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the vacation

Your Hotel in New Orleans is simply fabulous. My husband and I were they and I loved the place,the rooms were truly elegant and we enjoyed the stay. I have told all my friends about my trip and the best was the Harrah's Hotel. I do want to have a person get an at a girl is Melinda at the front desk at the New Orleans hotel. She was so delightful and so were everyone else their. Helpful and always willing to help you. Thanks for a great stay. Judy

Thieves and Crooks

I did not stay in the hotel, but I did eat at Guy Fieri's restaurant. When I got back and looked at my credit card bill they had over charged me 300 dollars. I tried to contact them immediately to get the overcharge sorted out. They assured me they were working on it. I waited two full weeks still no refund. I called back more run around and pretty much refused to let me speak to a supervisor or manage stating they were in meetings or not there., but they did tell me they would work on it and call me back the next day. They did not call and essentially have stolen money from me. Terrible terrible customer service nothing but incompetence and excuses.


My husband and I went to Harris pa Saturday February 1 we had a incident with a very rude and ignorant lady playing three slot machines She had no money in any machine we kindly asked her if she was playing any so we can because it was very busy on a saturday night she immediantly started cussing and being very rude so my husband said he was going to get security when we got back w security she had a $1 in the machine security did not even speak to her but immediatly circled my husband under cover security and the managers handled it horrible and did not conclude anything but allow the lady to be straight disrespectful and allowed her to shut her machine to be smart so we couldnt play i feel as though this situation was handle very bad and its very sad that we came to get security and they didnt eben speak to lady just stood around us sickening how you treat people differently we put our money in there just as well as anyone else!!

Best hotel ever

Just leaving Harrah's NEW ORLEANS. I've been to a lot of hotels in my time, but my experience at your New Orleans property was beyond excellent. Beautiful room and comfortable beds, but more important the staff was the most friendly l've ever met. From the Hotel to the Casino they couldn't do more to make my stay wonderful. l'll be back. Thank you.

I wuz Robbed!!!!!!

I stayed at Harrah's ac sept.2-sept. 6,2013 sometime during that time, $1000 was stolen from my room. Staff reminded me , notice on door states "We are not responsible". I have reasonable expectations for my room to be "secure" while I'm not in it. non existent customer service. I wouldn't complain if I lost it across the tables or slots, but not in my room!

Harrahs Laughlin

Had the occasion to stay at Harrahs Laughlin hotel for 4 nights, 10/3 to 10/6/13. Was tired from the flight and went to the room and to bed. Got up in the morning and my legs were covered with bug bites. I presume they were bed bugs. Won't stay there again.

Horseshoe Tunica is at the bottom as far as entertainment. Stage Bar is empty except for people who just want to rest> the problem with these reviews is they should be posted on the web site locally. Maybe the management should be active in pursuing ways to improve the casino..

complaint against metropolis harrahs

The staff was rude lied about the comp room with pet even though we have been there before and never had a problem. Was told to rum back and forth only to be still charged. Very unhappy with the way we were treated and will never come back and will tell friends and family.


I am writig about your recent decesion to pull Paula dean's from your locations. I Sadeneds me that we are still fighting the civil war after 150 years. U are wrong and as a Whiteman I am outraged. Reverse your decesion ....

Paula Deens

2 or 3 times a year, a group of 6-8 adults go to Tunica to donate money to the company and hope to have a good time. Not any more-your PC sucks. Your company needs to grow a set.

Harrahs Horshoe Tunica

The worst entertainment director for the Legends Lounge ever.! It resembles a piano bar with two singers (Most people are embarrassed for them )The atmosphere at Horseshoe since Jan 13 has been "This casino is a loser". The million dollar give away has not worked here. Would be more profitable for the casino to re-examine the phrase"We give gamblers what they want." Gamblers really want excitement and fun when they visit.. Horseshoe Tunica has gone from the "best" to the worst.

Family scammed for $66

4/2013- Our family requested connecting rooms since we were traveling with twin 3 year olds and grandparents. No "additional fees" were advised over the phone when I put in the request and we have never paid an additional fee at other hotels. When we checked in, they charged us an additional $15 per room per night for connecting rooms! The manager did nothing when we complained. Will never stay here again.

all they care about is $$$$$

We had the misfortune of staying at Harrah's AC. All they care about is your money. They charge a fee for checking in before 4:00. What a joke this place is.

6pm Dinner in Cafe New Years

First, let me wish you all a Happy New Year! I was a Diamond Player. I've been playing at other hotels for the past year but I'm trying to get back in Harrah's fold. I am now Platinum. My host is Bill Cook. I can only say wonderful things about this man. He is very helpful and does everything within his power to oblige me. Our room was magnificent New Years Eve! Unfortunately, dinner was a sad mess. We went to 6pm dinner with Robert & Sonia Carlson, Ed & Linda Norton, myself and my husband. The men wore suits, and the women were dressed up. We didn't realize we were sitting in your cafe for dinner... That part was very disappointing but I could live with that.. What I couldn't live with is the fact that the minute we sat down we were being rushed through dinner...I wasn't done with salad and the main course was coming... Unfortunately, for Harrah's,when the entree arrived, my friend described the meal as "ice cold", I would give it a "luke warm" rating at best. It couldn't be consumed... Supposedly there was lobster on the dish, it looked and tasted rubbery... it was more like a langostino Mystery Fish...It tasted like it was prepared and sitting on a tray for hours before being served. I spoke with my friends John & Victoria Emilio (Diamond Players). They went to Harrah's in Atlantic City and had a great dinner of filet mignon and Lobster Tail.. there was a band & a good time was had by all.. they raved about dinner and the dance.. I thought all Harrah propertys were the same but obviously not. You could have saved yourself a fortune of money if you didn't invite people to the dinner... I'm sure all it did was taint your reputation... If Harrah's can't or won't do it right, then you shouldn't have bothered at all. I've been to previous New Years Eve parties in your ballroom with a magnificent dinner and dance. Again, I adore my host, Bill Cook. I haven't written to him about this because he does everything he can to oblige and I don't feel this dinner was his fault. Very truly yours, Ruth Liberti

On 9/10/2012 after we checked in we were on our way to the rooms. The elevator was broken the treshold of the elevator was up 6 to 8 inches up. My mother who is 71 yrs old began to enter and tripped over the uneven elevator. Injuring her right knee. There was not signs stating it was broken. We go to the resv desk to report the injury and they blew us off to walk all over the hotel to the security office because they only had 2 guys watching the main floor. I asked for the mgr and finally she comes over to us and disbatches to security person over it fill a report out. Meanwhile my mother is bleeding they just look at it and ignore the fact she needs first aid, so I ask for bandages for her and that was another long wait. finally she got first aid. We then proceed to our rooms, luggage and all and the room 30503 had strong sewage odor and wet carpet...the room was gross. so we go to the desk again and get a new room 30516 which was better. The hotel never called to see how my mother was or even say sorry.....well this is the worst hotel I have even stayed at and would never recommend this hotel to any one.

On August 08, 2012 I went to Harrah's Ak-Chin casino in Maricopa, AZ. Harrah's was having a promotion where they had sent out invitations to come in and receive a 1600 count sheet set, when I arrived the parking lot was completely filled and there were no available parking spaces so I took my car to valet, I was told to be sure and get anything that I need out of the car because they were so backed up that my car would be way out there. After a few hours in the casino I went to valet to claim my car, when they brought me my car the valet director was waving for me to keep moving because there were so many cars lined up behind me. I stopped at a local store to get groceries and when I opened my trunk to put in the groceries I noticed some red paint on the bumper of my car. I immediately called Harrah's but a rep. named Carlo tried for approx. 25 minutes to locate a valet supervisor, he came back and stated that it was so crazy today that he could not get a supervisor to come to the phone, so he would take my name and number and have them call me. I waited approximately 30 minutes for a call back, after receiving none, I drove back over to Harrah's and spoke with the Valet supervisor who called for Security/Risk Management to come out and take a complaint, they waited until it became dark to come out and take pictures of the damage (no flash). I was contacted by their insurance that they would review the tapes and complete an investigation. Meanwhile, while I had visited Harrah's casino after the incident, I was speaking with a Valet employee, I asked him if he remember 08/28/2012 when they were giving away the sheet sets? He said "do I!, that was the craziest day since I have worked here, normally we park approx. 200 cars a day, but that day we parked between 400-500 cars and we only had 4 (four) valet persons working so we had to get maintenance and security to park cars, tickets were wrong and the only way we could find cars was by the license numbers. We even had to use the overflow lot and there are no cameras on that lot." Harrah's may be big, but they damaged my car and I will pursue this in court.

SINCE WHEN: Is it that only one person in a house hold receives comp rooms? We all have been receiving comp rooms for years.

I would never go back the Harrah's Laughlin,we were placed in a handcap room where there was mold in the shower. Room was diry and pillow's where not clean. We requested the hotel manager to move us to another room in which thye second room was just as bad as the first. The room was dirty and smell like cigar and mold. Other guests were clomplainting abouth the same thing in the elevator. Customer serve and hotel manager do not care. Aug 17, 2012

my daughter and i stayed at harrah/ ballys in las vegas a week ago. harrahs sent me a voucher for room ad 400.00 and 75.00 food. when we got there they refused to honor it. they said it sold out, even though here was no disclaimer on it. just an experation of sept. 30. i was well in date. i told them there was no disclaimer they said they did not have to honor it. then when my room was cleaned several items were stollen. security came with housekeeping. they tore my room apart we found nothing. they filed a claim with their insurance. i havent herd from them yet. but outside my door the wall paper was pulled back and exposed mold in the hall way. i took pictures and will be filing a suite. i dont recomend ballis at harrahs to any one.

my friend and I went on a 3 day junket to atlantic city. We thought we were going to be on the board walk, but were instead sent to Harrah's at the marina. We were told this was a higher class hotel with the best rooms. Sorry to say it was one of the worst rooms we have ever stayed in. The fridge didn't work, no paper towel holder(it had been ripped off of the wall, no fan in the bathroom, more water came out of the facet then the shower head and in the middle of showering the water stopped for a few minutes and then started again. We called down to the desk to warn them they needed to fix a few things before they gave out this room again, and they were quite rude. You could die of thirst before you get a drink (never recieved one in the 3 days there) The promotions booth needs to get some nicer help. Usually enjoy our stays a Harrah's but won't being going back to that one.

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