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Do not go to ITT. It is not worth your time and money you don't have to blow on this waist. I am attending the new Pensacola campus in Florida. There equipment does not work, therefore there is no hands on like they advertise on T.V.. The career services is a complete joke. well if your ex-military than career services is great if you want to install cable TV.

I am attending the corona campus. you can tell it is a terrible campus when the sub comes in and says this is one of the worst rated campus for itt-tech. not to mention I have a problem solving teacher who shows favoritism and on projects /exams he works with his favorites and give them the answers. he speaks English but not to were I can understand him.

Crap Financial Aid

On top of the school not supplying the teachers with the right software for the labs, the financial aid department is a bunch of crooks. They owe me about $3,600 in Pell Grant money and won't return my calls or emails. It's been 6 months. If you're a Vet, don't waste your benefits.


Do not go here.


I have had nothing but problems with thee ITT in Akron Ohio My son want to transfer to a college closer to home and the Dean A Akron campus is give a hard time about it getting his offical transcript and it is really upsetting everyone all he wants to do is get a transcript so he can see what if any of his classes he has already taken will transfer.


Every student passed whether they did the work or not. I dropped out at 72 credit hours when I needed 104. Does that not tell the DoE something? Please shut this place down. It doesn't even deserve a star, but I have to put one. This was the worst decision I ever made. And on top of owing ITT, I now have over $10,000 in PEAK loans that I was not aware of...thanks for s---ing me out of money you worthless pigs. -All the irritated & BROKE students of ITT


School over booked labs this qrtr all classes have labs and labs r full of other classes. Teachers and students have to squeeze in where we can and sometimes cant! Corporate puts out out curriculum but not required lab equipment teachers need. Lab books say instructor will have blah blah and itt does not provide the teachers equipment. Teachers r on there own to find and figure it all out. This is a technology school and technology changes constantly. Curriculum is old and incomplete.

Avoid ITT for your own sake!

I have been attending the Seattle branch for about a year. The past three quarters, three of the best teachers in my field of study have been fired and replaced with part time teachers, which only teach general education classes and barely have any teaching experience. As a Veteran it shouldn't be hard to be going to school, but while going to this school under the chapter 33 benefits (the post 9-11 GI bill for those of you who don't know) I found that the cost of living allowance that was given from this school was barely enough to live on. So far every school loan, and every grant that I filed for up to this point has been late. I still have yet to receive any tuition assistance that I filed from up to 6 months ago. If you are thinking about attending courses at ITT, I would strongly recommend that you reconsider your options and look for a better school that has the field you want to study.

Liers, Fakes, none professional

I attended ITT Tech in Texas they trick people to sign an arbitration agreement saying that for no reason will you ever try to Sue the school but when a situation does comes up they don't assume responsible not matter what I hate ever attending this school I am now changed forever....no longer respect...nor do I care. I have anger, hatred, rage, and no longer beleave in the legal system....from a good caring person to I am what I am

sorry a$$ school

I just dropped from this school due to many reason's but here is the most important. At night it becomes a daycare. Most of the computers don't work and when they do the printers don't. Its a catch 22. Teacher what are so called teacher are garbage some come on time many come when they want too. Tonight we had a sub for our asst. dean's class and he came with a attitude which crossed me the wrong way and I'm done with ITT-Tech. When the dean stands there and makes excuses for everything. When the sub was in the wrong. Now lets talk about testing haha. I'm not a cheater but you can be at ITT-TECH its encouraged to do so meaning the class your in taking a test and the teacher never looks up, or leaves the room, they don't even walk around. Well I think I have said enough. In my eye's ITT-TECH is a joke a waste of time

ITT sucks i went to the north las vegas campus and had a excess pell grant money of 1270 refund due ti me here it is 4 weeks and no money. they lie and steal then drop u from a program when i couldnt buy a calculator for a math class and got told i would fail and be dropped. this is a major scam school


ITT 138...there is so much drama with the staff backstabbing one another that the morale of the school has drastically change. Instructors are having cursing battles with the students. Administration is going around asking students if they have any problems with a particular staff, so that she can be terminated. You can hear the whispers of the plots that put out on whoever is not giving them the information they.


I have been attending ITT-Tech in Tucson Az for about a year and a half. In my time at this school I have had teachers that routinly lost assighnments turned in by me and my peers, when we brought this to the deans attention he felt that the solution was to come into our classroom and tell us to do our work. The one teacher gulty of loosing our assighnments that was fired after two semesters, was not fired for his incompetence; but instead for threatening to knock out one of my fellow students. The flexable schedule that was advertised does not exist at the Tucson location, I have requested to change classes from one night to another and the best outcome was being allowed to drop the class, which counts as an F on my transcript. Upon my enrollment the staff made a mistake on my paperwork and in my 5th semester informed me that I had to fix their error with a three week deadline. After completing the paperwork to correct the mistake I was informed that the school had known for almost a year. If you live in the Tucson area DO NOT ATTEND ITT-TECH, the bulk of the staff is incompetent. Enroling at this joke of a school is nothing more than a waste of two years and 40k


I have been attending ITT-Tech for over two years. They want you to use the virtual library for research, but the virtual library is under the resources tab on the student portal. The resources tab does not work properly. It needs to be fixed. I have had problems with the resources tab since I started attending ITT-Tech; and now in the bachelors program I need it to work for peer reviewed articles in order to complete homework.This is a technology based school, so they need to get this issue resolved. Numerous people I have talked with have had problems with the resources tab, not just students but instructors as well.


I am currently a student at the San San Bernardino campus. I must agree with your complaints about treatment and ethics. Honestly I see them as caring more about the money and not the education that students should be receiving. Sadly at this time I have been targeted and and currently being harnessed by by financial aid director along with the dean who did not know his conversation about me had been overheard by another student in my class. So yes at this time I am attempting to file a formal complaint as well as harassment charges. I would like to know the steps some of you took and how things turned out or if you have any advice for me.

Worse program ever

I'm currently enrolled in the RN program and its the worse experience ever. The teachers tell you I don't know to questions on your test or grade one persons work correct when you have the same answer and grade yours wrong. I'm spending all this money and can't tell you absolutely anything that I have learned. I've talked to the dean on several occasions and nothing has been done. I would like to know how can I find the coperates number to contact them before I call the board of education.

Corprrate Contact Info

I need somebody to give me the corporate contact information so that I can file a formal complaint with them before I contat the Depart of Education with my complaint.

Nursing Student

I pay way to much money for this lousy program. Why did my entire class fail a quarter? Why don't we have a clinical site for my Obstetrics quarter? I love nursing. I am embarrassed to tell people where I go to school.

Worse place

This place should be shut down and all monies returned. How can. "School" charge so much money for the worse education ever. How is learning lessons on youtube.com a formal education, hell i can do that for 97% less money than making the VA fork over the cash. And now that I do not attend there anymore I received a letter stating I'm in debt with the school that the VA paid for, how does that work out? Bottom line save your money go to a real school not this huge waste they call ITT its not worth it.

i only went one quarter and i had enough! Now im fighting to even get transcripts so i can attend a better school. the funny thing is they sent them to the school i just left to go to the college im trying to go to now, if they send my transcripts!! by far the worst experiance of my life!!

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