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I wonder where you get the right to put the word PRESCRIPTION of your wf feline dry food. as a registered pharmacist in penna and after consulting with the Food and drug administation, the penna board of pharmacy there is not one dam drug in your food tht shold require a prescription. I have found out recently that your food ranks at the bottom of all of the internet firms investingations of dry cat foods. I have also found out that through these internet sites that you offer kickbacks to vets to push your lousy food. Most of the articles give on a scale of 1-5 rating your product a rating on 1 (lousy). How can you continually lie when you include in your product materials that never should be there, like powdered cellulose, chicken by product meal(a dry product of slaughter house waste, soy bean meal, corn gluten, soil oil, beet pulp, no probiotics and non cheleated minerals. They also in the articles conclude that you have to keep the price high to ofset the kickbacks to vets. I also went to petsmart who sell it with not Rx and their banfield counter person, not even medically trained eagerly gave me an rx card so I could buy it. Ihave fed thiis to my cat for about 8 years and on advice of my vet I have switched to a more nourishing food containing excellant ingredients( Blue Buffalo) and have found my cat is nos not crying for food because he is getting the nnourish he needs and is not always being hungry and asking for food. Its a shame that in this country you can lie and decieve the public into thinking they are getting good mdse when they are getting nothing by GARBAGE. I hope my writing to the FDA admin and the pa state board for investigations into your company and require you to remove the word PRESCRIPTION from the bags instead of lying for after 57 tears as regisered phrmacist I feel its my duty to do so.

I feel so much hpapier now I understand all this. Thanks!

This forum needed shaikng up and youÂ’ve just done that. Great post!

I would give zero stars if that was an offered option. I found a black beetle bug in a can of Hills Prescription canned i/d dog food. I sent an email to the Hill's Consumer Affairs department and promptly received a response asking me to call the 800 number during business hours, which I did. The representative who eventually came on the line asked me lots of questions in an effort to find a way the bug could have gotten into the food after the can was opened-- "Where was the bug found in the can? How long had the can been opened? Where do you store the food? How long have you had it?" etc.... I explained that the bug was in the can. I found it as I scooped the food out. I had to pick the food off of the bug to see the whole thing. It had legs and when I squished it, guts came out. It was not a chemical or ingredient, as the rep insisted. She firmly stated there could be no bugs in Hill's food because of the strict sterile environment it is manufactured. She spent several minutes explaining why there could not possibly be a bug in the food. Well, sorry, there was a bug. I saw it. I would not be writing here and on every message board I know of if the rep had apologized and explained that every precaution is taken to make sure bugs don't get into the food, but occasionally things like that do happen. She should have offered me a free case of the food in an effort to appease me rather than insinuate that I imagined the very real bug.

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