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Lost me as a customer

I'm not sure if this about money or what, but how can you say on the one hand you'll cover vasectomys and viagra but not women's contraception? My wife had to take that for four years before we were married for health reasons. Now, a vasectomy, only one reason a man needs that. Oh, and Jesus hates one thing more than anything else - hypocrisy.


It's sad that folks with this mentality do not want contraception, abortion or taxes to go for programs to help mothers with kids. Also, the few that do adopt want healthy babies. I just don't get it.

First Amendment

Today the First Amendment was not aborted.

supreme court

I hope what has happened today proves to backfire and hurt your bottom line. Which is what this is all about..GREED.

Lost this customer

Male conservative SCOTUS validates ongoing sexism in American society masquerading under religious freedom. Shame on Hobby Lobby. You've lost this customer FOR LIFE!

I will never shop in your shithole store again


I had two abortions while working at hobby lobby!!! thanks for the contraceptives y'all


I stand with you. Congrats! Good job on not giving up on your constitutional rights.


i gone to church all may life Jesus loved everybody and women i will never set food in your store we have in pa go to other craft store not and my lady friends and family


Praise GOD for answered prayer, I and my husband do not believe in abortion, etc. Love your store, shop in Rockford, Ill. May GOD continue to bless you above, beyond, and exceeding all expectations.

Supreme Court rule in favor hobby Lobby

I just wanted to say how proud I am of hobby lobby for sticking to their God given beliefs about not providing procedures or pills to end the life of the most innocent, the unborn child. Thank you hobby lobby, my husband has worked for you almost twenty years and we have prayed for this outcome. GOD listens!

Great company

Thank God you won today. I live in Rock Hill .SC . You will go down in history as courageous and bold taking a stand for saving Gods children. God Bless you and all your employees.292

Hiring process

I was told by a co-manager that they were hiring. I put in my application, went through the interview process, and was told I did a great interview and that he would call me in a couple of days. Since then I have gotten nothing but the run around. That is until today when I talked to the actual store manager and was told they had hired all they were going to at the moment. So much for their Christian values!!!!!! If you weren't going to hire me just say so, that way I could move on to something else!!!!


My first time in a Hobby Lobby and my last. If I didn't have to give a star, you wouldn't even get one. This place sucks. After spending 2 hours of my Saturday afternoon in this dump and selecting over $200 worth of items. Hobby Lobby won't take my check. I had proper ID and I know for a fact that there is a lot more money than &200 in my account. I will never again visit this poorly operated rubbish heap again.

Hobby Lobby are thieves

Hobby Lobby charged me twice for a product and now refuses to give me back my money. They say the bank is suppose to give it back but Hobby Lobby is the one who took my money not the bank

Dont Buy

This FOR PROFIT conpany is unfair and does not deserve our business


Please tell the attorney's handling the supreme court case to look at the exemption for special interest religious groups in the Affordable Care Act mentioned at: http://www.snopes.com/politics/medical/exemptions.asp

Christian Values

I understand that Hobby Lobby wants their Christian values respected but since most of their products are bought in China that has one child policy and forced abortions it does not make any sense.


Frankly, I would love to see this right wing , anti choice, anti semetic company GET OUT of the USA... We can find our craft products at another store...GOOD RIDDANCE.

what are you afraid of?

I have written two reviews a couple of months apart now and you won't post my review! I have proof to back up my claims! What are you afraid of? Perhaps an EEOC lawsuit of Hostile Work Environment...? Christian company my tail end!

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