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I've Been ROBBED!

I rented a car for just the weekend for what should have been about $50 but due to an error on HERTZ's end I was charged over $500!!! I have called and called about my refund and they assure me it's being processed but it has been almost TWO months!! I'm not waiting on $10 here I NEED MY MONEY!! A manager is never available when I call and I always leave messages but not once has one been returned. I will NEVER rent from Hertz again. They act like they don't care at all.

Horrible company

I have rented from them twice in the past couple of years because they tend to have good prices but they are not worth it. Terrible service, bad cars. For example this past weekend I attempted to rent a vehicle which had 30k miles on but by it's appearance it looked it had over 60k miles. It had an engine service light on, scratches all over the car, huge black spots in the carpet, unwashed and banged up armrest. Once I saw the car, I cancelled and went to Enterprise. I paid a few more bucks but was worth it. Hertz, I suggest you learn a thing a or two from Enterprise

They gave our families reservation away. We had the reservation in for 3 months. This was to be the road trip to reunite the family, They had no reasonable explanation as to why the 15 passenger Van we reserved was not there when we came to pick up. They could not even say when the the vehicle would possibly be available. They are so sorry! Everyone was so disappointed... to say the least. Destroyed our vacation and road trip to Yosemite National Park, Vegas and the Grand Canyon. I tried to reach the corporate office and got passes off to another office. The lady there was rude and pretty much said theres nothing we can do about it

No disclosure

Same complaint as others. Hidden Charges. No disclosure. Plateplass with no benefit. Was not told the device was in the car. No customer service but are quick to give reservations and receive payment. Switch and bait with rental cars after reservation. Wheres Ralph Nader.

Pa Certified RES RE Appraiser

Same complaint as others. Hidden Charges. No disclosure. Plateplass with no benefit. Was not told device was in car. No customer service but are quick to give reservations and receive payment. Switch and bait with rental cars after reservation. Wheres Ralph Nader.

The Worst Customer Service Ever

I recently got married and bought a vacation trip through priceline. I was denied the rental car, because my credit card still had my prior name. Eventhough I tried to give him other ID, such as Military ID card, I was treated like a piece of garbage by the Manager at the Hertz at the Miami airport. I will never rent from them again and will advise other government travelers the same.

PlatePass Charges

Last visit to Hertz because of erroneous Chages for PlatePass. I was in Atlanta Ga the week they charged for tolls in New York and Ne Jersey.

Unwarranted Charges

This is the second time we have received unwarranted charges from Hertz. The first one was a year ago for $50 that no customer service (if you could call it that) could explain. They just told me that there was nothing they could do about it, but could not explain what it was for. Now we are being charged $70 for a $39 parking ticket that we paid in plenty of time. Again, customer service was no help. Over an hour trying to get through to a person.


It's unfortunate that I did not find these reviews until after the fact. I am attempting to understand and re-negotiate charges that were not well defined during reservation and at pickup and far exceeded the initial approximation.

Horrible Hertz

Lots of bad reviews here....just saying, my experience with Hertz was also horrible...bait and swtch, bribes toward tired travelers. Who trains these people?

I will never use Hertz Rental again. I pre-paid for my car rental a week before I was to pick up the car. When I got to the Sacramento Intl Airport to pick up my car, I was charged another $200.00 deposit on my checking account. I have already paid for the car, why do I have to have a $200.00 hold. They told me that they were not going to run it through my account, but they not only charged my account, I am out an extra $200.00 for my trip. I find this to be a bait and switch tackle on a senior citizen and I don't appreciate it. I have rented from Alamo, Avis, Budget and they have never put a $$$ hold on my account. This is not a good way to do business. Don't do business with Hertz!!! No wonder the lines were not long....

False Claim

This is just a piece of advice to all who has or will possible in the future rent a vehicle from Hertz. I rented a vehicle from a Hertz rental car service Located 2098 Jericho Tpke North New Hyde Park New York 11040. After returning the car the tried charging me a extra day because of the misinformation the agent failed to disclose. Then to add insult to injury almost a month later to the day I received a call asking how was I planning to pay for a $1438.69 accident claim that I had with the vehicle. After I insisted that I did not have an accident and they researched the claim, it was found that an employee damaged the vehicle. I will never rent another vehicle from Hertz again. If, any does be sure to hold on to your receipt and do a thorough walk around and possible take pictures as well.

Road Mafia

I was charged (my credit card) more than 3 months after my trip to Canada for unexisting traffic violation without any proof, documentation... They mount tracking electronic devices in their cars without telling their customers about that. Chao Hertz!

Stealth Upgrade

Rented a compact on 3/20 from the LAX Hertz Through Pricelilne. Got a Compact (Nisson Versa). Got our CC bill. We had an up charge of $81.75 for a "Car Upgrade". Was told by Hertz that I did in fact agree to an upgrade ( I specifically recall - no upgrade - no insurance). I could try and get my money back from the LAX location. Now the LAX location is looking for the renal agreement (My copy is missing as well). I did get a Versa - the upgrade was more options on the compact car. Oh - I worked with a person not a Kiosk.


I called in 4/1/2013 and said I wanted to file a complaint against 2 hertz locations in Arizona. Everyone was very nice, so nice they helped me with my problem. They assured me everything was going to be okay and that they were going to look into the problem and were going to call me back. Now all I can do is wait. So here goes. Ill give you guys an update to what happens. Thanks for reading my review.

Very poor service in AZ

I rented a Volkswagen CC at Phoenix airport. While driving to the hotel, we noticed a noise in right front. Then next morning we drove car again and the noise was even more previlant. Called the hertz number at airport 602-267-8822 and could not get a human being on the phone. Left 3 messages, each one being more demanding and yet no response. Called the emergency assist number and they told me I had to drive back to the airport to exchange the car, because they said it was drivable. This is terrible service. Hertz should have delivered me a new car to my hotel.

Worst customer service in the world

I rented a car from hertz in Middletown Suffolk county, the guy was rude. I placed the call at 9:00 on Saturday morning 3/16/2013 He was so rude I was trying to ask him he hung up on me right away they over charged me i dropped my cAr off on thurs and saturday.im trying to get an answer why my bill went from 95 to 395 huge difference. That is really bad bad service I never experience service lole that before in my life and I had bad service before wow.. I ask for the manager he said no manager on duty until Monday. I really upset. Who are working in this offices no you will lose business from this I will never ever ever rent from hertz again they are thieves

Never again

Hertz is the most incompentent, unresponsive and deceitful, business I have dealt with. They prey on hurried travelers and trick them into additional charges with reckless abandon. If you try to get a human being on the phone to get resolution, it is like being dropped into a black hole. MONTHS of trying to reach some one, then getting passed off to another office that doesn't answer, or return messages. My issue was no small dollar amount. it was over $2700 in false charges. I will steer everyone I can away from getting mixed up in the Hertz racket.


I contacted Hertz corporate office about a discrepancy on my charge card for gas use. The lady I spoke to, Sharon, was courteous and friendly, and resolved the matter to my satisfaction. I will continue to use Hertz so long as they are honest and reputable. Thank you, Mark ( Tampa Florida).

I will never buy a certified car again from hertz...is almost a month and my lien holder doesn't have the title and is already pay off very bad customer service

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