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New orleans Bad Store

They tried to add shipping after layaway and that's not what I was told.I called corporate and received a $20.00 discount.I rate this 3 stars because they don't work with the price anymore. Last year I bought a $99.00 Bass and received free shipping. This year I got screwed over.


They took three days just to ship an online order, didn't send an email confirmation with tracking number, and I had to call them and wait a long time for them to tell me it finally shipped. I paid for express shipping too! The product is going back as soon as it arrives and I'll buy it from a merchant who cares about the customer!

Turned down for credit with a 700+ score

Recently I decided to take advantage of GCs 18 month free financing plan. I applied and was turned down because, they said, of a credit score of 600. I hadn't realised that my score had fallen by over a hundred points! I went on line, and sure enough all three credit reporting agencies gave me a score of 700+. I ended up putting the purchase of over $1200.00 on one of my interest bearing credit cards instead. Still trying to figure out what happend, but I think I was suckered into a deal that GC had no intension of honoring. Be careful when it comes to finincing through their store!


I had the bad the bad experience to buy a used mic from guitar center , mic that i never got. after a 6 week i still waiting for the mic, even after they compromise to send it. only one word, buy at ebay or amazon guitar center had become the worst one., you end doing business with no body, and they don't want to take responsibility.


Wanted to buy an expensive guitar for my birthday daughter. Never thought they still had one. only 75 made of Martin 00-28ECS Crossroad. Jennifer in Chicago store chased one down and got it from Martin to my daughter in two days and six emails keeping us in the loop. Could not ask for more from GS. I have a 14 year old Martin OM and a Gibson 229ES all from them. They mothered a neck re-set at Third Coast in Chicago (pick up at GS store daily) and Martin paid $1600 for repair on 12 year old guitar. GS made sure it was registered to me. Jennifer Bleck at GS on Halsted in Chicago is the best.

Help ...!!!

So, I buy a used gibson sg black.from GC... .last march ...had in the case .didn,t get to play it ,..to make a sad story...even more sad ...I bring in to gc to sell it back to them..the sales guy named scott ,tells me it`s a fake ...and they will not do any thing about it @ the commack ,ny gc,store..ps Everyone best check their guitars for the rest of the fakes sold by gc...never again ! and here it sits in the case.

More Junk

Went to Guitar Center (or as we call it , Guitarget). and got a few "DeltaLab" Pedals, well the first one broke, so I took it back after seeing the "5 yr warenty" on the insert. great no problem got a new one. about a month later the whole switch poped off, so I took it back to Guitar Center to get a new one. Not one in site. I asked what was up with that ,were they just sold out or what? the guy behind the counter said , No they don't carry them anymore and will not be getting any more in. When I asked about the warranty , he said that I would have to contact the manufacturing company to have it replaced. after doing some research, I found that Guitar Center had purchased the "Old defunked DeltaLab name and had them made and put them out on the market. But you won't find any information on who the manufacturing company was nor will you get it replaced by Guitar Center. sounds like a great case for the District Attourney to take a look at..

GC in OC

I would not buy a pick from these wolves, help what help, Why buy a Fender there, soon they will be at 7-11 and Walmart , Best Buy already has them what next. Too bad the Mom and Pop stores are gone.

Myself and my family have been a customers with Gutar Center for many years. Usually I know exactly what I need and so so I'm able to find it fairly quickly at GS and then I'm out the door. Until recently I considered Gutar Center to be the number one stop for anyone who loves music like I do. But after an experience I had at a Delaware store I can honestly say I will take my money elsewhere. About 2 weeks ago I decided to upgrade my studio so I bought a mixing board that was around $1500.00. I've been looking to add a keyboard to my collection. So on my way from work I decided to stop and see what GS had for sale. I looked around for a while and I saw a sales rep and had some questions. The sales rep totally Ignored me and began to talk to someone else. I waited and when he was finished I began to ask him my questions. It was obvious he didnt want to help me. The rep next to him chimed in and answered the question. I asume because he noticed that this young man didn't want to help me. So to make it quick I asked for the price of a particular item. The sales rep. looked at me and said "You cant afford it" I asked him What do you mean? I just spent $1500.00 only a week and a half ago? At this pointI was very upset. Now what special powers does this kid have that tells him what I could afford. I looked for the manager and explained what happened. The manager apologized and explained he was busy but would take care of it.----- With my experience in sales I know that great customer service goes a long way. One day a guitar pick sale for $.99 can easily turn into $5000 guitar sale tomorrow. -- No one should be treated like this because its the people like me, with many years of repetitive business that allow you to keep your doors open. I feel embarrassed and disrespected and I cant say that I would ever return to your store or suggest your company to any of my friends.

I have been a customer of Guitar Center since 1996 in Long Island city New York & in Hallandale FL. I bought the 2 year extra insurance on it because I was told that if anything would happen to my Guitar or Amp it would be replaced (not fixed. I brought my amp in because the input plug broke after 2 1/2 to three months later. I was told to go look around for a different amp. Then the sales guy came back and told me that his manager said that I would have to take the amp back and mail it to the Marshall factory. And told me to sign a paper. I said that the 2 weeks is if you do not put insurance on it. Why would I pay all that money to take it back to Marshall? He said he would try and fix the amp. I said ok knowing that they were wrong & asked to speak to another manager.It turns out He was the same guy that told the other man to have me sign a paper agreeing on me taking it back. Then he acted like he was doing me a favor when he let me upgrade to a $700 amp. They kept my insurance money that should have been past on to the new amp. Then they tried to sell me more insurance for the new amp. I said no. Why would I buy some more useless insurance that you almost had me mailing the Amp back to Marshall? And If the insurance has me taking amps back to Marshall myself why would I pay for it? I was told when I bought the amp if I was to pay extra for the insurance in case something happens that all I had to do was just take it back and Guitar Center would give me a brand new one. They lied. I will never buy anything again from Guitar Center. I have been a customer for 16 years. I have bought many guitars,amps, pedals, cords, strings, picks, accustic Guitars, & ext. When you bay extra inurance it is not made so the custermer get screwed. Unfare. I had to stay calm as they treated me like I could not see through their game.

The Local Guitar Center does a poor job of Checking there used gear when it come in and if you buy a piece or 2 and they dont work right you can bring them back but They start keeping track of you and if you buy something else that does not work right they will BLACK BALL You for bringing it back Plus they have to many kids working in there and the store MGR is not any better. All the Regular guitar players in the OKC area Avoid GC.

my family has spent thousands at guitar center here in little rock. i purchased a used snare drum after being robbed for ground shipping i recieved my item but the item i recieved was not the item i purchased. i saved a pic on my pc so my bro who buys at gc would see what i was getting. in the pic the snare has a clear resonater head on the bottom. well the snare i got in has a batter head on the bottom and the rim was barely even on this means that an employee stole the head off my snare and replaced it with a pacific head. i called the new mexico store and asked about it and the ops manager told me that i basically didnt know what i was talking about and hung up on me after not letting me finish my sentance. i also purchased some hi hat cymbals thru the oregan store terrible customer service. i dont understand how u can run a legit business and not keep ur return customers happy. either way steveweissmusic.com has everything i nedd and even priority mail shipping. meaning its not gonna cost twice the ammount to ship. and the website says in big bold letters that they offer free shipping no minimum. you would think that they would want to move the used items out of their way instead of hoarding them. i have bought two things and paid over 50 dollars for shipping. it shouldnt cost that much to ship a snare and hi hat cymbals. MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS WILL NEVER AGAIN SHOP AT GUITAR CENTER. which sucks for them because income tax is right around the corner.

I sent an inquiry about dropping the price of the Sterling Audio ST66 tube mic to $100 for purchase still haven't heard back from the store and it's been 3 days.

This is an update to my comments of 6/26. I've upgraded my rating to Fair. Tampa Guitar Center Manager Paul responded to my letter. He was gracious and offered to send me a set of strings and to allow me to return the bass. I wrote back to Paul, thanking him for his letter and offer. I asked that he explain to his staff that we are customers, not marks. I asked that he remind his staff that when purchasing by phone that they recognize that they are our eyes. I cleaned the bass (took over 5 hours because the grease had permeated mechanical parts), fixed the truss rod, corrected the neck and fixed the electronics and pickup. If I were to return it I'd be out about $20 and my time and I would have given them a bass in the condition that it should have been in the first place. Credit to Paul for his response but I'm holding back even calling Guitar Center about any merchandise.

I buy instruments, mostly basses, that I fix and resell. When physically in the store I've been treated reasonably, although once a bit like an outcast when it became clear that I was there to return something purchased from another store. I've given up emailing Guitar Center stores, I call instead. On-line requests are ignored. The only response was after I called the store and asked if the lack of response was due to 'disinterest' or 'discourtesy' - then they sent pictures. I've purchased 3 basses from 3 different Guitar Center stores in the last 2 months (all by phone). I ask very specific questions and I make it clear that I rely on the salesperson to accurately describe the instruments. I'm always assured that they do. The results: Sacramento CA Guitar Center: Described bass and its' problems. I'd buy from here again. Matt (asst MGR) was very helpful. I might not be able to bring this bass back all the way but I knew what I was getting into and I took an informed risk at the price. I was treated well. Chicago Guitar Center Peavey T40 described accurately, except for fret wear. Worn through to knuckle in 5 positions and nearly in 20 more. Forced to return locally and it cost me ~$20. Tampa Guitar Center Great price - so I asked extra questions. Chris' description was of a very nice bass that lacked 2 original knobs but was in good shape otherwise. What I received was the "KY Fried Chicken house band" bass, crusted in rancid oil (I mean crusted!), top to bottom, every nook and cranny. 'Good action' to Chris meant 7/16" at fret #8 and 1/4" at #18. Neck bowed and twisted. Truss rod frozen. A little fret wear turned out to be a recent, incompetent, fret job. Electronics were shot, pickup housing broken, etc. At the price I could live much of the physical damage but these were specific points that I questioned and was lied to. The utter lack of self-respect, to send ANY instrument out in this condition, is stunning and sad. I wrote to the store manager, Paul, and have heard nothing. conscience is what appalls me about this bass.

Once again Guitar center people giving incorrect information to it's customers. NOT listening just assuming they know what the customer wants or needs. I know nothing will be done to correct the situation like usual. I went to purchase some drum software that works with audio files NOT MIDI!! I spent at least a half hour explaining what I was looking for and was assured this Addictive drum software would work with what I am doing. I also told the sales person I have steven slate triggers. I never mentioned I was using MIDI an assumption was made. So I purchased this product which seems to be good the problem is I don't use MIDI not sure if I said that yet? Now I have spoken with assistant managers they said they will give a full credit for the addictive drums only if I was to purchase something that is much more expensive. How nice! I stopped dealing with GC for 3 years due to this nonsense before I will not be dealing with them ever again due to there sorry customer service and being double faced about things. I think it's safe to say customer service is not there strong point. Just remember there are other companies online that are much better.

GC online sucks. I purchased a mixer that was advertised as a factory restock. Their guarantee is that this merchandise has been tested and factory recertified to meet original specs and certs. I probably purchase more of a product than I needed but for the price, I couldn't pass it up. Stupid me! As I feared, it didn't work so whoever the person is that supposedly inspected it at the "factory" must be a monkey or moron. I called the manufacturer (Berhinger) and they said that this (factory restock) label is misleading and that in fact most of these items "unfortunately get repacked and shipped without much inspection"…."most of the people that inspect are low paid kids"...This is a direct quote from a technician at Behringer!!!! He further said that "you should not waste your time sending it in" and then proceeded to give me a list of more expensive models to purchase from GC. GC online said that I had 30 days (its printed on the item selector) to return the item, but after I received the item and realized it didn't work. I gathered my paperwork received at delivery and it stated that this is a non-returnable item. What a complete scam. Thanks a ’lot GC. It’s a bad economy, my organization had to save for this new system and now we just don’t have one.

Went down to my local GC to purchase a 65 Princeton Reverb Reissue. The salesman said they didn't have any in stock but wanted to sell me the "beat-up" demo floor model as new. I said no-thanks, send me a new in box amp. I paid cash (debit). I asked how it would be shipped? He said UPS, 3-5 days. It arrived in 6 working days by some "no name" shipping company. When i got it in the house i noticed the box looked well worn. There was tape around the top so i cut it. I was prepared to remove the copper staples but found that they had already been pulled. I opened the lid and behold the GC return label was inside the box. There were no instructions inside and everything looked like it had been tampered with. So far the amp works but selling an open box item as new with a warranty is not ethical. It appeared to be a return and who knows if there was tampering that would void my warranty? Now i have to pay someone to check out the amp or go though the hassle of trying to get another amp. Last time i put a new guitar on layaway and when i went to pick it up they switched it with a scratched up demo model. Luckily i noticed and they went back and got the original guitar. Beware of GC sales practices. I will try ZZounds next time.

Once Again Ive been fooled by Guitar Centers garbage. In the past having gotten taken on several guitars(uugghh never again from you thieves) but now twice from the repair dept. You would think their supposedly licensed luthier when fixing a toggle switch would notice that the guitar had no ground at all hooked up.Poor service dpt,poor expertise. Guitar Center you are a far cry from what you were in the 80s when you arrived in Illinois. Now you just sell factory 2nds on equiptment and hire people not much more qualified to do anything but change strings. There are a few who really do know what they are doing but you end up fireing them because they actually care about the customers. Boooo to you GC and your corporate mindset.

I was in the market to buy a Yamaha P155 keyboard. Ended up going to two GC (Sherman Oaks and Northridge) and even though both had it on display they both didn't have a DC cord to turn it on. Both stores wouldn't open another one (even though they had it in stock) and basically let me walk out. Also, service was deplorable (good luck on getting someone to help you, let alone a "salesman" (really just an order taker) who knew much about the product (I knew more about the keyboard even though I'm a novice). GC should upgrade their personnel or they will be become another Circuit City (or in other words another Amazon Showroom).

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