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no reimburstment yet

i dis enrolled from kaiser on feb.10,2014 and was due a refund but instead of a refund they continued to debit my checking account .when i call to see if my membership was canceled i was told it was canceled on april 4,2014.kaiser will give you the complete run a round.i am truly dissatisfied with kaiser and it`s staff of "give them the run a round" policy.

Wait Time

I have been waiting now for a result of an MRI completed at the Lonetree, Colorado back on March 11th. I understand there is only one site where all the MRI's are read. This truly is not affective in providing your patients care.

Terrible Records Service

The Kensington office cannot handle phone calls and a request for a records request form. My records seem to be lost forever. Numerous calls (made between 8 am and 5 pmO ring, ring, ring, and go unanswered.

Horrible Customer Service

Kaisers 800 number customer service is horrible, they hide behind the fact that they are on the phone as an excuse for their attitude and lack of knowledge. They also seem to have the ability to refuse to let you talk to a supervisor or manager. PLEASE AVIOD THIS COMPANY.

Outstanding Care

I witnessed the care my daughter received at Kaiser's emergency room in Santa Rosa. It was truly outstanding, compassionate, and thorough. The facilities are superior. The staff helpful.


I had 2 cataract surgeries with Kaiser and my policy entitles me to reimbursement for RX eyeglasses necessary do to the surgery. The claim has been denied because they do not have a code for this. As many reviews have already stated, communication and contacting member services is ridiculous. They do not allow you to talk directly to the claims department.

run around

I have been waiting for a $200 refund for about 2 months already, I had spoken to several different operators from kaisser, some of themsay im getting a check through the mail some other say Iim getting them credit to my card. I had called about 7 or more ti mes!! Dont get kaisser Iis a riff off

Bad customer service

I have had a horrible experience with kaiser in vancouver washington. It seems that either the people on the phone don't know what they are doing, or what their policies are, or you get someone who is very rude! I think that the vancouver, washington area needs to have more training in policy and customer care! I have delt with one of the rudest women i have ever spoken to today out of this area. And yet i just keep getting more run around on the phone! I thought the conversations were recorded so why is it im waiting to see if they can figure out who the woman was? This is not the first time either!

Kaiser Is Pure Evil

I was forced onto Kaiser because the union I belonged to always picked them as our health insurer. Kaiser lied to me, destroyed my health, killed my cousin, almost killed my best friend, gave me the wrong medicines; and I saw atrocities there that you only see otherwise on battlefields. I'd rather be utterly uninsured and go to the county hospital any day, than to be insured under Kaiser. I will never take Kaiser insurance again as long as I live.

pharmacy mismanagement

My doctor call me @ home after having a blood test and told me to go immediately to the pharmacy (panorama city) my potassium level was very low , when I went to the pharmacy I was told I could not pick up my RX till 2 days later , and NO hold over unless meds are send by mail, if you ask me I think you are flirting with disaster, not to mention big law suits

Very Professional

Had a surgical procedure today at Woodland Hills. The surgery went well. The amount of "care" I received was very good. The staff I had, including my Doctor was just "first rate"

Indeed terrible, as many others have mentioned in their reviews. Impossible to contact them, including with a complaint about possible corruption by their customer service staff, who seem to try to have you transfer money into their (own?) accounts. Advice: stay away from this so-called health care provider.


Kaiser has the worst customer service! I dread going making an appointment, picking up a persription, talking to their staff. The doctors are fine I feels so bad that they have to be surrounded by the rude, lazy, apathetic staff members. I hate Kaiser. I've called to make complaints and they have placed me on hold and then hung up!!!!

Customer Service

I don't know what’s going on with Kaiser’s customer service this year but it SUCKS!!! When you initially call in the automated service it placed asks you for your personal information then depending on which service you would like you have to verify your personal information another 2-4 times with a actual nurse. Kaiser I pretty sure you already know these issues occur and as a customer for 7+ years would like for you to address this issue.

Customer Service

I don't know what’s going on with Kaiser’s customer service this year but it SUCKS!!! When you initially call in the automated service it placed asks you for your personal information then depending on which service you would like you have to verify your personal information another 2-4 times with a actual nurse. Kaiser I pretty sure you already know these issues occur and as a customer for 7+ years would like for you to address this issue.

I tried getting a hold of a local kaiser...no answers and run arounds with wrong phone numbers. And now, not even the corporate office answers. Doesn't kaiser make plenty of money to hire some operators?

They are horrible

Horrible staff, horrible assistance. The people you file the complaints with are friends with the staff! Epic fail

Horrible system

I signed on with Kaiser to be effective 3/1/13. I had Humana plan .. both parties sent me a letter stating that if I wished to dis-enroll from Kaiser I just until 2/28/13 to do so. I realized that there is no Kaiser in SC where I will be moving. I called Kaiser on 2/20/13..was on hold for over 1 hr..finally got to cancellation department and they told me to fax a letter stating I wanted to cancel enrollment. I did that on 2/20/13. I called Humana to tell them also that I was staying with them. I called Kaiser yesterday to make sure they dis-enrolled me and they said they did it on 2/25/13. Meanwhile, I called Medicare and saw that they did not. I called Kaiser again, on hold for over 1 hr. again..they told me there was a problem and they were calling it in to medicare yesterday. Meanwhile, the dr. called me today and said she couldn't put my Humana insurance through,..I was dis-enrolled. I have been on the phone for hours today. Humana is saying that I was dis-enrolled and I couldn't re-enroll because the enrollment period is over. I called Medicare..they told me that KAISER KEPT ME ON THEIR PLAN AND CANCELLED MY HUMANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am furious..I need this test today and don't want to start all over with different doctors, etc. I am trying to correct this but Kaiser sucks..they get you in and won't let you go....


Went to the hospital after crapping my pants, while having a black out siezure episode, my family notified the front desk the doctor needed to see me in that state. 5 hours later I get scene after not being in that state for 3 hours and I get told im healthy and that im fine. I got sent home scared to death and they could care less

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