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Harkins Generosity in the community is astounding! They go that extra mile to help! Canine Companions provides Highly Trained Assistance dogs to those in need free of charge. On behalf of those whose lives have been changed, we Thank You for your support of CCI.


Went to your theater today in Moreno Valley Ca and to my surprise the managers and people in corp. did not want to accommodate me being handicap other people that were seated were not handicap i was told by the company and a manager if i did not reserve the seating they cannot do anything about it if the movie started i told them that the reason the movie already started was because you made me walk all the way over there and back to come and tell you that someone was seated there by the time i got to the service desk movie started WTF kind of business are they running

They charged my credit card twice, went to the manager -supposably she debit only to find out she charged it again! Cant anyone be responsible and pay attention to what they are doing??? very poor business practice. might be worth to take a closer look at the people you "have in charge" of who represents you! who do I contact to get this corrected???? Fashion Sq Harkins, Scottsdale AZ

I think Jackie Faubus is the greastest asset Harkins has...she deserves a company Corvette!

over 6 months ago, I called corporate about the lack of captioned movies for the deaf at the moreno valley theatre. They said 2 months it would happen that is 4 months ago. What's up? We have a huge deaf community here since the deaf school is here, over 19,000 deaf adults - where is the captions? come on you can caption arizona theatres but not moreno valley? why? my whole family is deaf and we don't want to drive to riverside everytime we want to see a movie.

was up dog is ther any good movies

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