall,1 pair @ $18.99 and the second @ 9.99 on sale. I tried to return them tonight and was told , if they were on sale within the last 90 days, I would only receive the return of those sale prices. Bad policy anyway! This is the Fitchburg Massachusetts store. They gave me a store credit for $12.38. I was really upset and asked for the manager. He came and I said that was a bad policy and I wanted my money back. He said "No" emphatically . He said nothing else. I said if they are going to tell me when I return them , I should be told of such a poor policy when I bought them - and I wasn't. His reply, "You should have read the back of the reciept"! He was the short bold homley man! We'll he shouild read this! That is a poor excuse for managment! Can you say, "customer service? " I will never shop at K-Mart again and will tell anyone I can about this treatment!

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