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Black Friday

Went to K Mart at 7:30 and stood in line waiting for them to open at 8:00pm to purchase a Tv that was advertised to be sold at 8:00PM. Well come to find out when we got in the store you had to have a ticket which they gave out at 5:00 pm that evening. NOBODY bother to tell the people in the line this. This is TOTAL false advertising and this was not mentioned in the ad AT ALL. Kmart just lost a customer.

online orders

i purchased two tablets online not only did they sell my product and i paid for it they canceled my order and didnt even contact me about it KMART STORE ON E COLFAX IN AURORA CO

black friday

Went to kmart tonight on thursday for the sale that started at 8 pm was there at 5 they hand out vouchers at 7pm for t.v's the people from the back off the line went up there and got the vouchers and cut like 10 people told the lady that hand out the vouchers and she didnt care. she handed 4 VOUCHERS to 1 lady in the front of the line to very disapointed with how this was done and how it was handle.

Black friday experience...

I just wanted to inform some of you about my experience this evening at the Kmart located on Tuscawilla Road, in Florida. First of all, Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales are supposed to be fun an exciting.People get in lines early to stock up on good deals and some will wait in rain, snow, hail, or sleet in order to get a promotional product. With that said, I decided to wait in line with my mother to get a few TV's from this location. We arrived at approx. 4pm and when we got there there were exactly 9 people in front of us. As the night went on, we noticed that the people at the very front of the line kept getting visitors who stayed throughout the wait. By this time it was about 5:25pm and I proceeded to call the store and ask what their polices were for the line when it cam e to the tickets that were to be handed out before the 8pm opening. I proceed to tell the "security" about the line-cutting situation and they un-caringly told me to handle it myself or call Seminole county police. Time continues to pass and the front of the line continued to grow. When employees and managers started entering the store my mother spoke with both and employee and manager about the ongoing situation and they said that they did not have anything to do with what happened outside. It finally came time to receive ticket vouchers and we notified the managers of the situation prior to them handing anything out, Not only did we speak up, but about 30 other people whom were in line, both in front of us and in back, were very unhappy as well, because they waited in the freezing cold too. The manager looked directly at my mother, after she was informed of the the line situation, and rudely shouted "I don't care, I an starting the ticket hand out here." Then people started to get irate because they knew that this was wrong. At this point it was not about the merchandise, it was about the experience and customer service that the managers had provided for their black friday guests. After being told that they had nothing to do with what went on outside of the store, them manager proceeded to call the police, but not before handing all the people who cut in line tickets. As people were shoving one another and trying to explain what the situation was, the manager ignored everyone and stated that she " did not care, nor was she going to do anything about it," and continued on with further rude and snide remarks. I personally will never shop at this location, nor any Kmart location again. The way this manager handled this particular event was not only unprofessional, but unfair, and unethical. People know that they may not have a chance to redeem particular merchandise therefore they wait long hours in order to ensure that they have played their part, when something as evident as this situation occurs, it is the managers responsibility to take charge and see to it that the situation is rectified. Whats right is right and whats wrong is wrong. This manager was wrong on all accounts and I hope that the Kmart corporation values their customers more than this, because you have lost 2 for life, and I don't know how many more after this event. SHAME ON YOU.

Thanksgiving Day Sale

This was the most dishearting experiance of my life. We got to the store at 4am to wait for the store to open to get the tv for 98.00 their were 58 people in line in front of us . wating in the cold is not fun. then the manager of the binghamton ny store comes out and starts handing out papers for people to get the electronics that are on sale. people who were in line were saving places for others so there were about 100 people before us so we could not get a tv as with the papers they were all gone. no crowd control at all. this is not the way to do business

Called and talked with Customer Service today. I love K Mart but the customer service needs a lot of work. I asked a simple question. If you pick an item up off LayAway and the item is now on sale do they adjust the price for you. "2" Different reps could not answer this question. What was really disturbing is they just hung up on me.... I am an avid customer of K-Mart and was planning to buy a stand up freezer form them.... Its pretty evident they don't want my business. So I am going to buy it from Best Buy where the employees DO CARE....


i know what wrong with kmart it been coming for years.Like to sit down with the ceo or direct mgr.I know i can revive kmart name.I have talk to a lot of kmart customer it can be fixed with a lot of hard work.thamk you for your time.[example take roseburge oregon store in 3 month it can turn a profit allso in idaho and ontanio oregon] my e-mail is wildman712@yahoo.com be glad to talk to you any time in person.

I purchases two types of jeans at the begining of the fall,1 pair @ $18.99 and the second @ 9.99 on sale. I tried to return them tonight and was told , if they were on sale within the last 90 days, I would only receive the return of those sale prices. Bad policy anyway! This is the Fitchburg Massachusetts store. They gave me a store credit for $12.38. I was really upset and asked for the manager. He came and I said that was a bad policy and I wanted my money back. He said "No" emphatically . He said nothing else. I said if they are going to tell me when I return them , I should be told of such a poor policy when I bought them - and I wasn't. His reply, "You should have read the back of the reciept"! He was the short bold homley man! We'll he shouild read this! That is a poor excuse for managment! Can you say, "customer service? " I will never shop at K-Mart again and will tell anyone I can about this treatment!

I Called Kmart About A Matter and Was Transferred To a Customer Service Supervisor she was very rude then I called the kmart corporate office why did I get another rude person she was crazy! The lady said that she could not understand what I wanted when I already told her what I wanted when I first called. I was making a complaint about an supervisor at a kmart about the same treatment I was getting from her at corporate wow....scratching my head hmm that was a weird experience the lady hung up on me! Fortunately another lady helped me at corporate she was kind, patient & understanding unlike the other 2 women that gave me nothing but bad phone presence & stress and the terrible corporate lady need to look for a new job before she gets fired boy she was a meanie! I called back and got an angel to help me what a relief it was not the mean woman. well she helped solve the problem and put a smile on my face! :)

I bought a pair of Route 66 brand slippers at the Grass Valley CA K-Mart. I will be returning them today because THEY ARE DANGEROUS! The made in China plastic soles are SO slippery on non-carpet floors they pose a severe threat of slipping and falling. This product should be removed from the shelves IMMEDIATELY! Meanwhile, be careful what you buy.

I have given you feedback earlier, I want to make sure you get this so I am going to write it again. I cannot believe you are selling "Michael Vicks" new book if you can call it that, instead of the piece of trash that it clearly is. I go to your store for things I cannot find anywhere else but when I saw this I walked right out the front door. Nearby Target and Wal*mart do NOT sell this trash like you do to make a dollar. I was highly disgusted and offended and will not be shoping at your store or Sears every again. I will not step foot in your parking lot. Have a little class in what you carry for product. I have worked for dept. stores in the past and still work for one now and we would never carry this garbage. I did not bother to say anthing to management because they give such poor customer service that I doubt that would even know or care what they were carrying. You guys should have went out of business a long time ago but, of course, Sears save your pathetic chain of stores. Also, the K-Mart I went to is located in Plattsburgh, Ny 12901

I spent 500.00 at Kmart for part of xmas. As I was at the register paying I asked if they take military discount and I had the 10Percent on line coupon code from military .com with a code and my military I>D> card and was roudly told by the front end cashier they do not take it and I asked why was it posted on military.com that they will till Jan 1 2013 and showed my printed paper with code and the employee at the service desk said that they never have taken it and if I had a problem with it to call the corporate office. And she also said people are always scamming as if I was trying to get over on her. I am shocked at the way they handle this. If Kmart dosent except it was are they listed on military .com . If Kmart does take it you need to inform the store employees.

After spending 400.00 for xmas I asked the cashier if they accept Military discount with my Kmart discount coupon in hand with the code and proper military I.D.. She said they have never accepted it and it was a scam. She then went over to custmor service and the worker there was rude and said if I had a problem with it to call the number above that was listed. Why would this be posted on Military .com that the store takes the military discount until Jan 2013 for Sears and Kmart I even had the printed coupon and code. And for the store to be so rude. It just seems Kmart has alot a low end employees that are not well trained in customer service. If they dont take military discount fine. But if they do and they are not informed I would say let the military know you are willing to take the 10 percent might help with a better xmas season with the thousand upon thousands of military familys out there. I only went to the store because of the discount otherwise it would have been Walmart. Get with it Kmart.

An assistant manager at your sandusky, michigan store targets mainly a certain employee very rude and uncalled for, in her position. There is no need to completely yell at the employees whenever she feels like it. If there is problem they should sit down and talk to them. Its not the first time it has happened and they need to figure out there rules as a group and stick to them, not changing them every few days and not telling the employees the policies. Then yelling at them when they keep changing the rules that the employees dont know that affect them too. Something needs to change

I do agree that Kmart has gone to the dirt. I returned a pay as you go phone and card on the same day. The phone would not work I returned it to W. Washington St. In Indianapolis. The manager would not give me my money back for the card even after he talk to the manufacture and clearly stating for me to return to the store. I agree these close and regroup on handling customer service issue. I dont see a future for this company with the poor customer service that I hear and what I have experience as a customer myself.

I tried to order something on line for over an hour and everytime I tried to check out the screen told me that there was nothing in my cart. I have never had this problem before when ordering on line. You need to fix your web page.

bad service

Not a fan of Kmart in Danville Illinois. They sold my sister a breast pump, when she took it out of the package it had clearly already been used. Not only is it disgusting that they let people bring back that back, but to not even check it out before putting it back on the shelf? They are refusung to let her exchange it for a bee one!

Just got back from Kmart and cant believe what just happened the manager was very hostel after a misunderstanding about a order of pizza and I had to wait additional time no problem for that but then the manager pulls a not our fault that your pizza was given away and when i asdk for my money back he walks briskly to the cash register and grabs the money out of the register and pulls the pizza out of my hand and TOSSES IT and i mean litterly tosses it in the back he throws it! I thought I was in the twilight show where freak things happen i will never go back to ths kmart seen as hostel and unfriendly this manager was he was hostel like when a friend makes you feel like you are not wanted in the store i keeped my cool throughout the confrentation and employs where even shocked with his behavioral as im a normal visitor to this store and most employs know me and are quite friendly with me calling me by my name etc when i told the worker about what happened on my way out they where in shock! they saw the whole thing and just could not be any more sorry for me on his behavior

I went to Kmart today and found a set of jumper cables that had a clarence tag on the box for $5.00, when i went to check out they said they should not have been marked that and would not sell them to me for that price. Althought they did offer a 10% discount which was nothing. It seems to me that no matter what if they are marked with a price tag on the item then they should be sold for that amount.

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