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If you want ot feel like you are in prison then stay at this hotel. You pay them good money but if you want to sit outside your room after working long days they will tell you that is not allowed.I could see their thinking if I was rowdy or causing trouble. Also if you try and get a in touch with the corparate office good luck

I stay at the intown suites with my father and have had several problems with the staff in Albany Georgia. I use to be able to have my friend come over but the manager banned him because the maintenance guy told her he was guy who fought me a previous time and i told her that he wasnt the guy ...i dont understand how u dont believe the person it supposedly happened to...and the manager previously talked to me about my friend and she said herself that its ok for him to come on the property but since my dad and me have our differences he allowed them to bann my friend from the property...The crew here has made my life a living hell im not from georgia and barely know anyone here and i hate to seee how the staff walks around laughing and talking about stuff that has nothing to do with work...UNPROFESSIONAL...the maintenance guy always seems to be on his phone talking and laughing while working. The other day they asked me to wait outside while the housekeeping cleans up the room for 179.99 a week of hard earned money thats not acceptable especially how hot it gets in Georgia and me having no where to go no car to get in, Im furious to always hear the staff talk about things and customers and laugh when they should learn how to keep it more professional around here its like they have respect for the customers and the job. The staff here needs intervention and more training on how to be more professional

the staff here are quick to tell the customers what is policy but my room hasnt had a smoke alarm detector for almost a year now and the staff been known that they fix the AC but it still doesnt work correctly... the stove is always malfunctioning....it would make sense if they followed through with the maintenance as much as they do making peoples lives miserable

i think its unfair that the the manager here once told me when i complained that i have no say in anything because i dont pay for the room my dad does so that being said WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE

Not good at all people are loud the manager has a bad attitude he won't even let any one leave the door open or cracked he even just came and closed the window from the out side while I was inside terrible In tamarac fl

The intown in Villa park illinois is terrible servicewise,the manager Lindsey is a racist bitch who schemes and talks about the guests as well as being a backstabber amongst the pretty,shapely female workers,she will get hers soon from a guest who isnt taking her bullshit anymore.this bitch goes around belittling the guest with her bigbird looking ass,many people are complaing about her but the dumbass baldheaded dist.manager is a fucking uncle tom so they are a good match but bad business for the establishment,this bitch needs to be fired.she has no people skills whatsoever

I live at the Intown Suite Columbia,SC.I can let you all know the management here are o.k..Sometime you can go in the office and no one I mean no one in the office. I were in the office one day and it were open no one in it.I over here a guy call someone to let them know this will be a good hit.Your guy you have working here are scare to stay in the office. I know because he himself said so.I like other who live here would like to have more washer we have three of them that work.If you all can help me and other.WE sometime waite on this man from 30 to a hour on the manager why he in the back with the leader of the maids,are on the run from the office.The manager go out and leave the door open of the office.1633 Broad River Road.

Austin, Lamar location, This place does not even deserve 1 star, Very disappointed with the management and general manager of marketing. I had to leave a message for someone to call me back so I could complain, People knocking on the doors all hours of the night. People hanging off the balconies, doing you knows what all hours of the night. I was under the impression that there were drug dealers and hookers in the Intown suites. I asked for a refund because I only stayed one night and had paid for a whole week and the general manager of marketing told me I would not get my money back. Period. He was very rude. I will not go back ever to any of the locations. As far as your marketing department you better check your employees.

Louisville East Location 4604 Wattbourne Lane Louisville, KY 40299 Been through several "managers" nasty kitchen floor nasty carpet tables broken, been sanded down and repainted, wabbles microwave disgusting under the plate air outtake over burners filters never been changed nasty burners only have one setting high, despite a rotating knob with different levels 4 yo daughjter found a pill in the ac unit when we moved in.....lucky i have a smart girl and she handed it to me Phone doesn't work properly reported and 3 monhts later still doesn't work drug dealers and dope fiends now that it warm did finally put in new ac units mmy old on e worked better dumpter area kept disgusting food and maggots laying around it makes you not even want to get close enough to put your trash inside paint chipping off sinks where the painted over them because they were disgusting and wouldn't come clean pillows are plastic matresses have covers on them because they are nasty and or have bedbugs Top covers are nasty NOT FRIENDLY to CHILDREN.....expect that they be not heard or seen Maids are nosey and need to mind their own business and do their jobs No WIFI for you to buy a wire for plug in and its still slow as hell only here because i had no other choice none the less wouldn't come back again if i had to luckily will be gone from this rat hole soon

If you want to sleep in a place with boggers on the wall this is the place, dirty table, dirty toilet, dirty bathroom. no blankets, plastic pillows, no toilot paper, we are told to get our own, also no internet as stated on they website. corporate does not call back, I am sure that the only calls they get are complaints we took pictures and video to put on the web

The management is by far not the greatest. Concerns not met, poor internet service, Roach eggs growing in my refrigerator, the door was broken for over a week, ants, no bug services. I am going to Sue if not assisted. 6787904093

they didnt have my reservation///put me up in an out of order room and made me feel like it as my fault//they questioned me about moving the be(just sing it around but, they never address the weed smoking on the third floor and the people hanging out in the front and back like they were on the block..i was so happy to catch my flight out of ohio that i moved out a day early...the mgr adressed every resident by their first name but me i told him my name awas tina, i tought this would make him less rude and he never acknowledge me///every day i did something wrong and he let me kno //he stated we dont give out extra sheets or bedspreads//i was scred to ask for a trash bg or even ask to use the broom///i would not refer any one to intown suites east columbus ohio(by fort rapids

2601 Perdue Springs dr Chester va 23831 By far thee worst place I have ever stayed. Chocolate under the tables: Contact lenses stuck to the wall: NO FRESH LINEN: Dust bunnies everywhere! Upstairs disputes: loud neighbors! False information at check in: We were told to buy a Ethernet card, which we ended up paying 30 dollars just to find out we did not need it! The sink in the so called chicken sprayed water all over the place but in the sink! The drywall in the room was crumbling! Soiled bedding/ after room service (Cleaned) NO TOILET PAPER RE FILLS There were rotton watermelons laying out front which made the place look dirty! Spider webs everywhere! THE DRYER DIDN'T WORK!!! So we couldn't wash our clothes! AC UNIT BUSTED! this place was horrible! I WANT A REFUND!

I've been there for about three years and just left that hell hole.I need something that's under one star maybe zero.This place is the worst when it comes to management.The cleaning staff and maintenence I have no problems with them,the night guy is ok and no problems with him but the management is fucking crazy and don't know how to talk to humans.They are past rude,start rumors about the guests and get into everyone's business in the building.too fucking nosy on all levels.This is for certain management,the women,they are young,inexperienced and have shitty attitudes towards almost all guests.No guest in the whole building likes them and just tolerate these women managers..Never,never come to intown ZV1 in Villa Park

Intown Suite McKnight Rd in Pittsburgh. The place is nice enough. basic, no bugs, very light housekeeping - expect to do a lot of your own. FREE HIGH SPEED INTERNET IS A LIE! Sheesh - it tok me two hours and forty five minutes to get this page to open so I could post this. Can't use faceBook at all. I work online, and have to go to the freakin' Holiday Inn down the road and use THEIR internet to sent my work in, DON'T BELIEVE FREE HIGH SPEED INTERNET. A good old fashion modem would be better.

Actually this company (Intown Suites) does not deserve even 1 star rating. This is no place for the respectable and nice gusests to stay. Their publicity and actual experience are very irreconcilable. At least I can say so based on my brief stay at their Austin, TX location on Lamar Blvd in 2009. My suite was infested with roaches and one cannot even frankly complain so to the rogue staff and management. If you dare expose any shortcoming they all pounce upon you like a pack of wolves and evict you arbitrarily within no time forcing you out high and dry on the the road outside. Still worse, the corportate management would not do a thing to rein in their rogue local staff even when apprised of this situation and poor customer gets no where eventually.

In Town Suites in Va Beach, Va has drug addicts going into the ceiling and harassing guest by filtering Heroin like substances into rooms. This must be the way of introducing future prospective clients to the TERRORIST drug of sales. Spying on guest with kids is probably the PERVERTS thing. The management is aware of this, because they have video and a slack security person.

Very bad customer service. The North Charleston and Charleston hotels are bad.

Do not stay at Intown Suites 1727 Oak Village Blvd., Arlington, Texas 76017. Very, very poor customer service and they always invade your privacy and come into your room unannounced or cancel your key card and you always have to go to the office for reactivation. You can never reach the after hour assistant who is on call and he never return your phone call if you leave a message. They have very shady people moving in and out, drug dealers etc. They must train their managers to have extremely rude and poor customer service. The beds are very uncomfortable and the pillows are made of plastic and the pillow cases never stay on and the carpet is very dirty. I guess the corporate office does not care and don't care what their managers eand other emplyees do and they speak with very sharp tongues and the police are always at the place. The housekeepers do not do a very good job. All they want is your money and nothing more. After the first day of moving in you can forget. They act as if they are doing you a favor. They don't explain any rules and regulations to you when you move in, you have to read or find out for yourself.

I'm at Intown Suites Hendersonville,TN (North Nashville Region) I stayed here off and on for about 4 years. I've been in 5 different rooms in that time. As always every room had some kind of problem with it as I expected. This is not a up-scaled hotel by any means. Considering the kind of people they let in and out of here. My complaints are the same as everyone else's comments on here.I've never complained before until now. When I came here with my boyfriend we had little to no money. I was grateful to be able to have a place to stay long term with no lease. I've let things slide on occasion. Until, back on November 06, 2010 I had an accident on the property. I fell down a flight of stairs due to the lights being out on the property. There wasn't a power outage in the area because the lights inside the rooms were on. Outside was pitch dark I couldn't see anything it was 6:00am and I had to be at work. The only lights I could see were the lights from other business about half a mile down the road. When I fell down the stairs I screamed for help I couldn't stand I luckily had my cell phone and called my boyfriend. He almost fell down the stairs himself because he couldn't see me or the steps. I later went to the ER with excruciating pain my knee was very swollen. I got my x-rays done. They couldn't find the problem because I was retaining so much fluid it made it hard to see in the x-ray. They sent me to an orthopedist after some of the swelling subsided and had an MRI. This test showed that my knee cap had dislocated. I also lost some of the cartilage and bone in my knee which I'll never get back. It took me 3 1/2 months to heal. During all that time I had to miss out on work so I didn't have any money coming in. I had to pay for many hospital bills, pain medication, physical therapy, etc. This injury hurt me not just physically but financially and emotionally too. I felt helpless. I was physically disabled in the worst aspect. I figured out about a month later that they had a new guy reset the lights on the property for daylight savings time. So he just turned off the lights completely. Well guess what, This is the catch INTOWN DOES NOT HAVE LIABILITY. At least that is what they'll tell you. The manager of this property told me there is no liability that all that they can do is file an accident report which does nothing. I asked for the number for corporate. She said that she can't give out the number and that she would call for me. I told her to have them call me. Surprise, I never got a call and there's probably no accident report either. I payed hundreds of dollars for an injury that should have never happened. This is negligence to their customers. My knee will never fully heal. I will have pain for the rest of my life. Thank you Intown for caring so much about your good paying customers. For anyone thinking about coming here, don't. They will not pay for any of your injuries, or your guests injuries on the property.

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