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never agin

this is the worst website to shop from don't to it they are crooks


I have seen your pop ads, and I think they are trashy!!! That blonde girl you feature with the skirt looks 15. Clean up your ads or I won't buy your clothes

Was shocking, totally disgusted with the whole customer experience, no customer focus, dont buy dont go near them..

My packages

This is by far the worst place to shop instore or online . I purchase items on line n was charge twice for everything sent items back n never received my refund . Was lied to by the customer care saying I would receive my refund by Monday. Told me that he would make sure the ware house put a move on all my items .

love your clothes

i like your clothes i gotton have my school wardrobe for school form guess but maybe thinking of having some clothes for school cus how rude school can be -highschool senior-

Never Again

I had purchased a watch model no. W 9008423 from time factory jaipur for Rs 7000/- as a gift for my niece and within guarantee period the strap broke. The dealer sent it to sales head mumbai on 26.05.2014 but till date it has not been changed. Excuse given by Taufiq Shaikh Sales Head North India and Deepali, All India Sales Head that strap not available. For two months they have not been able to replace the strap. First the quality of strap bad now the are not even changing the strap or exchanging it with a new watch. Sorry to say that such is service of such a reputed company. Not only are they negligent but also sell defective pieces. Never buy one.


I bought my 74 year old mother a beautiful watch for Christmas. She then drove to the store, to have her watch resized. When she arrived they gave her a hard time and she was told that the watch could not be resized without the receipt, which I had since it was a gift, she was very upset, so we decided to return the watch, when I went to return the watch I was also encountered with a snobby treatment and a hard time, I am inclined to never again purchase anything from guess, and to spread the word to my family friends and business associates. NEVER AGAIN!

Guess Sucks

My son bought me a watch for Christmas. It had a leather band and I can't wear them. I went in to exchange it. I didn't want any money back just to exchange for something different. I didn't have the receipt and they said no way. I mean really , everyone exchanges at Christmas time. She said there is no way to tell it came from guess. Well hello the price tag that is still on it may tell you. Beyond disappointed.


I purchased a pair of earrings from the Tannersville, PA store. When I got home and tried to wear them a day later they were molded crooked and the hinge would not work properly. I drove back to the store with my receipt 2 days later. I told them the product was defective. They told me "You can't return earrings for health reasons". I told them again I was not returning them bc I didn't like them! They are defective, I can't wear them. I asked for a manager and they told me there was none and were laughing like it was a big joke. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. I will NEVER shop at Guess again! This young girl does not belong in retail.

Guess Candy Pop ladies watch

To whom it may concern: I bought my wife a guess watch for her birthday Nov'12. It was bought at American Swiss - South Africa - George. I bought the so called Guess Candy Pop (W14543L1). Within the first six months one of the fixed crystals on the face came off, I had to pay a lot of money to send it in for repair....they said that it is normal wear and tear!!! And now 3 months later again the same crystal came off with another 2? It also took about a month for the repair of one crystal. I bought this watch for her because of the quality and style, now I sit with a watch with 3 crystals missing and just 1 year old....Please help. Jacques


I am not happy with the Guess Stores at all in Toronto. My son recently went to Guess in Vaughan Mills, bought a pair of shorts for 45.00, when he got home there were two rips where the ties are, one on each side. My son does not drive, he went with someone out there which is quite far from where we live. He called and asked them could he return them to a Guess store in Scarborough, they said yes. He went there and they would not return them, they told him he had to take them back to the Warehouse which is far from where he lives. I cannot believe they would not do an exchange for this item. They still had the tags on, nothing was touched. Guess as far as I am concerned does not care about their customers. I would never go back there, my son would never go back and its quite obvious by the reviews a lot of people would not go back. Vary disappointing that a store as big as Guess treats their customers like that.

Can you supply me with your merchandise

I have a shop in a prominent suburb of Melbourne Australia I would like to stock all guess women . Look forward to hear from you Thank you Solomon

Beyond Disappointed

I went to the Guess at Crabtree Valley Mall and bought an outfit for almost $600. May sales girl was great. I went in right after a surgery. When I got back too NYC I notice an ink sensor was still on the $150 jacket. I called and asked the store to work with NYC stores to get a courier out to my work or send me a label so I could mail it to get this changes and I am limited on my travel. They said there is nothing they can do since the store manager know it won't effect here since I can't return things to her store. I plan to return everything now because of bad customer service. Why would you not spend $40.00 on a courier or even call the NYC stores to see what they would do after a customer spent this much.


To whom it may concern. I have purchased a sweater from the shops Vegas Seasor Palace. i have been wanting to Returne it to your head office cuz I don't know where else. I only wore it twice and all the front has the knit fuzzes all over it'. I feel like a sweater for little over $200.00 and loose it looks and look like as if bought it from outlet. I would like to Returne it hoping I get the Refund.

Absolutely Hate It

Southpark Mall, Charlotte..I worked here for 4 mnths with my own peers acting like I wasn't apart of the staff and acting stuck up towards me and not even speaking when I say HI. I hated working here with a passion and my last month "working" here they just left me off the schedule until part-time standards says to terminate me.


I purchased a large Guess handbag at Macy's and the top peeled I paid $168.00 Macy's said to write to company this handbag has alot of hardware on it I'm going to mail it back very disappointed , only used handbag for about 4 months

Today I was shopping at the Guess Factory Store in Riverhead, NY. The manager and assistant manager were so rude and unprofessional . They were arguing in front of customers. I waited on line for 45 minutes to purchase a jacket that was on a rake advertised 50% off . As you might have guessed ( no pun intended) I was told the jacket was not on sale. It cost the original price because it was sent from a retail store by mistake. Whet ever happened to honoring a sale that is advertised ???? Terrible!!!!!!

I was shopping at the guess store at pembroke lakes mall and the managers there were so rude Disrespectful and unkind to us and to the employees I took 400$ to buy a set for the night and I could not shop there anymore Wish someone would contact me

Today we visited Guess store in NIAGARA FALLS ONTARIO... its an outlet mall... the staff is rude and snotty and management is absolutely useless... i would love to know the screening process that corporate does when hiring these clowns....after walking through a cluttered store and finding clothing thrown everywhere we left without making a single purchase...instead we walked across the parking lot and spent our money at Coach... ill never shop at guess again. By far the worst experience yet.

Your manager Lily in niagara falls ontario is the most un-organized manager ive ever had the dis-pleasure of dealing with....her skills are lacking proper management abilities. i am shocked that with your particularly anal hiring process that you end up hiring such idiotic management. Ive always loved the brand, and still do. But really i feel corporate needs to look into a few stores and how they are run... in particular Guess clothing in niagara falls ontario.

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