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The sales associates are not trained and informed on his to apply discounts and promotions. They only carry skinny clothing items in store. The music is extremely loud for the size of the store. All around not satisfied with the customer service I received....


return policy

bought over $150.00 for Christmas presents and the sales people said if they don't like it they can bring it back no problem. Well they did and they would only give the store credit. NOT WHAT I WAS TOLD. This isn't the end.

All of these complaints about how dark the store is and how loud the music is are just silly. Hollister is a junior store. Its designed to attract teenagers, which is why its club themed.


I was shopping with a friend and she wanted to go into Hollister. I knew that I couldn't fit into your clothes but I went in anyway. I was looking for Jean shorts hoping I could at least find one pair, so I asked the clerk to find me a size 11 (wich is the biggest size I've seen in the store) and she said that they only go up to size 9. I felt very discriminated on. They need to start making clothes for thicker girls. Not everyone is a twig.

Charged Twice

I purchased an item at Hollister during Xmas. The clerk swipped my card, but she did not apply my 20% coupon. Therefore, she processed another transaction, refunding the previous transaction. There was never a refund issued. She charged me twice. I wasn't aware of this problem until checking my account the following day. I spoke with the regional manager, and store manger. They both advised "send an email to our corp office". I have yet to receive my refund. I will NEVER shop there again.

I worked for the company for 2 years in Lincoln Nebraska i loved it . i was sad to see it go , the people here were really friendly and it was the best job ive had while in college easy hours and tasks were really easy to . overall i would say ive learned so much about retail and one day i hope to work for the company again in a different city . hopefullu and general manager or something of that nautre . i loveeeeeeeeee you HCO .


I had a very disappointed 13 yr old this morning as the sensor was not taken off of her sweater that we so wanted to wear to school. Going away tomorrow for holiday weekend and won't be able to get to store. Please train associates especially with Black Friday and holiday season to take off.


I love Hollister! I've got some amazing clothes from there and they are lush! <3 Also the hoodies are warm apart from anything else!!! I've had a number of hoodies that have had to be chucked out because they are too cold!

I believe American Eagle Outfitters has betetr winter coats. I've had the same AE one for 3 years and I'm just now getting a new one. Although, American Eagle is going for more of the classic look this year, so if you want the fur-lined hoodies and puffer jacket combo, I suggest you go to Hollister. But, I think you should check out the Ambercrombie Kids one on clearance, it's too cute!

Horrible, I purchased a coat and still do not have it. The coat is in their hands with my money. They sent me a 40.00 sweatshirt. When asking Angie at the new order call center, she said, Nothing she could do other than me returning and fixing it. They also were taking money from my bank and then putting them back. Horrible company....

I walked into the hollister in Westchester Mall, White Plains, NY..The associates where very rude. Only one cashier, and the other associates where playing around in the back. When I asked the manager or I assumed it was the manager, she agnored me, went to the back and started to joke with the other employees. I use to be a regular at this store. The service has gone down, the customer service has gone down. The manager seems not to care that her employees where in the back joking and no cashier was in the front. Its a shame that poor managment leads to poor service.

I came to the shop to buy some clothes for my son. The shop was way to dark for me to get some clothes its really bother me. I cant really get my son came to the shops with me because He has school and at the weekend seems always everybody got something else to do so I thought when I shopping around I stop by to see some clothes at hollister. It was so dark. If I gonna get something and clothes there were very expensive I would like to be able to see it. I am sure other parents feel the same, when the kids were that young we the parents whose bought the clothes not them.

The adults pay for all the stuff, It should be the way we like it. I have good hearing still because i didn't shop at a place like this. If you have to shout its to loud and you all are to young and stupid to realize this???

On 8/11/12, I was school shopping for my 11 year old daughter. While she was waiting in line I was looking for a pair of pants. I was trying to find a size elven in pants so I asked for help and the gentleman that worked there he did-not know so he asked on of the younger girls in the front. I heard the girl say "who wants that size" I continued to look for the pants. When I got back into line with my daughter my daughter told me that the girl who's name is Christina said that I "she must be fat I'm only a size 1" My daughter was heart broken, embarrassed and very upset what the two girls were saying & giggling that about me.Helpless in line my daughter could only stand and listen When I returned in line I heard Christina call a customer that walked away " A loser's" I was very shocked. I told Devin the manager what the girls were saying about me & he just said he was sorry. I asked Devin for a customer service number or corporate number and he said he doesn't have such numbers. I called Devin on 8/12/12 and asked about the situation and he, Devin said that the "girls admitted what they said" and he told them not to say such things. I couldn't get the 2ND girls name as Devin would not give it to me. Going forward, I feel discriminated against, and very hurt for my 11 year old daughter. This is NOT right and as a customer I will not return to that location ever. I was school shopping and my daughter put all her items back that were at least $400.00. worth of clothes. I have family member that shop @ your location and I will share my experience with them. I'm very taken back by your employees insults. Is this the kind of behavior you are allowing at your location? My aunt is a corporate attorney I'm going to consult with her to know my rights because I know this is NOT right. I would like to hear back from someone sooner than later about this my number is located below and it's best to reach me by phone.

I purchased some clothes for my daughter; however, the ink on the printer was not working so part of the receipt was missing. When I went to return some items their machine could not read the bar code because some of the numbers were missing. The manager told me that rather than getting a credit to my account, they would have to return the items like I did not have my receipt and give me a store credit. Some of the items had been marked down and they were trying to give me the markdown price. When I brought this to their attention, they tried to correct the mistake by adding other items to increase the return amount. After 30 minutes of confusion, I came home with $10 less than I should and a store credit rather than a credit card credit. I think there should have been a way to override the computer.

I bought a swim suit in June for my grand daughter. She had tried the suit on at the store and it fit. Some how the receipt was lost. she wore the suit one time and we hand washed and air dried the item. As the suit was drying, we noticed that the red stripes were bleeding onto the white stripes. I washed it several time thinking it would stop bleeding , after much washing it looked faded and still had red dye on the white stripes. By this time i am angry . I drive the 25 miles to the closest store . I asked for a manager. I explained the problem thinking that I would have no problem getting a replacement suit of a different color. The suit plainly has Hollister on the label and the little emblem on front no way it could have been from any where else. The store manager said if I had the tag off the suit she could give me store credit . I told her who keeps tags off clothing? I could understand if I was asking for a refund. All I wanted was what I paid for, a wearable swim suit. It is sad that you get better customer service from Walmart . If they are trying to project a high image and charge more than most stores they need to stand behind thier merchandise

I shop religiously at Hollister. Don't see what the big deal is. Perhaps it's the fact that the store is for young teens and adults. I have a wide veriaty of friends that shop here and we love it. Perhaps it's better if older people stay out of the store. No offense it's just not meant for you to be in it. Although YES I can agree the fragrance is too strong. I'm in there to get what I want and get out and that's it. Calm down. I'm sure Hollister isn't going anywhere. Sorry folks.

Guys this is not the Hollister company store. You guys cease to complain about things that are not the employees fault. Standards are set by corporate and employees are yelled at all day over conditions that they cannot change.

I purchased some items from the Hollister online store and used my paypal account because I didn't have my credit card handy. When I received the items and found the fit to be a little short and went to return them at a local store and was told that I couldn't get a credit back to my paypal account that I was only eligible for a in store credit and my only option to get a refund was to mail it back to the online store which is no where to be seen during the purchase process, only when I was brought through the tree of store policies was I able read this policy. So I have gotten the pleasure to spend $17 dollars to try on clothes. This kind of shady practice makes me not want to purchase at your stores and I will tell most people not to either.

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