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Dont Buy

This FOR PROFIT conpany is unfair and does not deserve our business


Please tell the attorney's handling the supreme court case to look at the exemption for special interest religious groups in the Affordable Care Act mentioned at: http://www.snopes.com/politics/medical/exemptions.asp

Christian Values

I understand that Hobby Lobby wants their Christian values respected but since most of their products are bought in China that has one child policy and forced abortions it does not make any sense.


Frankly, I would love to see this right wing , anti choice, anti semetic company GET OUT of the USA... We can find our craft products at another store...GOOD RIDDANCE.

what are you afraid of?

I have written two reviews a couple of months apart now and you won't post my review! I have proof to back up my claims! What are you afraid of? Perhaps an EEOC lawsuit of Hostile Work Environment...? Christian company my tail end!

hl employee

Its great a company can fight for its own religous beliefs but what about the beliefs of all its employees. is hobby lobby trying to press their views on all of us as employees? seems more like oppression versus out own religous freedom. this company needs to take the attention from a lost cause and put the energy back into fixing the institutional faliures that continue to occur on a daily basis within their company. Too many people are getting mistreated.

I love my job and I am very able to do a great awesome job. But there has been so many complaints on our manager and they have done nothing! She has called supervisors in and told them she had to let them go and then tell them it was a joke after they was freaking out thinking they was being fired! She's not a manager I was a manager and you don't treat your employees the way she does.. Store 549

Beautiful work

I have bought several custom framed items from Hobby Lobby. I have always been pleased. One of the times they did it incorrectly and they fixed it, at no extra charge, and did so with a great attitude. They have my custom framing business.

I think it was ridiculous, how many employees lives you put in danger Friday 12/06/13. The weather was horrible, you talk about family and how important family is well if your employees don't make it home safe what about their families, or is it just the Greens family that's important? You need to think about how bad the weather gets. And yes I work at Hobby Lobby store 165 Owensboro, ky. I love my job, and the people I work with. .I just think common sense goes along way.

HORRIBLE Customer Service

I contacted customer service for an online order and they assured me that I could return my order in a local store. When I went to the local store to return my online order, I was told that they do not return items purchased online. Then, when I called customer service BACK, they said that I would have to pay shipping to ship the items back. What a wild goose chase and then they wouldn't even take ownership of their mistake and take care of their customer!! What a disgrace!

Standing alone!!

This company is such a great example of standing up for Christian beliefs. Although they may be doing it alone, they are doing what they believe is God's way. I am always amazed at the great service and friendliness of the staff. Thank you Hobby Lobby for being such a positive example.

Rude customer service, doesnt support women

I recently visited Hobby Lobby on a trip to Florida. I was Christmas shopping for my two girls, but left the store when the cashier was terribly rude to me. Later I found out in the news that Hobby Lobby does not support women - they refuse to allow insurance companies to provide health care and birth control to the women who work at their store. What century are they living in?? Its the 21st century, not the 15th century. I will never visit this store again.

horrible customer service

Manager at store #117 in Colorado had mw wait in three LONG line to return an item for 2.99. He was rude and loud in front of other customers. I t was the stores mistake and he refused to help. I will never shop Hobby Lobby again. They need to hire managers with morals. Michael's and Joanne's you got my business from now on.


We have gone to Hobby Lobby a number of times. Each time the employees were very nice and very courteous. Called their store in Rockford a couple of days ago for some information and spoke to the manager who was very helpful and pointed me in the right direction. Have spoken to others who have been to Hobby Lobby and they say they had good experiences shopping there. We highly recommend Hobby Lobby to others.

Don't shop at Hobby Lobby

I've got video footage of their harassment and unprofessionalism. I tried to give employees item that were broken on the shelf and they refused to take it and left it hanging to sell broken. This is not what a Christian store should treat their customers. My daughter was crying the whole time and wanted to hide in the car.

Everytime I go in Hobby Lobby, the customer service is awful. Moreso in the frame department. I purchased a custom frame three weeks ago, receive a message it is ready for pick up, go there and they refuse to put my print in the frame because it was Tuesday and they cannot do anything but work on unloading their trucks on Tuesday. I went to manager, manager had lady assist me but she was so rude that I walked out with my print but not my customer frame. This has happened to me once before! Why I went back after the first time was just stupid. At this point I plan to file a complaint. Their lines are entirely too long, their adds are false advertisement, and their customer service sucks! Hobby Lobby in Birmingham AL just off of Hwy 280.

God Bless Managment thank U

Were is our country going I do not live near any of your fine stores but if I did I would gladly shop there on the idea that management stands for Christian beliefs. I try to be a good GOD FEARING person it is hard now that we have no leadership but I am glad your company sticks up for their christian beliefs it seems half of America does not care on how they act thank you for the hard battle you are truly fighting. Amen.

I recently moved to Florida and I was in the Panama City location. I went into Hobby Lobby with my mother in law and young child. We were purchasing enough stuff to decorate our whole house. As we had to drive over an hour to get therey child did not have her nap. She began to fuss. So I hurried to check out, leaving her with my mom. As I was waiting in line the cashier made the remark on how she wished they would get that screaming child out of her store. I left my belongings in my cart and we proceed to leave. When I went in to make a complaint the cashier was laughing the whole time. The manager didn't apologize just said she would talk to her. Never will I go back!

MISERABLE employees

Hobby Lobby is supposed to be a company founded on Biblical principles....yet where are those principles....when a company has a great 'body' of employees, yet lack a 'head' to lead those same employees....the end result ...are MISERABLE employees! If you find it difficult to believe...then head on over to Tucson, AZ! I witnessed this as I was shopping at their store in Tucson. I overheard employees stating how miserable they felt and were just wanting to quit but could not afford to! If I had just heard it once, I would believe it was just a disgruntled employee, but I overheard it in various areas of their store, especially while I was shopping in the Hobbies section and I guess the employee breakroom is nearby. I feel so horrible for those poor workers. Good luck to all of you. God Bless

Used and then dropped

I recently was an employee of Hobby Lobby. I worked there from just the end of August to this last week when my boss in no uncertain terms laid me off because there was no longer any room for me in the budget. Or at least that was the reason given to me. I am not deaf or blind though. There was a particular woman there who although she was nice to my face, she gossiped about me when she thought I could not hear. I know this because I did hear her talking about me to others. And she was my supervisor. It doesn't get more unprofessional than that. She spread lies about me through the whole store till no one wanted to talk to me. She won everyone over till victory was hers. They laid me off this week and she won. But I wasn't fighting with her. I just wanted to work and have a job. So it wasn't fair you see. And this came from what is supposed to be a Christian organization. I am not going to shop at Hobby Lobby.

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