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We ate at store #11916and not only was there horrible customer service but the worker said not telling us about a deal we missed out on wasn't his problem. He told us his boss said he didn't wnt him suggesting the deals to people ... horrible and I will not be coming back here.

While most of the comments on this site are complaints, I actually wanted to give kudos to the Flatwoods KY DQ. The service there may not always be the fastest but I get great service from every employee. The environment is welcoming and most of the servers have an attitude as if they know you. It's Great! It has this old time country dinner feel to it. Thanks DQ!

I raced to dairy queen to make it before 10:30,got there at 10:22and they would not serve me because they were closed at 10:22.thats bull....

Got a Banana sunday today and it was ice cream with sliced bananas. Could have made that at home - no kind of syrup - nothing. We also got a strawberry sunday at same time - just sliced strawberries, no stawberry syrup. It wasn't good and wasn't worth what we paid for it. The location of this place was on the corner of 19th street and N. Grand Ave. E, Springfield, IL 62702. I will take my business to Sonic.

Yes. I would like to talk to someone in human resource, its, adout a employee in .Memphis,eara,Is there a tolal free number that I can call and talk to someone that want link me to this conversation

rvice.I love these store. But today 5-5-12 my girlfriend went to get a banana split for me and her. Like we always do or food. But she didn't see the menu board outside and went to the window.when she got there the girl told her that the menu board was in the back. No one was in line.I work in food service.and it about making the money for the company and customers

The Dairy Queen in St.Croix Falls WI and Osceola WI are horrible. I have worked there, and through all the reviews and complaints nothing has got any better. There is only one blizard machine that doesnt even have a long enough shaft to mix the ice cream in a large blizard. So if you get a large Bliz, malt, or shake...The Stuff at the bottom will not be mixed in. To wipe things down there is one bucket with Sanitizer that doesnt get changed all day. You use the same bucket and same dirty water to wipe down the counters and the blizard machine. Keep in mind we cut the bananas on the bare counter and if candy falls out onto the counter they just throw it back into the blizard. Washing your hands is not pushed at this DQ. And I PROMISE YOU the employees hands touch your ice cream. Every year there is usually a mouse problem. There are times where they set traps IN THE STORE and they catch mice all the time. The food takes forever to get because there is only one cook, and the equipment to make the ice cream is so old that it takes forever to get to the costumer. Not to mention the two guys running are sick old men that used to only higher girls and will do anything they can to rip you off on your money you worked for. This DQ needs new managment

I go to dq in goodland kansas almost everyday and i see the head manager Tina McClary come in high almost every time she is there. She told me she smokes weed everyday and also told me where she keeps it. She hardly ever comes in to work. But she still clocks herself in and out as if she was there but really wasn't. Tina isn't even certified to be a manager and the inspector told her she needs to but she won't cause she knows she won't pass. Danny which is the boss and owner of dq even knows about it all but lets it happen. If tina don't like you she cuts your hours for no reason and acts like a 2 year old when you ask her why she cut your hours and makes up some lame excuse and lies about it. When you ask danny for a raise he tells you that you will get it but if you go to h&r block they tell you that you haven't gotten any pay raise at all. So there for your paycheck gets cut short every time. Whats sad is that danny does it to your paycheck and what you don't get tina gets. Tina and Danny both let a 17 year old close the place at night without anyone 18 years or older there.

The head manager of DQ in Goodland, Kansas is horrible. She smokes pot everyday and comes to high a lot. I know this because she told me. The bad thing is that the boss even knows it and is not doing anything about it. Tina McClary the head manager doesn't even come to work at all except once a week but she still clocks herself in and out for everyday that she wasn't there. She harasses one of the employees. She acts like a 2 yr. old and she doesn't even handle complaints like a manager is suppose to.

my family and love going to the dairy gueen store in the augusta mall. but lately that store has been in a sham, they are always out of products, one time out of ice cream, can you believe that.and 3 time there was one worker, working by herself, it took 25minutes to get my family order, as for the hotdogs they are small than the ones we use to buy. I will not be going back to that store.

I am giving Dairy Quessn in Middleton, Massachusetts ZERO stars on customer service. Last night I took my children to DQ and arrived and walked in the store at 9:00pm and the girl behind the counter told me it was 9:02pm and they were closed. There were people in there ordering and the door was open and we were in the store prior to it closing. My husband was getting our disabled son out of the car and was waiting outside with our son who wanted his ice cream. We left Dairy Queen and drove half a mile down the road to a family owned homemade ice cream store where customer service is held to a higher standard. Dairy Queen should be training there staff not to refuse customers because one bad experience will be shared and posted to thousands.

My boyfriend and I stopped in the DQ yesterday for a quick lunch. 6205 Bardstown road Louisville, KY (Fern Creek) We walked to the counter to order, and the 2 girls behind the counter both turned around and walked away!! There was never a "welcome", " be right with you" nothing!! One girl came back up and took our order (Kaelin). After telling her twice we just want the sandwiches not the meals, she finally got it. She closed the cash drawer and walked away without giving me my change back. I asked for it when she returned with my tea. My tea with absolutely no ice whatsoever. When I asked her if I could have some ice please, she said okay, I can get that for you. For me, like she was now doing me some big favor!! She gave me the tea back and set a number 7 on the counter. We assumed it was ours and took it to a table, once we found a clean one! There were no napkins in the entire store except on the front counter. Empty napkin containers, no napkins. Another employee was hopefully on her break sitting near the rear of the store eating, as she needed a napkin. She gets up goes to the empty napkin dispenser, then to the front counter to get a napkin. Never filling the dispenser. Of course she was busy, as now her boyfried had appeared for his free drinks.. We were made to feel as though we had greatly inconvenienced them by chosing to eat lunch there.......NEVER AGAIN ..

This is regarding the DQ on st rout 45 in Lakewood Tn. I asked for a banana milkshake and the guys were fooling around. He cut up a half banana on a counter that was "dirty" with other food products like oreos, etc. The "banana milkshake" consisted of a little milk, & vanilla ice cream with a little banana chopped up in it. It was a vanilla ice cream shake with banana chunks sunk to the bottom. A banana milkshake is supposed to taste like banana, not vanilla ice cream. I ask him what else he's supposed to put in it and he said "this is how they told me to make it". I've had banana milkshakes from DQ in the past and they're supposed to put some sort of powdered flavoring in it. bad, bad, bad. I have zero desire to return.

I will NEVER go to the Washington, pa dq on jefferson avenue. I received a cold cheeseburger where the cheese was not even melted. I sent it back in receiving another cheeseburger that had an inch of mustard and ketchup that you could not even pick it up. I gave that back as well and did not even receive an apology or even what can we do for you at a later time. This was the worst experience I have ever encountered.

Why does my dairy queen not sell dilly bars anymore? I want a dilly bar!

The Dairy Queen of Clinton, has a dog inside the store. I went to get icecream an the dog was in the store, employees said it was owners dog. That's very nasty an unprofessional, and unsanitary!

Terrible service @ the dairy queen on middle rd. Refused to give me my food or money back

i started as a manager at dairy quenn in huntington wv on 5th ave about a week ago. last sunday i started my shift about a hour in to it i noticed that two employees walk outside to smoke i then went in to the office and told the other shift manager if he wanted to be the bad guy or did he want me two that there were two employees smoking and we would get in trouble for it if we didnt say anything . at that point the owner walked around the corner and said what the f*ck am i paying you two motherf*ckers for to hang out in the office while the employees are out back f*cking smoking! i then said i just told the other shift manager and we were going to say something right now. he then said what the f*ck ever! I then said whoa whoa whoa. he said whoa whoa whoa my a*s ! I said hey you cant speak to people that way that it was illeagel .he said f*ck you if if you dont like it get the f*ck out ! i said hey i have benn doing nothing but working sense i got here. he then said f*ck you ! i replyed saying buddy im 30 years old and im not going to be talked to that way . he said if i didnt like it hit the f*cking road ! i said so your firing me . he replyed saying no but if you dont like it then hit the f*cking road! I then said then your firing me and i expect my check in 72 hours . he replied with f*uk you fat f*cker ! Wow what a way to set an example

After seeing your promo on TV advertising the medium blizzard for $2.99, I stopped at the Dairy Queen at Chandler Fashion Center in Chandler, Az to order one. I was refused the promo price with the coment "We don't do that here. We don't have to." Is this true and if it is true, why does your TV comercial not include this exclusion? This is the second time I have been refused a corporate special price at this location.

Dairy queen on little York n bauman well someone should investigate cause I ate their once found hair in my Burger they accuse me n said it wuz mine own hair. Next I saw roaches.

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