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I called a local Hertz car rental in Poway CA two different times to get price quotes. The first time it rang until I was hung up on. The second time it rang with no response or even a recorded message. I called Corporate Headquarter to advise them of my experience. The representative advised me that I could not call that number for a rental and had to call another number. I told her that I prefered to do business locally where I intended to pick up the car because they are more aware of availability and price. I was surprised by that the corporate office was not concerned about poor customer service and the loss of business. I told the representive I could see why they were rated 1-1/2 stars out of four. She told me I interupted her and she was going to say that she would pass my complaint on. There seems to be a serious lack of customer service in all departments I delt with. It is too bad she felt the need to advise me that I interrupted her instead of taking customer information to improve their services. Again, what happened to good customer service and training? I will not be calling on Hertz for a car rental in the future.

Was getting my car worked on as the dealership rented me a car from hertz. The billing was set up to be payed for from the dealership. Somehow hertz took the money out of my checking acount. A week later nothing has been resolved and are very difficult to deal with. Will never do business with again.

No such location

We rented a car at Andrews AFB and drove to Charleston AFB only to find that the location we were to return the car to no longer existed. Had to call to find a new drop off location after driving around for 1/2 an hour. Then had billing problems after that, but they did manage to correct that.


I attempted to rent a car on a Saturday morning in Norman, OK and needed to pick up the car at 8:00 a.m. I was told the office does not open until 9:00 a.m. When I told the representative I wanted to return to car on Sunday morning I was told their Norman office is not open and i would have to keep the car and extra day and pay the cost of keeping the car. Hertz needs to be open from 8:00 a.m. to at least 8:00 p.m. The representative told me the office in Norman is open from 9:00 a.m. to noon on Saturdays and not at all on Sunday. Poor service when customers need a car and can't get one when they need it.


I will not rent from Hertz again either. I am in Falls Church, Virginia, and rented from my local dealership within a mile of my house. Had issues with first car, got a second car with issues as well. Wouldn't mind so much, but the non-caring, 'oh well' attitude is what concerns me most. When I called "Executive" Customer Service in NJ, I got attitude from them as well. Something's wrong at Corporate, for the employees to be carrying an attitude.

Not Happy

The Crystal Lake office has the most inadequate people I have ever spoken with.


Trying to get picked up so I can get my rental car and Hertz just doesn't seem to care. The Hertz rental site have their phones forwarded to Hertz central reservations who are totally useless. Called 5 times and felt like I was distrubing her nap or nail polishing.

I rented a car and was given a sentra. Asked for an altima and was charge $75 for an upgrade! I am a GOLD member and the altima is an intermediate, which was what type of car I requested. Sent in a complaint, after two weeks got a response stating I would receive a credit. Then got another email stating I would not get a credit. Spoke with the customer service rep. , who was RUDE and she didn't care if Hertz lost my business. REALLY??? Well, no longer will I rent from Hertz. Poor customer service!!!

gave my car away

I "reserved" a car at the Desert Springs Marriott location in Palm Desert, CA. I called to ensure they were not going to close early, normal time 1pm on Sunday. She said they didn't have a car for me? I went with a pick up time of 10am and called at 1130am. I was speechless. How can you run a business that way? The rental was for a week and reserved. Why take a chance that I don't show up to someone who didn't reserve a car to begin with? Now I am left to figure this mess out.....never again Hertz.

Renting a Car

I rented a car from the Totowa location in NJ. The representatives are quick and in a hurry to get you out of there. On the phones, they are rude and eager to hang up. They are very unorganized and misplace things. If i my insurance didn't choose them i would never deal with them EVER again.

I rented a car from a location in Conyers Georgia as I always do. My bill did not have my PC code information on it and I was told to call the billing department. I called the billing department and spoke with two representatives and one named Lee ID 7861 who was just rude and nasty. I have never had such a disrespectful agent on the phone from Hertz and after dealing with this foolishness over being overcharged. I am extremely disappointed with Hertz and I would not recommend them to anyone.

WE rented a car in Milan and when we picked up the car the back bumper was being held on by duct tape. Duct tape!! What a joke. And despite sending in a complaint letter to Hertz, we have heard nothing. Never again. Hertz, you suck

I will never rent from Hertz again after my experience renting from Hertz Alanta-Hartsfield location. I was over charged on my rental rates ( Approximately $160); I was charged for road side assistance I never received (an additional $68), I paid for another service to fix the tire to try to get to the airport for a flight. The check tire pressure light was on the entire rental and Hertz customer service told me to visually check to see if the air was low in the tire, if not the sensor may be bad. I am unable to speak with Mangers from the Hertz rental services and the phone conveniently hangs up over and over again. Worse thing, I was a longtime customer of Hertz for my business travels.

I will never rent from hertz again ...I was put in an unsafe car balled tires and completely off alignment and had to wait 24 hrs out of state for a replacement...unprofessional and unreliable! !!

One week before leaving i contacted hertz many times regarding obtaining the correct car for my mother and father in law to travel with us finally my wife was told by an employee that the only car in the group was the one the had . This was a lie. Late at night offered a totally unsuitable car, had to upgrade costing £240 extra Many e-mails on return no communication . never again will i hire from them nor will many people that i have spoken to since.

We recently rented a car from Hertz in Paris, France. We returned the car and paid with our credit card. The balance was -0-. We arrived home and a couple of days later there appeared 3 separate charges from Hertz on our credit card. They are all in the $25.00 range. I called Hertz and they said that the charges would come off in a couple of days. So far the charges have not come off. The 3 bills in the mail state that the charges on this invoice cover costs incurred in providing the driver or renter name and address to the relevant authority in France. We also received 3 speeding tickets in France. My husband was careful and stayed within the range when we could see a posting on the roadway that indicated the speed. Two of the tickets were on the same road and were given within 7 minutes of one another. We do not speak French and the tickets are only in French. We now have to get them translated. I went on the internet and had another e-mail in French. I e-mailed that e-mail to someone I know who speaks French and she said - Do not do anything with it - it is a scam saying we won money. We are not sure who to believe. Did we get the 3 tickets or is it a scam? Have any of you out there had this happen to you? Can Hertz bill us when we have a closed account? Should we pay the traffic tickets? We are not sure that they are legitimate. Valerie

I was charged $30 by Hertz for using a toll road in Tampa, Florida in one of their rented vehicles. They told me this is only the administrative fee to send my name to the Expressway Authority, and I had to also pay $17.50 to the Expressway Authority for the actual fine. I WILL NEVER RENT FROM THEN AGAIN. They deserve 0 Stars as a rating. Rent from Thrifty or another company. Thrifty never charges these kind of fees. You just pay the violation.

I was given a loaner car from Hertz through my car dealership in Atlanta. When I went to get the car with the driver, the person at the desk handed us the keys and sent us on our way. He never got up to inspect the car. The car I was put in was filthy, full of dog hair and food and was a mess. I was already late for an appointment so I went on my way knowing I would only drive the car for a day. Two months after renting the car, I received a letter from Hertz saying I had damaged the car. There was no explanation as to what the damage was nor, when my husband returned the car did the branch point out any damage. I have called the Hertz claims office in Texas repeatly and left countless messages. I have never gotten even the courtesy of a return call. When I called the corporate office in New J. this am I was verbally abused by the receptionist and put through to another voice mail. I am an honest person and If I would have damaged the car I would have reported it right away. This is the reason I always rent from Enterprise!

Apparently, there are speed traps all over the toll roads in Italy. I received about 6 tickets; not sure when this will end. But what is really irrating is that Hertz is charging me about $50 for each ticket administrative fee to provide Italian Authorities my name and address. This is outrageous. If these fees are not credited, I not only will never use Hertz again, I will not allow our employees to use Hertz either. I will also advise all people on my e-mail list, hundreds of people, to boycott Hertz. This is a royal rip off. Joe Morabito

I am a very unhappy customer. On Sept. 15, I returned a rental car to Hertz at the Bluegrass Airport in Lexington, KY. I was given a receipt for $138.88 for the amount charged to my American Express account. When I received my bill from American Express, the amount was $158.59. I called your 800 number to discuss this and was told that your records show $158.59. I was instructed to call Hertz at Bluegrass Airport to resolve the matter. I did so, only to learn that their records show a charge of $138.88. I again called your 800 number and was told there was a “pick up” fee or something added after I returned the car. This is a lousy way to do business. When you provide a customer with a receipt for their rental, that is what they should be charged. To add hidden charges after the transaction is unconscionable to say nothing about the possibility of being illegal. The same thing occurred when I returned a rental to the Columbus OH airport on Sept. 21. This time I was provided a receipt for $133.37, and the charge on my American Express was $136.34. I have rented from Hertz exclusively for years, not often, but consistently. I am a #1 Gold member, and I have never been treated like this.Future rentals will not be from Hertz and my colleagues will hear my story.

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