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Corporate - WAKE UP. You've got a problem with consistently poor employees at this location. I've tried for over 11 years to go here, hoping for improvement, I really like Hardees. The vocal violence throw to one another, customer rudeness coupled with apathy shows that Hardees is out to lower the bar. This place needs QUALITY ASSURANCE to take notice. Prime location staffed with atrocious employees and management.

2/12/12 I was in Billings Hardee's. I was warmly and professionally greeted by Carey at the front counter. Carey did great with adjusting my order several times at my request as well as making suggestions noting my trend in choices discussing Hardee's menu. My meal was exceptional but the atmosphere here even better. I let Carey know I can rarely eat out due to a rare medical condition and recently having to become a non-gluten advocate...reluctantly. (Like a 'diabetic' once in a while a good burger (donut) is worth the pain) I laughed when I read the napkin holder, "If our food tasted like their's, we wouldn't bring it to the table either." Whoever came up with that slogan had to be another 'Carey' as a part of your company. I let Carey know I would be writing your corporate office in praise of her efforts that seemed to be so natural with her quick smile. I also wanted to commend another employee working today. Nalei was very busy and keeping the place running as a "manager" with questions asked. I was in this store once over a year ago and as can happen in a business employees had not shown up and one of them working that day, to put it nicely less than historical up to Hardee's standards with goals of keeping the customers happy. Nalei's efforts in keeping a large crowd, lunch, coordinated was so memorable when I saw her today the memory came back to the fore. That fact Hardees could keep employees with a store disaster of the last visit shows outstanding support from your company and specifically the head manager here in Billings. Great food, great service, great atmosphere, and an all around great experience with lunch today. A great big pat on the back for Hardee's from Billings to your office. Sandra

management need to be fired!asap Springlake, nc.The manager of this store has no respect for her employee's.Her behavior is on called for.She has the same nasty mouth to the customer.She's a non-compliance manager.I have called and spoke to some about her...please hell those employee's I hate to be them putting up with bs..

It is very unforunate a lot of you had such horrible experiences. I work in the Brooksville Flo location, and I must say that almost all of our employees work very hard for our customers. We have many MANY regulars and we do try our best to please everyone. However, sometimes we get SO busy. Stores are only allowed a certain number of labor hours a day. We are often understaffed. So at night, when you have one shift leader, a cook and a drive thru/front line person and then 5 different groups come in up front and order, along with several drive thru orders at one time....things get hectic QUICKLY! Someone has to help get food done in the back, and if only one person up front, they have to ring everyone up, get drive's drinks, bag orders, and take out dine in orders. Chicken fillets and tenders are prepared when you order mostly at night. Our drive thru time is 6 mins. Well, a fillet takes 5 something to cook. Not including the breading time and then time to make/wrap/bag it. So that is why people are pulled forward. Especially if someone behind you ordered something small that is ready. No excuse for workers to be rude. But I must say, there are some customers that make you BITE YOUR TONGUE. They will order a "sausage biscuits" and get a sausage biscuit....then say "No. I wanted the gravy". !!!!!!! Then order a BISCUIT AND GRAVY!!!! They will change the name of items and get aggravated at your questions then get upset they ordered incorrectly. Also, when we say "IF THE ORDER ON YOUR SCREEN IS CORRECT" PLEASE look at the screen. Well I am done ranting. I do love my Hardees. I have went to other stores like Gainsville to assist with their new store and I must say no other store works together like Brooksville! We all help one another.

huntsville al drake i go there 4 time a month and doing brastfast and lunch when i am at work igo there every time never fail i'm late for work and i cant under stand that they are sooo very slow drive thru i think in the morming i see a lady doing drive thru and front at the same time and yelling at her employee's i think she is the gm i guess what i am saying i have to go some where elese because i cant get my food on time morning and luch time becase i dont know you guys have good food i just cant stand to be there for a long time and my boss get on me why i am late 2 time i went with out food leaving with out food do something fast judt lost your friend huntsville alabama drake st

i work for hardees in ky, and it looks like its the same every where. but i thank it has a lot to do poor gm...i work foe a perv who dont like to do any thing,at all. i would love to have and nice day at work but i have to watch him move his own doughter to mag and lock the place down , they are not letting any one have a chance, will not train any one right..its just sad .....it could be a nice place to work

I like Hardees in Spanish Lake MO. The staff are always kind, especially the "Drive-thru" staff. The burgers and fries are good. I don't enjoy their "Mexican" enchiladas, burritos etc. but that is not their fault. I always enjoy seeing a regular gathering of senior folks who meet there to socialize. Overall, the Spanish Lake group are great people who work long hours. Don't blame the staff for the menu as they have no control over it. It is always clean and I want to compliment the staff in Spanish Lake.

OK, where do I start? The location in Callahan FL is rediculous! Every time I go trough the drive thru I am asked to pull in to the parking lot to wait on my food. I'm usually OK with doing that but it frustrates me when the parking lot is full of drive thru customers waiting on their food as well. So, on 1/1/2012 I went to the drive thru to get some breakfast with my husband and they asked us to go park. I let them know that I am always asked to park and I end up waiting for 15-20 mins to get my food and I'm not OK with moving. The lady at the window got irritated with me and turned around and yelled I guess to the manager "she won't move." After that happened she got our food in a timely manner and slammed the bag at me and was completely rude. This is rediculous and I think management is to blame. I have been inside this location to eat before and they have gotten "quote" backed up,which is complete bull crap bacause there was barely anyone there and I heard the manager tell one of her staff members to unplug the time sensor to the drive thru. I'm sorry but I think they should be monitoring this better because people are being mistreated at the Callahan location and then when customers get upset the hardees staff is retaliating. Oh, and did i mention that inn the timely manner that the lady got our food the bacon on my buscuit was cold and it seemed raw! I know its not fine dinning I feel like they should care more about their customers . They need to monitor and train their staff better. Find new management!

My boyfriend works at your company. He and I both agree that your hiring managers suck balls. You need to start hiring people who deserve a job and are willing to ACTUALLY DO THERE FREAKING JOB! Your workers here in Wyoming are lazy whiners that throw fits whenever they have to do there job. >:( Your managers need to be replaced as well if they are not going to do what there job entails. Everyone is utterly disgusted with you now. You better clean up your act Hardees or you are going to go down the drain. P.S. The last inspections prove it. They scored below 65.


This morning 10/16/2011, I walked in the rain to go to Hardees restaurant (GreenTree Shopping Center, Dover, DE)...not far at all, since my office is located in the same shopping center. When I arrived in the Restaurant, there was no one up front (not in drive thru or front registers). After waiting for approx. 2min, an employee walks in from outside and takes an order for drive thru. She never acknowledged me standing there, a simple "one moment please someone will be right with you" would have been nice! (Note: I also never saw her wash her hands after coming from outside) Shortly after this employee walked in from outside, another employee also comes in from the outside. She goes over washes her hands, chats with someone in the side office, and then proceeds to walk to the back of the restaurant...again NEVER acknowledging me standing there. I look over and the other young lady is still working drive thru & there is one cook in the back (where was the Manager, who knows??). I stood there may be a total of 9min. (mind you, I only have a 15min break) before finally walking out and walking to another nearby restaurant; I figured Hardees didn't want my business...Very poor customer service on your employees part today. Weems1225@aol.com

Over the weekend we purchased one of the newer burgers (with blue cheese, swiss and onion rings, etc and so forth ). Very disappointed. It's way too much to even bite into comfortably and too many flavors jumbled together. To make it even worse, the bun does NOT hold up to all that sandwich. It was a disgusting mess... Please reconsider...

I'm a employee at Hardees from what I hear it seems many have had bad experiences. It's very unfortunate when you have a rude cashier. Sometimes its not even the cashiers fault your order took so long. Workers are understaffed at times and get a great deal of cutomers and it becomes very difficult to take on the task with low labor and high sales. I should know i work with one other person from 4p-2am. I'm a drive thru cashier, and I also work as a cook when my manager is busy so i'll float back and forth to taking orders than making the food. I get many many customer comments that are great. I believer if I were to move from the store customers would leave. Many of them come there just to see me. I've had several people come from out of state saying they've never met another cashier like me anywhere in fast food, really makes me happy. I think I deserve a promotion after working there full time in murphysboro il. hardees from 07-08 for eleven months while i was sixteen and seventeen all of my junior year of high school. I worked as a cook in the evening during school week and midnights during weekends. During summer time i worked about 54 hours a week full time midnight. I moved to metropolis Il. in sep. of last year and began working at hardees again in March of this year. I was 20 when i started I am now 21. I would love tot be promoted I can do more than some of the people above me can do and some of them have way less experience than I. Hopefully I'm promoted soon. People in the drive thru ask me if I'm the manager and they get disappointed and say I ought to be a manager. I know my customers regularly and they love me and can count on me for satisfaction often leaving tip money that i cant accep. i'll put it in the drawer and somehow that drawer still manages to come up short. It baffles me. No wonder the store is coming up short money. Maybe if they had bed managers like Johnny Rock who have a great potential to be manager. I believe my manager sees it in me. Hopefully soon :)

Usually when we have been to Hardees in Adel, GA the service is good. Tonight was a different story. It took almost half an hour to get my food. My seven year old granddaughter noticed how slow they were and commented that the service was poor! A couple came after I ordered my food. They ordered, got their food, were almost finished eating before I got mine. My wife's fries were cold because they were sitting on the counter for about 15 minutes while the attendant was getting the chicken wrap.

Today I visited the Pgh ( millville) location with my family on my way to visit my fathers grave, which when I was younger visited there quite often. As a family on the go, we spend lots of money monthly on dining out. One of my daughters had to use the barroom immediately and my other daughter was starving so when we went to use their restroom I was astonished on how deplorable the bathrooms where. They were absolutely disgusting. I triple-Plied the toilet with toilet tissue and awed as my daughter used the bathroom.. After she was finished and several washings of our hands without paper-towels we went to get our food, which I didn't really want to eat, but my finace had already done so. The food quality was poor, and the restaurant as a whole had really went down in quality( especially as the prices are not worth it ) I have NEVER expected to see this from a HARDEES!!! It was the worst experience ever.. :( Hands down -0 rating..

On saturday the 29th of october,2011 i ate at the Hardee's of Owosso, MI. A Red Burrito combo was purchased. My wife tasted the burrito and did not like the way it tasted and refused to eat it. so i took the combo back up to the counter to see if i could get the meal replaced with something that my wife had eaten there before and liked. When i told the lady at the counter the problem she made a rude sigh and said what do you want me to do about it. I asked if we could get something else. She said she couldn't help me but would talk to Lori the manager. They did agree to replace it with a fresco burger combo. Yet they were very reluctant to accomidate us. When the meal was brought to our table the same lady threw it on our table rolled her eye's then walked away. Today sunday the 30th of October,2011 i recived a call about a comment card that i filled out. Lori as she introduced herself as was very rude to me. Telling me that she was right there as the situation was handled. She then stated that it was handled in an approperiate manner. Being rude with a firm tone in her voice. She also stated that,"you would be hard pressed to find another resturant that would let me exchange food because we didnt like the taste." I beg to differ. Applebee's of Owosso cooked 3 different stakes for me because they were not properly cooked. Culvers of Mt. Pleasant replaced a Philly steak sandwich for me because the one i had gotten was all grissel. When i fill out a comment card its to help a resturant know what the costumer wants when they are paying $7 for a combo. It is not so that another member of that same resturant can call me and be rude to me the next day. I paid $15 yesterday for rude behavior and unwanted attitude. I didn't want another $15 of attitude today as well. I have been eating at this store location for 20 years and after this incident i will never return to that store again! I will also be writing to the local papres to have them publish my complaints. I am very outraged by this lady's absurd behavior. I would greatly appreciate a call so i can further explain the situation to someone who may care as to how these people at this store think they can treat paying customers. If were all quit coming they all lose their jobs in a state that already is facing hard economic times. My phone number is (989) 331-4264 Jon Kimball

My Family consisting of my wife and our 8 year old Daughter visited the local hardee's resturant located in wood river illnois and we used coupons for our food purchase we ordered a six dollar burger and get one free. and two 1/3 pound cheese burgers for $3.00 and we tryed the two chicken enchillada's for two dollars we then wanted to get some ice tea for a dollar a glass but was informed that that offer was no more. so we asked for 3 glasses of ice water. because we are on ssi/ssd and we dont have mutch money to go out on. we then was given number77 and went to go find a table to sit at over by the tv set's to watch while we was waiting for our food and we could'nt find a clean table to sit at there was food debris all over all of the tables and paper garbage from people that was there and didnt't pick up thier messes when they had eaten thier food. we recived our food and the six dollar burger was under cooked it was raw dripping with red water coming from the frozen patty that was under cooked. we was starving and eaten the food anyway,s then we tryed to eat the chicken enchillada special". we planned on splitting the food. because of lack of money we looked at the food and the chicken enchillida's were flat with a small bump in the middle for some sort of unknown filling..they was covered with a red enchillada type sauce and more than a proper portion of cheese for a topping while the sauce was dripping from the edge of the plate where a thumb print was evident from its preparation. i then walked up to the counter and waited about 5 minuites for an employee to come up front from the back of the store so i could ask for a refund for the food the server woman said that my food was cold and it had been sitting for a while that is why it appeared like this she described to me i told her that the food did not appear like the picture advertised on the window when we came inside she said that we would have to talk to a manager to get a refund the manager came and was stern voiced and she refusingly gave us a refund for our enchillada but not for the raw food that was served while the employee looked at us and she shook her head in a back and forth manner to say no! i went back to my table and noticed a pocket between the wall and the bench that was full of garbage and half eaten food then i had looked down at the floor and had seen mouse droppings and food all around then i reached for my handy digital camera and started taking photographs of the garbage and mouse droppings and here came the mouse he posed for the photos so nicely like he was saying "Here I AM" like he was the new Hardee"s Mascott!!. my wife said that both toilets in the woman's bath was filthy and full of urine! not flushed! I then reached for a hardee"s questionare form to fill out and filled it out noting the defects of service and bad food and filthy tables and restrooms I looked at some old couple sitting in some filthy debris left over from some other people and asked them if they didn't mind if I photographed them and the filth they replied and said that it was ok and was discusted about the condition of the restuarant so I took about 35 photo's of trash and dirty tables and the new hardee"S STAR THE MOUSE! I then walked back up to the manager and had told her about the garbage and filthy conditions of the restuarant and that the restuaraunt was infested with mice and I was going to report the bad condition of the store to the corparate office and I had told her that I had photographed the filth and the mice problem ." well " I was not welcome any more so we walked outside and had seen a mouse outside and had photoed him along with the front of the store with the employee's looking through the glass at us we then walked to our vehicle taking pictures of the trash and debris outside in the parking lot. well needless to say I called and reported the restuarant to corparate and told them about the problems. we used to like hardee's a lot but the lazy employees dont want to clean they just want to serve slop and get paid. its time to fire some people and clean up the shop! before the board of health comes in like I said I have photo"s.

me and a good friend of mine who just came back from serving a 3rd tour over seas. thought we go to hardees for breakfast on hwy 29 north of pensacola florida,to get something to eat. And when we got are food it was cold and the grave wasn't full.My hash browns were hard as a rock. the people were rude and disrespectful. i called the district manager to get this settled but nothing got settled cause a few day later i went back i got the same treatment as i got before.Oh yea by the way i don't want your free meals or coupons i just want good service. i believe you shouldn't settle stuff with coupons or free meals,i think that is a slap in someone face that your not getting to the bottom of things that your blowing your customers off. I mean good service makes good money for companies and poor service makes poor money and bankruptcy. oh yea and 9 mile rd in pensacola is no better they are just as rude as 29. Thank you for taking time to read this, i hope you can get to the bottom of things. Sincerly, Tammy

Hardees...Bonifay, FL... The worst experience EVER!!!! There should definitely be an option for a zero or minus! POOR Management including talking to De Anna... the Manager..and Summer! These people should be fired. These are the people that should be taking out the trash! I would think customer satisfaction should be the no 1 priority! It is not the case here! My boyfriend had a frisco burger, large that was not hot and the bacon was not cooked!!! My burger combo did not even come with a burger...yes I mean the meat..the main part of the burger was not there. Then they brought out another burger for myself and it was horrible as well as no fries! This place is disgusting! ALL the customers had a problem!!! This is unacceptable. We asked for our money back. They gave the money back for mine, but not the other one that is already making my boyfriend sick, because of eating part of an uncooked and cold burger! Only the Assistant Manager was there, and we had to call another manager, De Anna, that was rude and not willing to give us our money back. This Hardess location should just start from scratch especially Management!

I love hardees but the one in callahan,fl something odd is going on with the manager.I find it very odd that I ask the manager for a receipt and she replies I put it in the bag.well there was no receipt in the bag called the bank and I was overcharged $10.the number at the location has been busy for over an hour.kind of curious how many people she has done this too but this is the second time for me.it never happens when she is not there I'm just sayin

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