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With everything going on in Gaza and the Palestinian civilian death toll upwards 600 people, to have light hearted jew dating commercials seems insensitive and it is terribly uncomfortable to watch. Not to mention they are just plain terrible commercials with incredibly bad looking people in them.


When hulu first began, it was great. Sure there were some commercials, but it was fine. Now, I am watching a series on hulu and every ten minutes there are four commercials! One ad every soo often is acceptable, but this?? I am paying eight dollars a month, why?

charged my card without my consent, i cancelled the service few months ago....it never worked... and now i see a charge on my credit card....what an awful company

the booth at the end

Why would you not cont the best series I have every seen your style is full of trite stupid show with no profound messages at all if you are going to make a series of such high caliber then give it a real chance

I spoke with a friendly lady who knew what to do when I explained to her that I had never signed up with hulu, hadn't used it at all, and I was being charged on my AmEx bill each month. She politely told me that she would pull the account and refund my money within 6-19 business days.

We have twice tried to cancel our Hulu Plus account for over a year,, but our credit card continues to be charged monthly since then.. In attempting to log on to Hulu Plus we are notified that our account has been cancelled. We are unable to fix this problem and it is impossible to contact anyone by phone. Please stop charging our account or reinstate us with credit for those months we have been denied service. Our next step will be to lodge an ;official complaint.

Getting ripped off

I cancel Hulu months back and they are charging me again after I cancel this account. This company is stealing peoples money!

Hulu, why are you even in existence? Do you get pleasure from everyone else's pain? Do you enjoy selling a product that does not work correctly...ever?!

freezes all the time or it just wont start up

They charged me and I do not have hulu

I don't appreciate you taking money out of my account Without my consent, You should know very well that it never worked for me.I never got to use it not even once!!! So you shouldn't be charging me so I want my money back on my card ASAP!!!

Trying get to someone on the phone is very difficult been trying for days to cancel but no luck if anyone get this message I need a better contact info. Email me at powellstitch@ yahoo.com

I would love to give you five stars, as your service [was] well worth the money. I have grown dissapointed with the length and number of commercials. I could well watch the regular TV. I thought paying might aleviate the need for them, and it has not. I will be reseearching other options. The one with the fewest interruptions will get my business.

Thanks alot - your answer solved all my problems after several days struggnlig

AKAIK you've got the aneswr in one!

Dear Hulu, would you please stop advertising for hulu, ON hulu! that's pointless

I have a account ,they had a problem charging my account this month ,I'm trying to get ahold of some one to restart my acct .can some one call me or email me with phone number of some one I can talk to ,thanks Todd Heuschkel 18607821518 or toddheuschkel@ yahoo.com

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