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One week before leaving i contacted hertz many times regarding obtaining the correct car for my mother and father in law to travel with us finally my wife was told by an employee that the only car in the group was the one the had . This was a lie. Late at night offered a totally unsuitable car, had to upgrade costing £240 extra Many e-mails on return no communication . never again will i hire from them nor will many people that i have spoken to since.

We recently rented a car from Hertz in Paris, France. We returned the car and paid with our credit card. The balance was -0-. We arrived home and a couple of days later there appeared 3 separate charges from Hertz on our credit card. They are all in the $25.00 range. I called Hertz and they said that the charges would come off in a couple of days. So far the charges have not come off. The 3 bills in the mail state that the charges on this invoice cover costs incurred in providing the driver or renter name and address to the relevant authority in France. We also received 3 speeding tickets in France. My husband was careful and stayed within the range when we could see a posting on the roadway that indicated the speed. Two of the tickets were on the same road and were given within 7 minutes of one another. We do not speak French and the tickets are only in French. We now have to get them translated. I went on the internet and had another e-mail in French. I e-mailed that e-mail to someone I know who speaks French and she said - Do not do anything with it - it is a scam saying we won money. We are not sure who to believe. Did we get the 3 tickets or is it a scam? Have any of you out there had this happen to you? Can Hertz bill us when we have a closed account? Should we pay the traffic tickets? We are not sure that they are legitimate. Valerie

I was charged $30 by Hertz for using a toll road in Tampa, Florida in one of their rented vehicles. They told me this is only the administrative fee to send my name to the Expressway Authority, and I had to also pay $17.50 to the Expressway Authority for the actual fine. I WILL NEVER RENT FROM THEN AGAIN. They deserve 0 Stars as a rating. Rent from Thrifty or another company. Thrifty never charges these kind of fees. You just pay the violation.

I was given a loaner car from Hertz through my car dealership in Atlanta. When I went to get the car with the driver, the person at the desk handed us the keys and sent us on our way. He never got up to inspect the car. The car I was put in was filthy, full of dog hair and food and was a mess. I was already late for an appointment so I went on my way knowing I would only drive the car for a day. Two months after renting the car, I received a letter from Hertz saying I had damaged the car. There was no explanation as to what the damage was nor, when my husband returned the car did the branch point out any damage. I have called the Hertz claims office in Texas repeatly and left countless messages. I have never gotten even the courtesy of a return call. When I called the corporate office in New J. this am I was verbally abused by the receptionist and put through to another voice mail. I am an honest person and If I would have damaged the car I would have reported it right away. This is the reason I always rent from Enterprise!

Apparently, there are speed traps all over the toll roads in Italy. I received about 6 tickets; not sure when this will end. But what is really irrating is that Hertz is charging me about $50 for each ticket administrative fee to provide Italian Authorities my name and address. This is outrageous. If these fees are not credited, I not only will never use Hertz again, I will not allow our employees to use Hertz either. I will also advise all people on my e-mail list, hundreds of people, to boycott Hertz. This is a royal rip off. Joe Morabito

I am a very unhappy customer. On Sept. 15, I returned a rental car to Hertz at the Bluegrass Airport in Lexington, KY. I was given a receipt for $138.88 for the amount charged to my American Express account. When I received my bill from American Express, the amount was $158.59. I called your 800 number to discuss this and was told that your records show $158.59. I was instructed to call Hertz at Bluegrass Airport to resolve the matter. I did so, only to learn that their records show a charge of $138.88. I again called your 800 number and was told there was a “pick up” fee or something added after I returned the car. This is a lousy way to do business. When you provide a customer with a receipt for their rental, that is what they should be charged. To add hidden charges after the transaction is unconscionable to say nothing about the possibility of being illegal. The same thing occurred when I returned a rental to the Columbus OH airport on Sept. 21. This time I was provided a receipt for $133.37, and the charge on my American Express was $136.34. I have rented from Hertz exclusively for years, not often, but consistently. I am a #1 Gold member, and I have never been treated like this.Future rentals will not be from Hertz and my colleagues will hear my story.

We prepaid car hire through our travel agent in Australia for car hire during our visit to South Africa from the 8-22 September 2012. We are appalled by the service we received! The first vehicle had a petrol leak from the fuel tank, serious wheel balancing issues and smooth tyres! We were inconvenienced to have to take valuable time out of our holiday to return the vehicle to the airport. We were then given a second vehicle which had a slow puncture which we had to repair at our own cos,t as we did not want to waste more precious time out of our holiday to have to travel back to the airport to have the matter dealt with. While we were away from East London, the so called manager harassed our friends elderly parents because apparently the second car we were given had been sold and they had promised the new buyer the car. This practice is totally unprofessional! Your company did not do us a favour by loaning us the vehicle, we paid for the use of a hire car during our stay! A business transaction where we paid your required fee for the use of one roadworthy vehicle for 14 days! We ending up with three seperate vehicles, 2 of which were faulty/unroadworth!! We were not compensated for this inconvenience and never offered a reasonable explanation of why you would hire an unroadworthy vehicle in the first place! How your company remains in business with the level of service is amazing! I have copied Flight Centre Australia into this email as their company is poorly reflected upon by using you as a suggested car hire company! AA has been copied aswell as surely it is a matter for them to investigate! Hiring unroadworthy vehicles is surely illegal? We complained at the East London airport to your staff who were very apologetic and professional which can not be said for the manager, Chantelle who was rude and was only interested in us getting the vehicle back to the airport and not at all worried about our contract. She is definately not good for your company image! The staff member contacted this Chantelle after he heard our complaint, all that she offered was we complain on the website if we were unhappy! I wonder if your company will bother acknowledging this email, doubt it if the service we have already received is anything to go by!

i made reservation for a vehicle and they ran out of my size car said i wi ll have to pay more welly relative works for this shitty company why wonder they have such a turn over rate i will never do buisness again

I need to talk with someone about my recent rental. I returned the car a day early which was on 9/23/12. The office was closed and there was no drop box. Hertz customer service told me to put the key under the mat inside the car and lock the doors. Monday the Hertz rental office called me telling me that they only had one key and charged me 356.00 plus my 200.00 deposit. They charged me for 5 days rental. Why am I being billed extra for doing what I was told to do. Is this some type of con game you play with your customers?

I wish there was an option for no stars. I will never rent from Hertz again. I rented a vehicle from Hertz for a weekend. Being that I did my reservation with hotwire.com, I had to have an additional $200 for a deposit. I was told that once the car was returned, the deposit would be returned after midnight, which would be Monday morning. It is now Friday and I still do not have the return of my deposit. The customer service rep who called themselves assisting me was rude and extremely disrespectful. Instead of her finding a way to help me, she was argumentative with everything that I said and the icing on the cake was when she transferred me to the survey line when she longer wanted to deal with my issue. I am determined to go on every website imagineable and speak about my experience. I called back to speak to a supervisor and all they could do was put in for a call back, but the representative did inform me that no one ever sent a release form to my credit card company. Unbelievable!

paid in full august 10th through priceline for a car in San Antonio for my sons air force graduation. When picking up my car they sent a trainee to the airport shuttle bus to tell us and others that there were no cars for us unless we were gold members. I called ahead to the rental location and was told by Heather that there would be a car for me. I gave her my confirmation number. When I arrived about 5 minutes later, Heather tells me there are no cars except for the "gold members". furious, I demanded my money back so I could get a car somewhere else. They didnt "have the authority to refund". I was told to call in the morning to see if I could get a car. I had to take a cab to my hotel. Then in the morning they didnt have a car in time for me to get to the air force base on time. I had to cancel through priceline and get a car (pay additional 200.00) through enterprise. When I called in the morning I was told there were no cars, but the central rental number assistant told me that her computer showed that there were cars available at San Antonio airport. This company sucks and they obviously encourage staff to lie. They dont care about ripping customers off. Never again Hertz. I hope the attorney generals office shuts you down. Please send your complaints to your states attorney general office.

I rented a car at the Newark Airport and traveled a total of 82 miles in the weekend I had the car. I told the agent I would fill the car up before I brought it back because I had no idea how many miles I would be traveling. I stopped at the gas station about 11 miles from the airport and filled the car. When I brought it back the person checking in the car, turned the key and looked at the fuel guage that was above the full line. My credit card was charged for a lot more than what I was told the rental would cost so when I checked my receipt on line there was a charge for $34.60 where they had charged me over $9.00 per gallon to fill a car that was already full. I made the mistake of paying cash at the gas station so I don't have a receipt. If you ever rent a car from Hertz, do not pay cash unless you get a reciept because they will charge you for fuel based ont he amount of miles you traveled even if they don't put it in the car. I will never use them again, they are dishonest.

Hertz employees have a license to steal attitude supported by management.They will always give you the run-a-round if you forget something in the car when you turn it in and then claim they aren't responsible.They routinely are NEVER able to locate money,cameras,GPS,anything left in a vehicle. Hmmm-I wonder where all the stuff winds up?

I left my Jacket (North Face) $159.00 in my vehicle at Baltimore Washington Intenational Airport. I am taking a military flight and will be here until 10:30. I tried numerous times to call Hertz and the phone system continously is busy and sends you in circles about making a reservation. Hertz has gotten too big as a business to pick up the phone! This is so frustrating and ridiculous. I am very disappointed, wont (ever) rent from them again because of their non-personal service.

Don't ever have an accident involving Hertz Claims. They are incompetent. You have too file alawsuit and then they will probably try to buy off your lawyer. It's a shame that a big corporton like Hertz doesn't take care of business. I guess that is where they make their money like Walmart.

They post these comments after admin. approves it. just like walmart

I reserved a compact car on-line with Hertz in Phoenix. When I went there, the clerk tried to pressure me into buying liability insurance and get a bigger car for less money than for the compact deal. I told him I didn't want it. He told me to wait on the side while he waited on another person. I waited about 10 minutes and told him I don't want to wait any longer. He persisted 2 more times to take his deal. Again I told him no. He ended up giving me a Chevy Malibu (which I thought was a compact car). It was a sleazy thing to do. I complained to AAA of which I am a member. I am now going to write to their corporate headquarters since they give you the run around on the phone. Their address: Hertz Corporate Headquarters 225 Brae Blvd. Park Ridge, NJ 07656


Michael Tariade, Executive V.P. and President International I rented a Hertz car in Italy in June 2012. Today I received 2 invoices from Hertz Italy regarding a potential fine. I have read previous responses from Hertz US stating this is NOT Hertz US problem. Well Hertz is global. This becomes a partnership responsibility of Hertz US, like it or not. I have rented Hertz cars in the US and have never experienced a situation like this. I am attempting to contact Hertz Italy to resolve. However I will NEVER rent another car from Hertz Global again. Period. I consider this a scam and apparently from reading numerous reviews on the Internet am not alone in this feeling. Acknowledge your responsibil or not Hertz has a major problem.

I am trying to speak with anyone at Hertz / Hertz Claims to handle a car accident. The person renting the vehicle hit and damaged my personal vehicle at LAX last Thursday. I only get voicemail and go absolutely NO WHERE by phone. If anyone from your corporate office reads this: 1) Hire human beings to answer your phones; 2) Quit starting all messages with negatives such as your limited hours of operation and when you are closed; 3) If you don't have all the data in front you, you obviously are not interested in doing any ground work -- thanks. As I was not the renter I can safely tell you I will never rent from Hertz. You guys have AWFUL customer service. Bad, bad bad.

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