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The customer service at the Harlingen,Tx store is terrible.The cashier was rude and then I mentioned she needed to have better customer service skills and pretended like she was going to come at me.VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!!!

supreme court decision

I thank God for people like you who refuse to go against Gods word. You shall surely be Blessed.

Terrible service and rude, never coming back to this location


I love this place! i run around as i decide what to get. As a child everything seems so expensive so I don't go a lot.

love the store

I've been into the stores when I am on vacation and love them!!! I wish we had one close to us in Santa Rosa Calif. And I am totally behind them in their fight against Obama Care. They provide plenty of birth control options to their employees. They shouldn't have to provide bc that goes against their religious convictions.

worse than a star

I would not even give a star to the customer service of this store. I have been treated poorly before from the agents working at Hobby Lobby, and I just ignored it as one of those days. But within two week time frame and two different stores in two Oklahoma locations, both times were a very disrupting and time wasting and disrespectful. I will not shop there again.

Manager Plastics BMW/Mercedes

Your picture frames are scratched all the time. Your employees are unable to correct the issue. They merely say "...the frames come in this way...or use a black marker to hide the scracth..." In addition, the store in Auburn, AL never offers a discount for the scratched frames. I still have to pay full price the picture frames. The store is awesome...picture frames in the TERRIBLE.


They have racists store managers in Virginia and they set people up to fire them yet keep people with a criminal background or other store managers that sleep with employees.

Proud Supporter

Thank you for your fight! We proudly stand with you Hobby Lobby!

What is going on with Hobby Lobby?

Because of your recent executive decisions regarding limiting health care services and prescriptions for your female employees, Women are refusing to visit and purchase from your bricks and mortars. so far I know of 3 women who have pledged to no longer shop in your awesome (now awful) stores. Most just stop going and don't let you know why. If you notice sales dropping, this is just part of the explanation. In the hopes that you could reconsider your policies and revisit your bibles and pay closer attention to what Jesus said, I remain sincerely yours.

terminated while I was pregnant in the hospital

Was employed by Hobby Lobby found out I was pregnant and found I was high risk due to me loosing my first son just months before I had a ten pound weight restriction as a cashier and they couldnt accomodate me. Forced me on fmla and exhausted my vacation time and when I didn't respond to the certified mail I couldn't recieve while I was in the hospital was terminated from my job.

God is Good

Great Store I Love You All!!!

Read the ruling

All the hate is from people who didn't read the ruling. They still provide 7 forms of birth control. I work there. I use birth control. Shocking, I know.

Don't believe everything you read, especially by a liberal

Until this whole Hobby Lobby ruling situation I had never been to any of their stores. Thanks to liberals I have found one of my favorite go to shopping places. It is a cross between a craft store (only better) and Pier One. I have found some really great products and some really grateful buys. No company is perfect but most of the negative comments you will see, read or hear are probably a part of a liberal smear campaign. They are not only doing it to this company but also to Chick-fil-A for politically motivated reasons. Many liberals themselves have stated they are out to put these companies out of business. Their agenda is more important than all the possible job losses should they succeed. Since I have begun shopping there I have received nothing but excellent customer service from the employees. Thanks liberals for bringing this store to my attention.


I want to make sure everybody sees this Hobby Lobby fired a Hobby lobby fired awomen for taking time off to have a baby. they did not even tell her. They just fired her when she came back. for taking time off to have a baby !Now she has a baby but no job. so much for Christian values. I knew these people are the antichrist/ Oh they make people sign something saying you can't sue them cause they are"christian" They even denied her unemployment

supreme court ruling

I like the supreme courts ruling. Hobby Lobby already covers alot of the drugs Obama Care calls for companies to cover, it was to my knowledge a few that are questionable that the case was about. I don't know about others but in this area some of those that were in debate are free at the health department here.

Its a store not a church

Hobby lobby is an arts and crafts store, they should not be flinging around religion.

Proud Supporter

To the Green family-Thank you so much for standing up for your. principles-I spent $280 in your store today & am proud to be one of your customers-many of us do support you -thanks for speaking up for us.

I was an employee at hobby lobby and seen a lot of crooked stuff just so sales were good! When I first started it was a good atmosphere, then everyone was gossiping management didn't schdule enough ppl to cover shifts, so there were complaining customers and employees get called from their departments and complaining, because they wasn't getting inventory done. It was so bad I quit my job, I got yelled at for doing my job and I couldn't win got losing

Supreme Court Decision

Congratulations on standing by your beliefs. i will shop at your store and am so excited you are opening in Oxnard

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