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Hooman Hyundai one of the Hyundai Motor dealership in LA CA is the most unprofetional company you can imagine .


I have had nothing but TERRIBLE service (sales and service) since I purchased my car in 2007! I will never ever purchase another Hyundai Car in my life!!!!!


Leased a 2014 Tuson fully loaded. It has less than 12,000 miles on & it has been in your repair shops 4 times in the last 12 months for the same problem. They had to replace the battery 3 times & the lower part of the engine, the oil gasket etc. The car goes dead if we do not use it in 2 days. They will not take the car back. They just want to sell me a new car.


2014 Tuson leased from Universal Hyundai. What a lemon & they do nothing to help me keep this car on the road. It spends more time in the repair shop then on the road.

Universal Hyundai of Orlando

I leased a Sonata GLS 2013 in 4/2012. I recently called the dealership asking about options in leasing a new car early and turning my car in. Neither the internet representative nor the internet mgr ever followed up with me at all. I wrote them both a note saying I had not heard back from them and told them that they must not want to keep me as a customer. Still no response. Poor dealership that doesn't care.


Turned my lease in. I was charged a disposition fee of $400.00. I never remember being told that at the time I leased it. I was told by the company the disposition fee is for taking the car back, bringing it to auction etc. but if I leased a new Hyundai the fee would be waived. Even if I leased a new Hyundai they still would have to take back the one I already had and bring it to the auction etc. Seems to me I am being penalized for not getting another Hyundai. Ended up with a $520.00 bill for turning in a vehicle in excellent condition and almost 10,000 miles under the alloted 36,000. It will get a great price either at the auction or on the lot. Leased for 20 years and never experienced anything like this. Never again! BEWARE when you lease with this company.

2002 Hyundai Sonata LX V6

Drove my 2002 Sonata off the lot on Labor Day 2001, I have 190,000 miles on it, still drivin it and still lovin my 13 yr old Sonata!!! No car is perfect, have had some minor probs. and all were taken care of. The dealership in Round Rock, Texas rocks it off the map, they r SUPERBaliscious!!! At the present moment though, I am taking it to the dealership tomorrow w a transmission prob., hey after 190,000 miles its understandable. I will buy another Sonata, probably a 2015 or a 2016 soon!!! Rock on Hyundai, just like Neil Young, they're number 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fixed right

I brought a 2011 Hyundai Sonata from world hyundai and it has not been 3 weeks and they have had to put brakes,fix the tries,change the battery,and now they have to replace the something else on the car,it has become a problem. I will not buy a car from World Hyundai in matteson again.


Brought my car to Millenium Hyundai in Hempstead, NY -the Customer serviced was so horrible. The way I was treated was outright horrible and disgusting. I wound up bring my car somewhere else because the repairs were unsatisfactory at this dealership.

I've had more problems with this car. The tires, the sensors, the air conditioner and most of all the service at Millenium Hyundai in Hempstead, NY. You guys suck!!!

Rust Bucket

My 2013 Sonata was purchased new from Day's Hyundai in Morgantown, WV, it has 33k miles on it. At 31k miles we noticed the hood rusting from the inside out. The paint is bubbling off the hood. According to Hyundai's Corporate office, this should be covered under the 7 year unlimited miles no perforation warranty. Apparently not! The dealer doesn't want to fix it for free. I have been treated so poorly by the service department, I will never purchase from Hyundai ever again. What a joke. They don't honor any of their warranties. The sad part is, there's nothing we as consumers can do.

Never again will I purchase a Hyundai!


Just saw one of Hyundai's execs park in a handicapped spot in Chicago for lunch. The person clearly had not disability. IL MFR Plate #4 AF. Tells you something about character.

Slick Salesman @Pohanka Hyundai

Lied to to get the sale. I am thoroughly disappointed our salesma nat Pohanka Hyundai because when we purchased our car he told us the first oil change was free which was a lie. He uses this perk as a means to sell cars then says he never said that when customers come in for service. I call corporate made a complaint and have yet to hear from.the dealership or corporate offices. If this is Hyundai's idea of customer service then my next car will not be a Hyundai.

Purchase of car (not)

I think its only fair people know I speak of the Hyundai of El Paso.


I have an ongoing warranty issue that they refuse to address...more like are completely ignoring me. I leave messages with regional office, send repeated emails, called customer service I don't know how many times (dozens). They either don't return messages or say they will check on it and never call back. Complete Customer DIService! I will never buy a hyundai again.

poor MPG's poor tires

I purchased a 2013 Hyundai Elantra. The gas mileage is horrible, I get an average of 24-25 MPG's combined. After numerous complaints, I still don't have the problem solved. The car is dangerous in the snow. I was told I have to buy snow tires, are you kidding. I would never recommend a Hyundai product to anyone, the car sucks!


I bought a 2013 genesis 3.8 Rspec and in 6 months have been back to the dealer 2 times already. This has happened a few times when driving at highway speeds, the car will not exceed 50mph and will not rev over 2500 RPM. Both times i missed work because of this and the dealership cant seem to find the issue. Instead they tell me the manager is getting mad that he has a rental car out because my car is being serviced. To me this is ridiculous and i no longer feel safe driving in my own car and they do not seem to care.


My 2011 genesis, blue tooth failed 4 months out of warrenty, with only 23,000 miles. The dealer tells me the fix is $1,000.00. Never buy one again

Customer service in Pharr, TX

This is to inform you that, after more than ten years and two Hyundai purchases, not to mentioned all the continued maintenance, the Hyundai dealership in Pharr, TX, has decided not to order parts for my car. No reason was given. In fact, the service department keeps telling me they ordered and reordered the parts but, when I call or show up at the dealership, there is no record of any such orders. I am told to wait until they call me. I've waited a month. No call. No reason. After all these years, nothing.

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