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poor value

We stayed in Cedar City Utah this weekend, the tv cable had to be rebooted every couple of hours, the wi-fi was as slow as dial up, when I went into the store all they could say was there was nothing they could do about it. I sent corporate an e-mail but of course they dont care, that is what you get when you have franchises, find onother option stay away from KOAs all they want is your money. the pool was crowded with screaming brats. I could not even enjoy the pool

Recently spent a week in a koa's east and west glacier Montana, even though I find them very pricey.The one in Polson was very friendly we'll kept. They seemed to not have forgotten anything. However when it was time to move to east glacier St Mary's koa, I felt like I had just moved to a very bad trailer park. There were dogs kids all over the place none being attended to. The cost was more then the other one. I would not recommend kao. Very disappointed.

to these comments

I am reading these comments,koa campgrounds do the best they can with what they have,and to the one hotels/motels,yes they do take a deposit,and if u cancell they dont give a refund back to u,they keep it,and about the ada do u want to pay for it,every business has a budget


KOA has priced their campground stays far too high for the average camper and they bang your credit card through immediately even if the reservation is 6 to 7 months in advance. Hotels /Motels do not even do that.

Even the Laughlin/AVI Staff

The desert sand and dust is part of life but what makes it worse is RV'ers, AND STAFF in Golf Carts driving 15-20 miles per hour within the park with total disregard for their own posted speed limit of 5mph. It'll be a long time before we'll ever come back here or recommend this place to anyone !!!

We are staying at KOA TurtleBack in Lake Panasoffkee, Fla. Limb fell and dented our truck a month ago, asked for tree to be trimmed, as a lot of dead limbs. NO LUCK. This AM another limb fell on our camper and dented roof. Owner Jeff just informed us we could find another spot or leave. Thanks a lot.

Wi Fi

Unfortunately it's a lack of Wi-Fi it has been brought to their attention on several occasions it does not work and nothing seems to be done about it. If it was not indicated that they offered the service it would be best because coming into a place that offers Wi-Fi and then does not provide leaves you limited on trying to find another Campground or using your own hotspot. Either way it ends up costing you

We love KOA, but hear negative reports on the Hill City So Dakota KOA not maintaining their pools and hot tub and in general keeping their grounds up to KOA standards.. Hope you will address this issue as we LOVE koa..


ADA passed the handicap accessibility law in 1985. Why does this law not apply to KOA? The corporate office states that each site is notified as new laws are enacted but they then have "a period of time" to update or remodel. Government grants are available for these changes. Why haven't the changes been implemented? The KOA guides are not notated with this information either so every reservation has to be made by phone.

KOA Anderson SC GROSS!

Do Not Stay here unless you want to spend time at a "trailer park" with long term renters. We understand this franchise is owned by an estate and no money is being reinvested in the park. Abandoned travel trailers are everywhere. This park has potential if someone owned it who had an interest in it. Too bad it's in such poor condition as location is very convenient.

KOA Devil's Tower

I am not one to write a negative report but feel I need to about this place. First though, I would like to say that the employees working inside the office are the best of the best! When we arrived for a four day stay (two families, two trailers) we parked but then had to go find someone to mow as the grass and weeds were too high. The man was very nice but left thick cut grass that we had to use brooms to "rake" off. Next, I have never in my life seen so many ant beds! They were even in the showers. We were parked beside the septic tanks and right above that was the lift station. My gosh, the sewer was completely horrible. The pool was not heated although it was advertised as so. We will never stay there again, mostly due to the sewer stench. I think the place has potential but there simply are not enough employees to manage it. I could have listed several more things here but I think I have said enough.

KOA Cavendish Beach, PEI

There is a very well attended 3 day concert in Cavendish Beach (very near the camp ground) every summer. Because of the demand for sites and their convenient location they have decided to force you to stay for 5 nights instead of 3 and not only that but they have increased their base rate from $37. to $95. per night. I would like to have this explained to me. They are robbing their customers blind and getting away with it.


My wife would not get out of our motor coach in this KOA in Kingman AZ last year as the ground was a dust bowl. There was NO gravel and it was so dirty. We watched undercover Boss on TV and wondered if something could be done about graveling this KOA as it is a shame that campers have to put up with a thick dirt campground & some do not want to get out of their campers/RV's because of this problem.

Conroe tx koa

Stayed at this koa for July 4th weekend, place was nice but forgot to tell the campers in the park that they let a family reunion also book all day on Saturday , this park is more worried about the money than the comfort of the campers . The pool was so full that we just left . Want stay here anymore

Nashville remodel

Beware of the Nashville TN KOA new section. My husband is working in Nashville and staying long term at the KOA on Music Valley Drive. They opened up a new sections, rows E thru H. The sites are a mess! The sites are too short, the utilities are at the front of the lots - not sure who designed that since all the RV's are either in the middle or back of the units. Everyone has had to purchase extra power cords, sewer hoses and water lines. The letter from mgt said to park on the grass and it rained for 2 1/2 days. A muddy mess!!!!

poor planning for new monthly sites

The General manger has had to put up with very irrate complaining guests. As for myself he has been understanding yet cant do nothing about the situation. When we moved to the new section we we under water because of poor grading. We had moved clear back as far as we could go and was sinking. Had to move forward do to mud , water, and sinking. The sites should have been paved. The patio should have been put either in a different place or made bigger.also the water, sewer, and electric should have been thought out more back Either it was very poor planning or the contractor didnt know how to read blue prints. Unhappy camper. Best

Dusty and a Tight Fit!

My husband and I stayed one night at the Jackson Hole, Wy KOA June 28th, 2013, that was enough for us! The roads leading into and around the campsites were very dusty! The sites themselves were so close together and very little lawn between them. The staff were very helpful and friendly, though. The main focus seemed to be the river rafting and not on the camp and it's facilities!! A change of focus ....more emphasis is needed on comfort and room for guests than activities!! I would NOT RECOMMEND this KOA site for a short or lengthy stay!!!

KOA policies

Make sure you cancel within the 48 hour time frame or they will take your deposit...Called Wednesday night to cancel reservations for Friday and I was past my 48 hour time frame...Kept $100.00 deposit...HOPE YOU CHOKE ON IT

I made reservations for May 19th 2013 back in March. May 12th I cancelled those reservations due to work scheduling. In sent an additional e-mail a few minutes later asking if in June or July there would be availability. I got no response either yea or nay until the 20th with them charging me the full amount for my stay. I have contacted them several times to resolve this matter letting them keep my $10.00 but either refunding the $28.00 or even crediting me the remainder until I could get there in late July or August. The representative assumed I did not want to cancel, kept my reservation, and charged the whole amount without any type of reimbursement. I explained they would make more money by doing things this way instead of driving off another customer. After reading other stories of this same nature, I can see how there customer service works. We have elected to take our vacation in July but will most definitely stay somewhere else

Hypodermic needle found poolside

Went to the KOA in Youngstown with my 12 year old daughter who wanted to use the pool. The area surrounding the pool has obviously not been cleaned for some time. My daughter got out of the pool and while walking to get her towel she stepped on a hypodermic needle that had been left on the ground. The needle was attached to a plastic tube, a medical device and a Band-Aid. At the instructions of the pediatrician we took her to the hospital, were the doctors and nurses were shocked that such a thing would be laying around a pool. When the owners were confronted they were unconcerned, uncooperative, and not willing to reimburse us for the hospital copay. While being confronted they even had the nerve to walk away from my husband.

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