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Hardees 11960 Asheville Highway Inman, SC 29349-1806 (864) 472-9777 DriveThru #2038 8/7/2011 8:32:52 AM I went to Hardees this morning and a woman over the intercom asked me if I wanted a breakfast menu special. I replied, "Wait one second and No Thanks." The woman then asked through the intercom, "What was that?" To which I replied, "No thanks to the breakfast special and wait on second." My husband and I were looking at the menu to decide what we wanted to order. Another woman (had a different voice) asked me if I wanted the same breakfast menu special and I replied again "No thanks. Wait one second." This happened within the span of 1 minute and my husband was trying to tell me what he wanted to order. He preceded to tell me what he wanted and I repeated it back through the intercom. When my husband and I drove around to the window to pay, the woman at the window repeated what we owed with a snarky smile on her face. I handed her my card and two coupons. Those coupons were the whole reason we went to the Hardees in the first place. She gave us the receipt and handed us the food. When we got home we realized that the MEAN WOMAN did not give us a discount on the coupons and did not even have the DECENCY OF A NORMAL HUMAN BEING to give the coupons back to us at the window. Not only that but our tater tots were completely in crumbles. I was not mad because I pity people like that woman who make minimum wage. She's most likely dissatisfied with her position in life as a drive thru attendant. She probably wishes that she had more power in life and it gives her some little satisfaction in life screwing people over by not scanning their coupons, not giving them the deals they deserve, and giving people the crumbled tater tots on the bottom of the rack. Either way, she should not be allowed to treat people badly because her life is shitty. I called Hardees to get in touch with the manager. Instead, I got in touch with an employee telling me that the manager stepped out. An hour later I called again and let it ring until I heard the phone pick up. Followed by the phone picking up was this screeching sound which gave me the impression that someone had picked up the phone and stuck it to the microphone. I then spoke loudly into the phone and said "I am going to get in touch with corporate and report my visit." All of a sudden, someone spoke on the phone and said, "Hello. Is someone there?" I replied, "NO! I am going to get in touch with corporate. I am going to tell corporate about my visit this morning. GOODBYE." As soon as I disconnected my phone, I took the receipt and scanned a copy of it. I also took pictures of my meal and I intend on sending these things to the corporate office. There is no way in hell I am going to eat my meal. I do not trust that the mean awful attendant did not do something to the food to affect its integrity! I do not think that people should be treated like this and I feel like this is definitely a step backwards since it is 2011. I say this because you hear about lawsuits happening all the time and people should be held to a higher standard even and especially if they are representing a franchise Fortune 500 company. I feel it is a moral obligation to share my experience at this Hardees because this world should be a better place for every man, woman, and child who expects a quality breakfast.

Hermann, Mo location The only reason i rated this as 1 is because i couldn't rate it zero, The employee's are rude and careless, and is impossible to get fresh food. Wouldn't feed this food to my dogs, store is filthy Owner kevin and Kathy need to get out of town, next im going to call the health inspector.

I walked in the restaurant and it was so dirty, I thought restaurants are supposed to be somewhat clean but this one I don't know. Went in the bathroom to wash my hand and their was B/M on the toilet and it smelled of piss, were is management. Ill never go in their again! KERNERSVILLE, NC

the food has always been good but have you paid attention to how often your employees are getting breaks? EVERYTIME i go into my local hardees i hear someone say they haven't had a break. isn't that illegal? to say the least it's not right. those people work hard and shouldn't be mistreated like that.

hardees in danville,indiana rude,disrespectful,unprofesional young kid shift leader/mgr woods

What has happened to the Hardee's in Kernersville N.C. go their and you might get anything, Tom S. has no people sills with his employees or customers, please replace management. I appalled of the service and food.

My husband and I ate at your Hibbing, MN store tonight (7-13-11), we ordered our food. No salad options except a side salad. Why no large salads? You have everything to make a small one why not a large one? Anyways, we take our number and look for a clean table. Not a single one in site. I could understand if it was busy, but only 2 other customers there and they were eating. So I wiped a table with a napkin. We sit and I look at the salt and pepper shaker are covered in grease. A thick coat of grease. The napkin dispenser had a thick coat of dust. An employee comes from behind the counter with what seemed to be his break meal, and sits at a dirty table. Were would your employees get the idea they can take a break when your store is a mess? I managed a restaurant for 10 years and now own my own business. If the front of your store looks like this I can't imagine what the back looks like, hence we will never, and I mean NEVER!! go back to that or anyother Hardees!!!

Good morning! I sure hope you take the time to read this note, as I feel it is something you should be made aware of. My husband and I stopped at the Hardes on Tazewell Pk, Knoxville Tn (117635) for a bite to eat on July 12th, 2011. This Hardees is usually packed with people and on several occassions, it is difficult to eaven find a seat. This was NOT the case today. Very few people were in there, and this in itself is unusual. We stood in line approximately 4 minutes while the girl at the register stood in the back and waited for the manager to come up and break a $50.00. This does not sound like a long period of time, but it actually is when you are at a fast food restaurant. This was NOT the fault of the girl at the register, but was the fault of the manager, who was walking around in the back, doing odd jobs here and there. Unfortunately, the line at the counter was building more and mor

I was a formal employee at hardees in Kernersville N.C. Tom has no idea about what it takes to be a general manager, he is hiring people and don't have a place to put the one's he have. Please take in consideration to replace him. He make it his point to hire girls and always make sure he keeps them on the schedule were he can watch them in their tight jean, as he would put it.

Just ordered take-out little thick burgers (2 for $5.00) and when my husband was 3/4 finished with his burger, a clear plastic pen cap fell from his burger. How grose!!!!! Called corporate office and waiting for a response. What a shame because we have been going there for years, NOT ANYMORE!!!

I usually don't eat at hardee"s because of bad experiences. But I took a chance on going their to order a tea and milkshake, went to the D/T the employee that served me had false fingernails on and they were all different colors. How unsanitary is that, I just went on and paid for the order. Stuck the straw in the drink and it was sour tea $1.80 and the milkshake was milk(VERY RUNNY) for $3.11. What is going on this hardee's in Kernersville N.C. is not concerned about good customer service or practice sanitary. Do they not know how many germs and dirty artificial nails carry. Some one should call the health department and close that restaurant down.

My friend and I often go to get a Hardee's sausage biscuit breakfast but I am always "out of luck" because, while he enjoys his coffee, I have never been to any of your restaurants where they serve hot tea!! Why ??? Surely I am not the only hot tea drinker in Va./N.Carolina and south.

On Sunday June 5,2011 around 2pm I went to Hardee's in Wildwood FL. on main street for lunch. My first order was all wrong. The second time they forgot my frenchfries. On the third time they got it right. When I placed my first order the young girl was talking on the phone but did hang up to take my order. The manager, at least the one I think was, was talking to other employees. Other customers had to ask for the tea machine and ketchup to be filled. This is not the first ant this Hardee's but it was the worst.

I am writing in regards to the Happy Star Rewards program. This program absolutely sucks. My byfriend and I both applied the app to our I Phones and because we pass one daily we decided to give it a shot. Most days it will not allow you to access for check-in, in order to get your spins and then on the days it finally allows you to (after the 4th check in) it should allow you to spin however, always there is a server error and then it will register your check-in but takes your spin. This has become so frustrating for my boyfriend he says since you now have so many check ins that they don't want you to spin and will any good prizes...I say even when I am standing in the middle of the restrurant it tells me I have to be in a restrurant to cheeck in. I have become so feed up with Hardees that I called the corporate office spoke to the custmer service area and was to a member from senior management would be getting back with me. That was 5 days ago.....of course no call from anyone at Hardees. I guess they know their game sucks and are not willing to do anything about it to fix. We are not the ony two having problems with the game however, I am tired of no one speaking up against companies they claim they have a contest and then no one can ever win anything. I was told a one location that the employees were the only one usng this app. Imagine that ......

Me and my husband have been eating at hardee's in Kernersville N.C. on main street for 3yrs. We walked into the restaurant and it was so nasty I started to just walk out, but I said to my husband maybe their having BAD morning. Were standing their waiting for about 10 min for someone to take or order, someone finally came, the manager (Makesha Wade) to take our order, (she came in from smoking) she said can I take your order and I said yes as soon as you wash your hands,(she didn't LIKE that to well). She came back and we place our order, sit down to eat and their is dried up eggs and cheese under my food on the tray, so I took it back to her (Makesha Wade)and asked her for a refund. Her attitude is just as bad as her service. Need to be retrained in customer service and food handing. Ill never eat their again not until they change their managers, they use to have go one's "what happen"

I was in your restaurant in Kernersville N.C. When two girls came in to attack one of your employees (Felicia). With my two children and my husband, and they came in with a blade and I'm standing their and while this was going on my children were crying and screaming my husband took them out and the police came. They told us that one of the girls was a DISTRICT MANAGER in Walkertown and they had their kids in the car while they attacked this girl. My daughter is still having nightmares from time to time. I was trying to forget about this my self until my brother told me about the poster they have in the restaurant of Miss Turkey Burger. This not a family restaurant. They may as well turn it into a night club.


Went to local Hardee's in Richmond, Va and ordered two shakes. When I received them they both were half a cup. I asked the cashier about that and she said they don't fill them up. At $2.99 this appears to a rip-off. Maybe they should stop filling the cups up with whipped cream to hide the fact that you are only getting half a cup. Anywhere else you get a full shake up the the rim. Spoke to the manager but she didn't seem to care.

Let me start by saying I don't usually eat at Hardees but Monday May 23,2011 I stopped at the Hardees in Lightfoot, Va. (Williamsburg) on Rt. 60 and was very pleasantly surprised. We met two of the nicest and most pleasant associates I have encountered in a fast food restaurant. Irisha and Calvin could not have been more helpful or efficient, my mom and I are light eaters, they prepared burgers that were perfect in size and taste. I could tell they enjoyed their work and their customers. The next time you are in Lightfoot/Williamsburg, be sure to stop by and see Irisha and Calvin, you'll be glad you did!

worked for hardees,19th ave ocala fl.Worst experience of my whole 15yrs in managment.Its franchised out and the owner is the gm.They do not care about the quality of their food and the cleanliness of the store.Ethic code WHATS THAT rule 1 on 1 No sleeping with employees.We were told its his bussiness and if he wanted to bring a prostitute in the office he can and their is nothing we can due about it!!!Hopefully the right people will see this and put it to a stop.Hardees is a good product!You need to pull your harddes name of this building.

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