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Just saw one of Hyundai's execs park in a handicapped spot in Chicago for lunch. The person clearly had not disability. IL MFR Plate #4 AF. Tells you something about character.

Slick Salesman @Pohanka Hyundai

Lied to to get the sale. I am thoroughly disappointed our salesma nat Pohanka Hyundai because when we purchased our car he told us the first oil change was free which was a lie. He uses this perk as a means to sell cars then says he never said that when customers come in for service. I call corporate made a complaint and have yet to hear from.the dealership or corporate offices. If this is Hyundai's idea of customer service then my next car will not be a Hyundai.

Purchase of car (not)

I think its only fair people know I speak of the Hyundai of El Paso.


I have an ongoing warranty issue that they refuse to address...more like are completely ignoring me. I leave messages with regional office, send repeated emails, called customer service I don't know how many times (dozens). They either don't return messages or say they will check on it and never call back. Complete Customer DIService! I will never buy a hyundai again.

poor MPG's poor tires

I purchased a 2013 Hyundai Elantra. The gas mileage is horrible, I get an average of 24-25 MPG's combined. After numerous complaints, I still don't have the problem solved. The car is dangerous in the snow. I was told I have to buy snow tires, are you kidding. I would never recommend a Hyundai product to anyone, the car sucks!


I bought a 2013 genesis 3.8 Rspec and in 6 months have been back to the dealer 2 times already. This has happened a few times when driving at highway speeds, the car will not exceed 50mph and will not rev over 2500 RPM. Both times i missed work because of this and the dealership cant seem to find the issue. Instead they tell me the manager is getting mad that he has a rental car out because my car is being serviced. To me this is ridiculous and i no longer feel safe driving in my own car and they do not seem to care.


My 2011 genesis, blue tooth failed 4 months out of warrenty, with only 23,000 miles. The dealer tells me the fix is $1,000.00. Never buy one again

Customer service in Pharr, TX

This is to inform you that, after more than ten years and two Hyundai purchases, not to mentioned all the continued maintenance, the Hyundai dealership in Pharr, TX, has decided not to order parts for my car. No reason was given. In fact, the service department keeps telling me they ordered and reordered the parts but, when I call or show up at the dealership, there is no record of any such orders. I am told to wait until they call me. I've waited a month. No call. No reason. After all these years, nothing.


I will never suggest someone buy a HYUNDAI. They are not reliable. Mine would of nickle and dimed me if it was for the warranty. It mostly all started about year and a half after I bought it. I bought it brand new 2006. 2013 I had new engine n transmission repaired. About 5 months later gears are tough n engine is making noise. Head cylinder 2 was fixed 2011 or 12. Suv over heated coolant sytem was fix etc etc. You get the piont. Please dont buy a hyundai Tucson...

Genesis Quality NO Cust Care

Numerous Issues on a 2013 Genesis RSpec. The dealer had my car for 12 days, only fixed 1 issue. Have sent feedback to Corp w/o any reply. Frustrating interior noise the dealer said was acceptable, REALLY. Faulty accelerator pedal not fixed and is dangerous. Every Genesis I and my wife have driven drivers differently, which indicates poor quality control or junk parts. Since no one at Hyundia Cares about repeat business, they won't get mine.

2013 Genesis Juke boxbox

No one seems to know how to download Cds into the hard drive in the jukebox system or if the hard drive is 32 or 64 GB or if it is even accessible to be used or if it just supports the the electronics in the car. Neither the service people nor the sales people at the dealership have a clue. How can you sell a car and your representatives don't know how to use the systems that are in the car.

Car mileage

We bought the car brand new , since it has worn our tires in the rear. The dealer gave us 2 tires and since then we had to replace 2 more, rear also.and the mileage is something else, it gives us 25 miles per gallon , when it should give 30 and better. Not a good deal at all. If I could I would return it, They compensated us with about $90 gas card just so we won't sue them. Not a good deal at all. That is why we but it cause of the gas mileage!

Poor Quality and Poor Service

I bought a brand new Hyundia tiburon in 2007.Ive had nothing but problems with it.When it was on warranty I had to have a new transmission put in and a few yrs later another transmission.$2000.00 ....And can never get my car in for an oil change at the local Hyundia dealership where i live.Corwin Hyundia Jefferson City MO.Whenever anyone asks how I like my car I tell them I will never own another Hyundia ever.They are poor quality cars and poor customer service.

new car

I went to your dealers on North Freeway September 27, 2013. I wanted to purchase a new vechicle when you had the 0% for 60 months. I was told I couldn't get that deal unless I qualified for (all) the incentives, which I have never heard of before. I left and went to Planet Ford Sept. 28, 2013 and purchased a new vechicle from them. I just want to let you know about the dealers lost. I will never buy anything from them and I will them everyone about how they do business. ( false advertisement)


I went online to get info and there was no pricing for the car I was interested in leasing so I had to complete a brief form that asked for my name, email, phone number and if I submitted that requested info someone would contact me with a "quote". A lady called and the first thing she asked for was my email address and when I told her I had already submitted it and that all I wanted was a quote for a lease, she would not give me a quote and I had complied with your request to get a quote. Not interested in doing business with people like you.

glennbrook hyundai

i went in to get my tail light or license plate light fix. They fix it but when i look underneath my hood I notice my Engine Cover is missing went back and i told the asst. manager to look and tell me what missing and he said a engine cover is missing and he ask who change my oil. I told him i did and he told me that he not replace it. Okay now I you come out to the waiting area and telling me that my throttle body need clean and my fuel injectors need clean then yeah you did took off my engine cover. Then they try telling me that I stole it why would I steal my own enigne cover. I will never ever buy another Hyundai again I will not tell any of my friend to get one. This is my 3 hyundai from them and this is what i get in return.


If you live in Oklahoma City, OK, beware of Edmond Hyundia service department. Promises that takes months to fix.

Paramus Hyundai Sucks !

I went to Paramus Hyundai NJ to return my lease car on 8/20/13 but the Eric Bennett (Sales Manager) denied it because we have not make an appointment and furthermore he got a bad bad manner and ill-mannered person. He said that you had to make an appointment with me to return your vehicle not others cause I am the person who charge it. Do you think it is make sense? He ruins Hyundai reputation and whose gonna buy the Hyundai?


I bought this van in 2006. It was a brand new 2007 and it has been nothing but a lemon. It's been the shop every year I have had it. My problem now is we had the blower motor replaced on the air conditioner three years ago and now it doesn't work again. Took to a dealership and paid $900.00 to have it replaced. We drove it off the lot and five minutes down the road it stopped working. Now the are asking for another $600.00 to try and fix it. Can someone please help me. I had to borrow the $900.00 and I'm just giving you the chance to help me resolve this issue.


I have had three Hyundai vehicles. Tucson, Sonata and Genesis. I now have a Lexus, but miss the Genesis. I see your 2015 Genesis is going to have a makeover. The timing of the release of this vehicle will be when I need a new vehicle. The only reason I went to Lexus is that the PASSENGER SIDE SEAT IS TOO LOW ON THE HYUNDAI...AND..THE ELECTRIC PASSENGER SEAT WILL NOT GO UP OR DOWN... FIX THIS PLEASE!!!...and I will reconsider going back to the Hyundai. My wife is short and we were tired of having her sit on a cushion.... Also...raise the front of the Genesis about two inches.... was tired of scraping parking lot chocks.... thanks.

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