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Where do you hire them from? It seems that most of these complaints are about management, And mine went too far making me feel like a thief I am in the process of talking with a Attorney not refunding my little bit of money is going to cost the K-mart company a lot of money!

worst service

I ordered a tablet for my son for Christmas it was a in-store pick up. I get to the store the tablet was out of stock, but Kmart still took the money off my card so now I have to wait until Christmas to find my son the gift he wants so bad, and thanks to Kmart I have no money left for the tablet until they refund it to me 5 days from now.

Why does Kmart even exist. I never shop here besides annually doing a layaway for my son. This will be the last time. Their layaway system was down when I came to pick up my purchases of course they assume no responsibility for inconveniencing me or to even compensate by giving a discount. They have substandard products besides toys... And they aren't discounted in comparison to Walmart

Customer Service--What a Joke!!!

I cant even imagine trying to write the entire horrible experience that I've had with Kmart Layaway online & Kmart.com customer service. It would take me hours to write of every horrible and disgusting situation I am still dealing with from Kmart. The end result is this: My layaway was cancelled due to a error on Kmart's behalf, although I made my layaway initial payment, and I even had the contract & order number & could see the layaway order online....they claimed they didnt have it. They said that my layaway order was in "limbo" ( whatever that means). To date, I am still fighting for my money back, but have not received it. It has been over 6 weeks. I will NEVER EVER AGAIN SHOP AT KMART OR SEARS.

So, it started online, Kmart.com was having a steal of a deal on a toy that my child really wanted this Christmas. Other companies had a good promotion too, but being a Kmart.com shopper, I decided to go through Kmart.com, plus I got rewards for doing so - 6 hours later... I receive a cancellation email. What? TOTALLY FREAKING BUMMED. Why didn't the item say out of stock online? So, I immediately jump on the computer, spend a couple hours trying to find this same product somewhere else, and guess what... since other companies store websites ARE updated with the CORRECT inventory, all were SOLD OUT. Freaking eh! Very upset now :( So I email customer service, hoping, praying, wanting this item to still be in stock like I thought, and hoping the cancellation email was WRONG. First off, over the course of a week, they had SEVEN, yes S E V E N different representatives assist me. Guess they like to throw their customers around? Any way, each one sounded like a robot in their email, all of course ending it with "we are here to help" yet not a single one "helped" me at all. I would read the email and become more frustrated than the time before. Finally, one customer service rep. offered to give me a 5% discount on a comparable product, the next product available (since it was no longer on sale) comparable, was $80! The item I bought... $20! I don't think 5% is going to cover that one, genius, but thanks any way! I felt like a waiter that just got tipped a penny! Please, keep your penny, in this case... keep your 5%. I then proceeded to ask for corporates number. 1 day later... still no number but they were "so happy" to give me the CEO's address. (Trust me, I will write him) but at this time I'm not even about to spend .45 on a stamp to your company! I asked for a number, not a address. So... I did it myself... not that hard :) Google is wonderful. Then I call... I think they truly look for rude people to hire.... they do a good job at that at least! She answers, doesn't mention her name, and sounds annoyed with the phone even having rung (she probably was playing on Facebook), and asks "where can I transfer you"... "umm... (calmly) I'm not real sure, I know I need to speak with someone from corporate regarding a customer service experience.." girl (even more rude than before) "ok, well was it in the store or online?" ... "...online..." I say. Then without a word, no thank you, no have a good day, no "no problem ma'am I'll transfer you to so and so..." she just hung up on me and literally directed me to Sears automated voice mail line - NOW I'M GETTING MAD. What the heck am I suppose to do....? I call back. Same girl! This time, I was not as calm as before but still polite :) "hi, I think i just spoke with you, you didn't give me your name, and you didn't tell me who I was going to speak with, or even who you were directing me to, and I have no idea WHO to talk to, can you help?" she responds with "we only have one person answering the phones here. who do you need to speak with?" ... "someone about an online order... in corporate.." she says "I'll transfer you to our VP (something something that I cannot remember) that is the highest I can transfer you to." ... click... again... no thank you, no have a good day... (this girl must REALLY hate her job, or just people in general... good job Kmart!) To have someone with that attitude, that unpleasant answer your corporate telephone is shocking! I've worked for many a Vice Presidents, and many a companies, and we never, ever treated our customers with such disrespect. I get a lady named... I'll tell you tomorrow when she calls me back :) let me finish my story.... I get a lady... she seems nice. Much nicer than what's her name who directed me to her... I tell her my issue and explain I have had similar things happen and I was not upset but that when these things have happened through other companies they were more than happy to give me a comparable product for the cost, or do something to make it right. This lady, tells me that online shopping is "taking a gamble"... yes folks... this is "VP DEPARTMENT"... she then says "it is not our fault" I tell her "it is not my fault that your company had an online gliche..." ... "It wasn't a gliche ma'am, our system just doesn't have real time inventory, we don't know if we have the product until it ships out." .. But remember guys, this is NOT Kmart's fault that they have a system about as old as my great grandfather. This is the customer's problem, since we are taking a "gamble" when we shop their website. Who says that? Really? I start getting frustrated, again feeling like a number, not a customer. I tell her how this is by far the worst customer service I've ever seen, or experienced, & told her that even her ethics were terrible. I felt bad, but seriously, they were awful. No one in that position should ever make a customer feel at fault, she wasn't helping me, she was making my anxiety much worse. She was making me feel belittled, and making me feel like this was MY problem, not Kmarts. Even though I spent MY HARD WORKING MONEY to THEIR company, instead of someone elses' where I actually would've gotten the product I purchased. *deep breath* I was in tears, shaking, and seriously ticked off. I've never lost my control, or felt like this towards any customer service person before in my life. I've never had a conflict once.... every company I've ever dealt with has been so wonderful and appreciative of me, and so sorry when things have gone wrong. To have this woman basically blame me for their company not being able to tell me if their product was in stock or not.... was BS. She then tells me "it's kind of like shopping for airline tickets, you go to one site that has a cheap price, then go to another, then come back and the ticket price has gone up.".... (what?).... No... I already PURCHASED this item, ma'am. I want the item, for what I paid for, and if you don't have it, then please, give me something comparable. That is what is right, and their shouldn't even be an arguement or question about it. A customer should feel praised, appreciated, respected, and wanted as a customer. We keep that business in business... and well, I guess I can see why this business isn't doing so great these days. (it's true) She also told me "this is technology, and just how it is, and that they are trying to update their systems"... let me jump back a second, rewind, and tell you something else. Right before I called this woman. (nameless for now). I called Burts Bee's because the SAME thing happened. On Black Friday I ordered TWENTY lipsticks. That's a lot. Three weeks later I haven't gotten them, so I called, they told me it got cancelled :( ugh. I asked her if there was something we could do, could I get the item in another color for the same price, anything? "No, sorry ma'am" Ok... I ask to talk to a manager, because again these were going to be gifts. A wonderful, WONDERFUL, guy named Jeff comes on the phone, and before I say a word says "hello Jessica, I see your online order got cancelled, and we are so sorry, our system overloaded, everyone ordered at once and it shut down. What can I do to make it better?" wow. I felt so good talking to him. I went from upset, to so grateful for Jeff. I asked him the same thing "can I please just get another color for the same price, I don't care about the colors or paying what I thought I was before..." he responds "those ones you chose were on clearance and are out of stock, but go ahead and pick whatever colors you want of any of them, and we will ship them to you.. complimentary." (double WOW) I told him I didn't mind to pay! I had every intention to pay! "no, this was our systems fault, this was our fault, we do what we can to make it right and keep you as a Burts Bee's Customer, I hope you come back and shop with us" (heck yea I will) Now THAT is how folks should be treated. This man was so awesome, and didn't have to do that for me. He didn't once blame me, or make me feel like it was a gamble when I went to buy their product. He admitted it was the companies fault, and did what it took to make it right. Maybe that is why when I called Kmart.com expecting the same customer service I was so, so disappointed & frustrated to the point of TEARS running down my face as I held my 10 month old son (dramatic? yea it was, so what, I have a right!) *SIGH* So this nameless woman took down my item number (oh yeah, i had to look that up too, guess their system doesn't provide that either) and give her a comparable item number, and she is supposed to give me a call back to let me know what gets resolved. I honestly felt it was her way to get me off the phone after our scream match. I asked her when I could expect a call and her response was literally "I don't know, I would imagine at least tomorrow" So here I am... issue unresolved, I'm still unhappy, and now I have to wait... twiddle my fingers & hope Kmart does the right thing. I'll post another review as soon as I hear back, along with a name, and HOPEFULLY the next review will be better, and I'll still be a happy Kmart.com customer, otherwise.... adios Sear & Kmart. I've spent much of my money with you, but after this... never again unless the right thing is done.

Terrible customer service

I put some Christmas gifts on layaway online, and made sure to select the option to pick up at my local kmart store (Cookeville TN). When I went to make my final payment and pick up my layaway, I was told my items were not there, had never been there, and that everything would be shipped to me upon final payment (which they could not accept there). I went home, made the final payment online, and called customer service to have the items shipped to a different address since I was leaving in a few days, and would not be back until after Christmas. I was told that I had to wait for a tracking number to be generated, and to watch my email for "Your package has shipped" because I would have to go on the UPS site to reroute my package, and it 'had to be done quickly'. So, I watched me email for 3 days...nothing. I called Kmart customer service again, got a tracking number, and proceded to the UPS site to put in my tracking info and have the package rerouted. I didn't see an option to do that, so I called UPS. I was told they didn't physically have the package yet, so it couldn't be done, and they could see on that tracking number that there was a restriction on the package anyway (by Kmart) so I would have to call them to have that taken off. Seriously?! So I called Kmart again, and was told there was no restriction, and to call UPS again for redirecting the package. UPS again informed me there was indeed a restriction for rerouting the package, and that Kmart was the only one that could remove the restriction, or they could call UPS themselves to have the package rerouted because they are the shipper. So AGAIN I called Kmart, talked to a superviser, and got nowhere with him. He said they had no control over that, and the only thing he could do was have the package returned to the warehouse it came from, which would cancel the layaway and my money would NOT be refunded. REALLY?! You can go into your system and have the package sent back, but you can't change the delivery address, or even log on to the UPS website with Kmart's account and reroute it for a long time customer??!! (Which btw, UPS said Kmart should have been able to do that) The package will be delivered to my home tomorrow, and since no one is there, I have to drive hours back home to get this package, then hours back to where I am spending Christmas, so that our Christmas will not be ruined. Thank you very much Kmart for making this a very stressful transaction!!

Horrible! Yes Kmart will run a sale online not have stock so you cant get it .....then will not honnor price in store! Crappy customer service for the most part did have 1 realy good customer service ( sears)...... And you wonder why you are going out of business? Maybe that is why we should not shop there! Only gave it 1 sta cause I had too but doesn't even get that in my eyes! I am sorry for those of you who do care for the company and I hope you have a good holiday!

Poor Mamagement, RUDE customer service staff and poorly trained cashiers at Kmart in Shamokin Dam PA

This review is related to KMART in Shamokin Dam PA . I and some others I know have decided to no longer shop at this Kmart due to poor management, rude customer service and time consuming check out due to poorly trained staff. This has happened EVERY TIME I have tried to shop at this location. Cashiers are poorly trained and constantly calling customer service. The customer service women are extremely rude and loud and act like you are bothering them (one in particular black hair and glasses). Items rarely ring up correctly. This stores staff are lacking in job skills, it almost seems like this store hires all low functioning people for gov't kick backs. I called to see if the store had a certain item and was told yes, but when I got there they did not, the Kmart person said he thought I wanted something else. It is just one frustrating experience after another, so after repeated frustration at this store I will never shop there again. This store needs some attention, better trained staff and customer service reps that are not rude to customers, and a better pricing system so things ring up correctly. Too frustrating to shop at this location, I'd rather pay more elsewhere and have a pleasant shopping experience.


Because of your obnoxious "the lights, the lights, the lights, etc." ad, I WILL NOT be doing ANY shopping this christmas at KMart for my 2 small grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren! My oldest grandaughter told me this evening she too will not shop at KMart because of the ad. I went to my game sight and asked people there, and they too are irritated no end at the ad. You haven't done yourselves any favor using it and I'd fire whatever ad agency came up with it!!!!

Don't Order Online!

I ordered my kids Christmas online. Some of the items where limited and I could only get ONE. When shipping printed my label, they cut off the first number of my address. UPS could not deliver without the right address, so they sent it back to Kmart. KMART WOULD NOT SEND IT BACK TO ME! THEY CANCELED THEY ORDER! Now the items are out of stock!!!!!

Horrible experience

I went to the store in Hudson Florida on 12/01/12 I never felt so uncomfortable in my life. My husband and I was shopping for Christmas and the whole time I felt like I was being watched I did not day anything to my husband and then all of sudden he said I hate when people stare he felt the same thing that I did. I am a well dressed.I understand that it's Christmas time but come on what a way to Lose business because I will never shop there again. walmart here I come.

out of stock

Kmart is famous for putting things on sale when their out of inventory. On black friday I ordered a Christmas tree and received a confirmation number. On that following Sunday, Kmart put the tree in their weekly flyer and on Wednesday I received a notice to call Kmart and found out that my order was cancelled. I called Corporate headquarters and spoke to a man named Robert who was very pleasant. I was told he would compensate me with a $25.00 gift card as I was paying more money for the 2nd tree I ordered. I will definitely still shop at Kmart.

To ruin a child's Christmas

I went to K mart with my 3 yrs old grandson that we are raising his Mom passed away after his birth and he is a big Disney fan as most kid's are, of course he wanted race car's and etc, Christmas but when he saw that the store had the inflatable Disney globes on display he was so excited and said to me Nanna I want that for Christmas I explained that this was a yard display and that it was not a toy he still wanted it so my husband and I agreed that we would get one for him. So I went to the Crofton K mart they had one on display but they were sold out of the rest. So I had gone to the customer service counter and they told me that they could not sell displays I was not looking for a reduced price I told the that I would pay full price they refused. I called corporate office and they had told me the same how cruel I cannot find another anywhere. All other store are willing to sell there seasonal items they told me they donate or send them back to the manufacture working in retail we do all we can to please our customers not to keep them from shopping with us Macy's Walmart Target and all others store's are willing to sell everything seasonal floor display's as well shame on you Kmart for being so cruel as for my family and friends we will no longer shop in your stores Walmart would go above and beyond on this matter and I do not work for them .

Thanksgiving Day Sale

I went to Kmart here in Chicago,IL and experienced the same treatment as half of the writers here. Customer service was rude, false advertisment just to name a few. Why have ppl come stand in a line to only be told that the store only received 3-4 of a particular item. Sales of that sort SHOULDN'T be advertised, it causes mass confusion, angry irate behavior. KMART WILL NEVER EVER GET ANYMORE OF MY BUSINESS AND I WILL BE SHARING MY EXPERIENCE WITH FAMILY & FRIENDS

Customer service and Corporate

Last week on Nov 22, I placed an order online and did it through the layaway. I knew how much money I could spend, and this was for Christmas for my 3 kids. I placed the order and paid 24.72. There was one item that could not be put in the layaway and had to be paid right away and shipped. The remaining balance, and the confirmation email I received said I owed a balance of 140.08. On Friday Nov 24, I went online to KMART.com to pay the remaining balance of my order so it could be shipped to me. When I went online it stated that I owed 199.99 for the order. I proceeded to contact the online department about this problem and they told me that I had to go into the store to have it resolved. So on Saturday morning I went into the local store, which is 35 miles away and spoke with the manager there. He told me he had nothing to do with it, but would look into it for me and call me back. Never heard from him. I contacted the online department again and spoke with a man who said he could see the issue and would turn it over to the offline group to fix it and they would contact me back. Again no on called me back. I called a few different departments and was transferred to many different people. Finally I was given the phone number to the corporate office. The man I spoke with there seemed like he was willing to help. He had me forward the emails that I received and said he would get back to me in 48 hours because he was going to be off yesterday. This morning I get a call from him saying that I owe the 199.99 and it was either I pay the extra 44 or cancel my order that there was nothing they would do. I am very frustrated with this company. I will never shop at KMART again, and I will make it a point to let people know of this experience and how they treat their customers. Now I have to wait who knows how long before the money will be put back on my cards, and I am also out the 15.00 layaway fee. This money was my budget for my three kids for Christmas, and now I have to wait for them to return the money, hopefully before Christmas. I have never been so disgusted with a company as I am with this one.


I went in kmart on 11/26/12 and made a purchase and left my wallet on the counter top beside the debit / credit card machine. I came back within 5 minutes and none of the staff was helpful. No one saw or returned it. I asked for Loss prevention, they took 10 minutes to come to the counter, he refuse to look on camera at said he had to ask his boss. Finally loss prevention view the tape, the guys in line behind me took my wallet and put it in his pocket as soon as I left. i asked to view the tape, they said no (with no explanation), I asked for store manager, he was rude and not paying attention. He pick the phone up and call another cashier held a breif conversation then looked at me and said the tape is thier personal property and tried to walk away. I stopped him I asked if they could pull the cahiser register tape to see if the guy behind me that took the wallet, paid with a credit / debit card so they can report it to the police, they again said No thats not thier policy. I had to call the police myself and get them to pull the tape and file the report. Kmart was lazy and inconciderate. Some of Kmart actions appeared to be an inside job, if not this is a horrible way to run your busniess by not willing to help a customer with a thief that occured in your store.


I have gone to the black Friday at k-mart now for a couple of years. Last year it was good. People were friendly and things were there. This year the add was out in the morning of thanksgiving day. The add said there was a tv for $88 which is great. It just said opens at eight. I went and stood in line for an hour, which is also fine. When we got inside and went to the tv department there were no tvs out. We asked someone where they were and they said that we were supposed to have come in the morning to get a piece of paper saying we got a tv. That was not in the add. There was nothing saying that we were supposed to show up early in the morning to get a piece of paper and then go back at eight to get the tv. I thought that was really messed up that people waited in line for that and then told differently. To me that is false. There was no organization and no honesty in the add. Pretty sad. Thank you Tavia

Horrible experience

I ordered some items online to pick up in the store.. Here's my first issue.. Email stated to pick up in Layaway. I go and wait on line for 20 minutes. I am next and the Gentleman behind the counter says oh you have to pick up in Customer Service, I don't know why they tell you layaway. I can forward you my email as it stated that!! Second I am trying to find the restoom. Nowhere are there signs telling you where to go. I am circling and eventually found an employee and she points me in the right direction (BAD THAT THERE ARE NO SIGNS) I take my 6 yr old daughter in and after he washed her hands she dries them and discards the paper towels into what looked like a puke infested garbage pail. It was so nasty that my daughter was gagging.. Someone needs to renovate that nasty bathroom and keep the garbage pails clean!! My third and FINAL mishap was I finally made it to Customer Service, but waited about 30 minutes because the rep had to help a cashier with someone who just applied for a credit card. Then they called over another associate then finally a Manager so there were 4 people helping this customer with a credit card as the line in customer service got longer... FINALLY I was waited on and left. The people were nice there just CLUELESS!!!! I needed to let Corporate know what went on in this store. Thanks Hope I see changes or I won't be back!

On Black friday I went to the Wabash store in Baltimore City it was quiet and everything advertised was in the store I was so pleased.until I reached the register where a very unpleasant cashier gave bad service, wanted to argue about some pillows that were marked down, called the manager for an over-ride and had a very unprofessional attitude during the entire sale. i frequent this location and practically know most of the staff by name but this young lady was new and rude. I was at another store for Black Friday it was so bad I left and was glad about my sales at K Mart until I met this young lady, no greetin, no thank you for coming or did you find everything. Where did plain good customer service go?

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