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I went to Kmart today and found a set of jumper cables that had a clarence tag on the box for $5.00, when i went to check out they said they should not have been marked that and would not sell them to me for that price. Althought they did offer a 10% discount which was nothing. It seems to me that no matter what if they are marked with a price tag on the item then they should be sold for that amount.


I just applied to the Kmart located in Paradise, Ca. I followed the instructions given to me in regards to following up with my application. I spoke to Melissa of the HR Department who told me that there were 3 levels given on the essesment test, green, yellow, and red. I was told I was in the yellow catagory, and they only hire those in the green catagory at this particular location. I found that very hard to believe. I have back ground in cashiering, computer skills, and customer service. I owned my own shop which all these skills were needed. I was an administrative assistant to the CEO of a corporation as well. While living here in this town, I was a member of the Ambassadors for the Paradise Chamber of Commerce which at that time was given the award of Ambassador of the year. So after speaking to Melissa of HR she said if I wanted I could speak to someone in management position, at that point I said yes I would like that. A woman who identified herself as Angie and Assistant Manager for this location came on and told me Corporation made all the decisions that they had no control over any of the applications submited. At that point I felt I was not being told the truth, I imformed them I had worked for a large corporation before and there lines they were giving me came from there handbook, at that point I told them I felt it was age discrimination being that I am 56 my answers to the essesment test could not have been off by that much. I was informed that it could not have had anything to do with my age that they had a 84 year old working there. Once again I found that hard to believe I shop at this location all the time at different times of the day and evening in all the departments and not once have a ever seen anyone anywhere near that age working there. I am not a dummy I know what snowjob sounds like when I hear it. There management there needs to do an essement on themselves, and they should check the people who work there with periodical essement tests to stay imformed of all the employees way of working and thinking if it is the reason for them working there in the first place. I am truely disapointed with the out come of this application, even though I was told I could reapply in 180 days. I was honest to all my answers so what would change? nothing, therefore my next step is to right a compliant for discrimination and pursue this matter to the fullest. I fill after reading all the other reviews prior to mine and I have, I feel I have know other choice but to consult my attorny in this matter.

when my wife and i went to purchase shoes at your dale mabry location we found that one of your sale tags was misleading and pointed it out to your sales associate in that area and your customer service asociate at the front. we were told that people had been making that mistake all day. when we showed them the sign was illegible and that print was behind numbers they told us that was the price and refuse to help. if your ad is misleading which obviously it was by amount of previous complaints or if the tag says mens or womens but the fine print points out only one model which is only female then this is a bait and switch tactic. i have never been treated so poorly by a sales assoc, a cust service agent and a mgr. i will not do business in your store again and will tell everyone i know to do the same

Not only is the Pleasant Hill Ca store absolutely the worst store I have ever went into K-MARTS customer service phone app is even worse I was put on hold several times and then told that the store manager in Pleasant Hill Ca would be calling me to go over what happened WHAT !! do they really think that I want to speak with someone over the phone who speaks so little english that you can barely understand them face to face I DONT THINK SO what a joke , I will never shop K-MART again and SEARS may also lose my business, when will these stores learn that as customers we have choices and one choice is where we shop ! DONE DONE DONE DONE AND ANGRY

We bought our wedding set from KMART...the lady asked if we wanted the extended warranty. No why would we, buying a $1300 wedding set for just my rings you would thing they would last. NO!!! My entire Diamond setting came off and we have only had them just over 5 months. How are you going to sell such crap!!?? I will never buy from Kmart again!!!

I have been shopping at the Pleasant Hill California store for over 20 years now and the last two times I was there the service was terrible and the line was long with only one checker , the fnal straw for me was when I asked if they were opening aother line and the employeed answered me agressivly in a language the seemed to be arabic of some sort ( not english ) then turned his back walked to the door and lit a cigarette ! so we went to the handicapped register and a young man behind the register held up a ballcap andsaid I am waiting on someone else , THERE WAS NO ONE THERE , (I am severly handicapped due to an injury and most daye cannot walk so this is unexcusuable I WILL NEVER SHOP K-MART AGAIN I have been a loyal customer but if you employed peoplewho actually caredabout their jobs you would not be loosing customers by the droves, WALMART IS ONLY 3 MILES AWAY sinc Steven L Hannah Stevenhannah@rocketmail.com

They tried to tell me they do not take internet coupons! So I have an email through kmart saying, yes there suppose to be taking them! So well see what happens when I go in there, and I show them the letter lol. Blaine, MN

I just want to know if a new kmart is being built at hollywood plaza salisbury downs.

I was on the phone for hour! No one answered my call for hardware! This a very poor store! Thats for Target I had the help I needed! Wont be back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello Target. Thanks for no help!

You know what Kmart should be closed down, one for not having the proper management that they should have and two for being just such a dirty company to work for if you are young. My daughter worked there for as long as she could, and then they ended up firing her saying her cash drawer was 30.00 short, lol funny that I have several parents that say that their kids was fired for the same amount. Now you tell me who is stealing from the company and is pinning it on the younger ones......My daughter was talked to and treated like a criminal and I dont like it one bit. The managers there are so rude and hateful, but I assure you they are getting paid for nothing seeing as how they are stealing out of the cash drawer and blaming it on the young workers. I just hope you know that since then my daughter got her another job making more than your managers that you employee and it just goes to show that God will take care of his own. I hope the rumor is true that Kmart will close soon, because without proper management the store can not be run the way that it should, and I think its a shame that you can just keep sweeping it all under the rug, as I have seen in other posts here. How many more complaints do you need to have before something is done, is what I would like to know.

Have visited the K-Mart in Jasper Alabama many times. There are so many nice employees at this location. Every time I have been in this store I have had nothing but EXCELLENT customer service.

My son filled out an application online for a job at Kmarts at NE 163 street in North Miami Beach, after he finished the application, it said to pick a date and time because it requested it for the interview and he did, he went that day which was Friday and they told him the manager was not there at that time so they told him to call the next day he did, and again they said she was not there. He went on Monday at 1:30pm to see the manager and again they told him she was not there, so they told him to call her the next day to see if she will be in. I ask the cashier if the manager will be in the next day and her response to me is that she did not know so I told her that my son kept calling and they keep telling him that she is not in, so I ask if they knew her schedule and the cashier said no. That means that when he calls the next day they will tell him the same bs. So why is there no manager at Kmart on NE 163rd Street North Miami Beach?

The Kmart located in Gaithersburg, MD is terrible. There is never enough checkout personnel and the credit card/debit card device is always broken. The store is mess and most items don't have the price listed for them at the display area. I'm always having to find price scanner and most of them are broken. the store is so unorganized, untidy, and under stocked. The Blue Light items are broken, partially items and never displayed properly. The staff are rude and disrespectful and don't want to work. I am just really unhappy with this store and I shopped there all the time, but not anymore.

I had a layaway at kmart. i went to make an online payment of $75.00 and it came out of my bank account 11 times!!! 8 days later, i am STILL trying to get my money back. No one knows anything and just keep giving me the run around! needless to say, I put my layaway up at walmart and am done with kmart!!

Today I had the worst experence than at any store. The team of manager nhave Know Kowelege of what they are doing. Please call me at 706-796-9631.

i was at the mt vernon, il 62864 kmart location today. i had several coupons and many were for the glade deals. had several of the glade expressions coupons for the mist and only 2 of the oil diffuser kits were in stock on the shelf. so i purchased a few more items too and had lots of additional items. when she went to scan my coupons the first problem was the $5 off $50 coupon, it didnt scan and then somebody even came over and said no you cant use any other coupons with this coupon. so i was fine with that and it wasn't too big of a deal. a friend gave it to me and i had never used one of those before but she said she got it in the store or mailed to her, i can't remember exactly what she said. then i had one of the coupons that print out like a catalina i believe they are called, from the machine thing and they did not want to scan. and then said off any purchase, no limit or minimal purchase amount or limitations were included or stated. so the other lady let it go and said i guess thatll be fine. i also had a coupon that printed out and said i get 10,000 bonus points if i redeemed my points on my card. and nobody knew how to do that, they never do, ive NEVER been able to use my points, so im not sure why i even have them or they tell me i do. so she scanned the coupon thing and no i didnt get any bonus points or get my points on my card redeemed. then she proceeded to scan the glade expression coupons, etc. the $ off ones and buy one get one free coupons. there was an issue with one, saying she could only take off 3.49 and it didnt want to scan. and i told her no, there should be been for the oil diffuser ones too, not just the mist. she couldn't look to see what coupons she scanned because she was sticking them in the drawer after scanning each one, many people do not do this until after all coupons are scanned i have noticed, so im not sure why she was doing that and i could have corrected the error then and there, but she said no i cant open the drawer or get the coupons saying they were all the same and could only be for the 3.99 max value. so i paid the amount at the register, knowing it should have been less...so i proceeded to then go to the customer service desk. there was somebody in line being waited on and was fine on waiting, i mean i hadnt been there even a minute then an older lady came over and asked if there was a problem and i proceeded to tell her the issue and that my order was more than it shouldve been etc, that the one coupon was wrong or basically the wrong amount wasnt taken. then she started arguing with me and started to raise her voice and got snappy and hasty with me and i was trying to explain and ask what could be done and she was pretty much like no your wrong we cant do that, you have to re-ring the whole thing etc. she had me pretty mad and i thought she was a person of higher management or a manager the way she came over and asked me a question, etc about why i came over there, etc. i still dont know what her role was and she just made it worse and had me pretty fired up and upset and mad. i was getting very flustered. i simply asked if i could talk to a manager or somebody else. and they came over saying you have to do the whole thing again, etc. she too seemed a bit mad too at first, but then she quickly changed the tone. and then i said well how about i just return that item, that i didnt give the right coupon for and then they look at receipt and said no its on there. and i said no, they are on sale for buy one get one free and then i also had the coupon for buy one get one free. i said just give me my money, back ill return that, i mean i had been in there for quite some time and took awhile to check out with all the issues first before the buy one get one free issue and i was ready to go and done. i was upset and mad. and felt like i was wrong and felt just very upset about the whole deal and was ready to go. i feel i wont be shopping there soon, though i do have some coupons that printed out due to my purchase, that expire next week. but i cant even begin to think ill be back there regularly anymore. i dont think that one lady first resolved or tried to resolve my problem adn im not sure if she knew what she was doing or really why i was being yelled at or anything. my words are probably getting a little tangled too but i am now getting upset about it and customer service at other retailers and competitors are not this way and work to work out your issue or problem and is a main reason i was getting angry, that they were even trying to solve it or do it in a simple easy fashion. i have never had such trouble at places like kroger or walmart and their customer service is pretty good and on top of things. they have never yelled and me and always resolved my issues, ALWAYS> im sure if the lady, and i didnt catch her name, i really should have, but i didn't feel i needed to be taken out for the deal. im done and get worked up about it and i shouldve have noted much or maybe i should have let it be, but that little bit of money i shouldve saved was a little bit of money i could have used, etc. and it was an error i guess it was my fault, but i thought, it was an easy fix and im sorry for making a mistake.

Dear K-mart I had a layaway with your Parkersburg W Va south side store. I have never had a problems with the layaway dept if I was going to be late I always called to make arangments to when I was going to pay and or pick up So I sent some one to cancell a layaway for me since I was in the hospital and could not be there to either pay or pick it up but then I get a call from my friend and she told me not only did I loose my layaway but all the money I had pd on it no thanks to k-mart. I WIIL NEVER EVER deal with k-mart again I don't care how cheap the item is I would now pay more to keep away from your stoes. So it looks like Wlamart has my businesses once again even though I got to pay cash its well worth it now. Oh and I can't wait for a Target store come to South side and see k-mart close. I had always liked k-mart but in the past few years you have wentr down HILL your service SUCKS and I am not the only one who thinks this way I know of a few other people who had the same problem in the past few months I now hate k-mart :( :( :( :( :(

I don't know why they are so rude at Kmart in redlands. I asked the cashier if she would look up my layaway today September 18 2012. And she said you have seven days! I said ya can you look to be sure it would be ok to pay it monday! All she said is if its late you need to talk to layaway about it.I was right near the door so i said i guess that means you wont look it up! I also have an appliance problem the sale was fifty dollars cheaper and this lady with appliance said i could get it adjusted for that price but i spoke to robert and he said only if I pay it all today do i get the adjustment? Well the other lady never said that. She said when I get it out they would make the adjustment! Well i have a feeling im not getting my adjustment!

This is going out to shoppers,employees of K~Mart, including managers: The rules for purchasing with coupons. (be careful it can be very tricky.) Go to this website: http://blog.al.com/bargain-mom/2011/01/coupon_limits_difference_betwe.html This will explain it all to everyone, there is a difference between purchase and transaction

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