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Absolutrly Scared!

I think I may not receive my lost luggage. A class action lawsuit is in need!

Busfreighter scam

I tried the busfreight.com website and got a rate online instantly but when I checked my credit card statement, they charged me an extra $85 dollars. When I called they said the online rate did not invclued my dimensions. what a friggin scam.

I feel like they give you the run arounds especially when it comes to lost luggage, you try calling to speak with people on the phone and it just ring with no answers. Three weeks later still trying to locate the lost luggage and nothing, this company really needs more training on CUSTOMER SERVICE!

really a -10. they charge for an extra bag that you have to drag at least the airline will transfer it for you. the people are uneducated and are being paid to sit around talk on the phone and be rude. i am trying to get a refund for a trip and know it is going to be a battle.


Very impossible to get a person on the phone, multiple time I tried and you go through a series of recordings that take you no where because the line will go dead. It must be impossible to hire someone that can just answer a phone and provide customer service. At risk of showing my age, 30 years ago the service was more customer friendly. Note that, "automated phone answering is not customer service".

Will not use your line. Unable to make departure on time. I get it..online pur hase nonrefundable. No transport..greyhound keeps 234 dollars. Way to go big bus. I will pay more and fly!! Plus I had spoken with an individual who said no worries..$15 to change date. Well surprise...no can do after driving 30plus miles back tp the damned bus stop. Shame on you!! So what I screwed up...NEVER AGAIN!!

Went to kelos WA to catch a bus to Grant Pass OR the bus was supossed to be there at 4:10PM and as 6:54 it has not arrived yet. I called the 1-800 number which gave me the Canadian grey hound and they were not able to tell me were the bus stopeds before it stops at Kelso WA. The reason for this question was to try and find out if the bus was running late or crashed or what. No one could tell me a single thing! Gray hound has so piss poor people or administrative people and there system in which they have is way poor and still must be using DX 364 mega byte computers systems because greyhouind sucks, customer service sucks, bus schedualing sucks, refunds sucks,ther informational highway sucks!!!!!!!!

Greyhound and Jefferson buslines are terrible. They work together, so when a mistake is made they just keep pointing the finger at each and will not even admit who is at fault. My husband took a bus to Arkansas to start his new Job. We are over 8,000 invested into this job because of schooling he took to get his class a license, and time off of work to go to school. I am almost six months pregnant. When he got to Arkansas, he found that his fears from Kansas city were correct. He had seen the bus he was on driving away from a bag that looked like his. He asked the driver to stop. The driver said 'that's not your bag. Your bag is on the bus. Well.... That was his bag. And now it's lost. It's not in Kansas city anymore, or at any of the other stoPs he had been on. He can not start orientation without the items in that bag. They are looking at sending him back home in two days if the bag does not turn up. We have no way to pay our bills if he loses this job. I am petrified that we will lose our home and everything in it. No one will help me find the bag, I have had to call for four hours straight just to get someone at the termInal to pick up the phone, only to find them to be mean, rude, and refusing to help me. This is so wrong. Their negligence may cost us our livelihood and everything we have worked for. And I'm due to give birth in three and a half months. I can't stop crying. We need a class actTion lawsuit. The 250 refund will come nowhere near covering the cost of damaged done to my family! We need help!

I have been trying to reach a Greyhound Bus employee who is able to help locate lost luggage and continually get shifted to a holding pattern on a phone. From the other tales of woe on this site, I wonder how this company can remain in business without someone from the Federal Govenment being contacted to check up on the company's customer service policies and ability to work with their customers to solve problems with lost luggage. It seems that luggage just disappears when a bus has mechanical problems, the driver tells passengers he will transfer the luggage to another bus and the luggage seems to vanish into thin air and no one is concerned. How about just a little concern for the paying customer!


I have written to the Headquarters requesting a refund for a ticket. The ticket was purchased back in August 2011. Still, no response from them. I have called and now I am on hold, with no one telling me that someone will be right with me. What horrible customer service. Someone did get back to me after 5 minutes and I asked to speak with a supervisor. I have left another message and hopefully, someone will get back to me. All I want is my refund back. Is it so hard to just get a refund back? I will not use Greyhound again. If they lose customers, perhaps they will realize that without us, they won't have a business. After all, we are their meal ticket. We are not asking for anything unreasonable. The customers need to always come first is the first step in keeping those customers coming back - don't you agree? Word of mouth gets around.

My sister went missing on 1-09-12,near the greyhound bus station in knoxville,tn.The reason we think she caught a bus is because we found her vehicle 1 block away unlocked with the keys in the ignition.We think she caught a bus but the bus station would not let us view the surveillance videos to see if she was actually there without a court order.The police said their was no foul play involved so we can't get a courtorder.The bus station told us once that with cash anyone don't have to have a i.d.then another person told us that they check i.d.we are desperate for help.i would recomend to anyone that sends a loved to the greyhound bus station,if something happens to them thsy wont let u view their precious tapes.they have not offered to help,the police is at a standstill.if anyone knows anything please contact knoxville,tn.police dept.

I just returned home from my holiday vaction in which I chose Greyhound to be my means of transportation from Atlanta to Detriot. Purchusing the ticket and getting a set leaving from Atlanta was no problem for my daughter and I but when we had to change buses in Cincinnati it was all hell. First off Greyhound overbooked there buses which means if you get on a bus and have to change buses there is no guarantee that you will have a seat on the connecting bus. They had two buses for connecting passagers and both buses were overbooked so my daughter and I had a layover from 1:30 am to 7:45 am on Christmas Eve. Greyhound should be more considerate about peoples time and money THEY spend to get to were they need to be when they expect to be there. I don't see how Greyhound have been in business for so many years with the practices they keep. Greyhound do not care about customer server just the all mighty green dollar and thats what makes them the worse way to trip.......

I purchased a ticket with greyhound that they ran through twice and I needed them to correct this problem by writing a letter to my bank with their letterhead on it stating that I was only being charged for one transactions before overdraft fees hit my account as well. They fixed this problem but my ticket was also cancelled and since then I still have not yet received my reimbursement on this ticket which was purchased in September 2011, it is now November 2011. Each time I call customer service or corporate office, I'm being jerked around, and placed on hold for what seems like hours, only to be told to call back and given yet another customer id number. What is going on!Greyhound sucks!

I am a customer that pride myself on using Greyhound. Now I am very disgusted with the Greyhound online system and your customer service. On Saturday October 15th, 2011 I tried to purchase a ticket online ahead of time for 675.00 for my son’s business trip, the online website stated that it did not go through. I then waited until Monday October 24th, 2011 and tried to purchase another ticket. Of course since it was not three days out I was not able to get the companion discount and yet it still did not go through. After talking with your Supervisor Mr. Escobar (name that he gave) he informed me that there were no pending transactions and that they were not taking any money off my card for the bus tickets. So I finally was able to get through to your customer service representative that gave me a website to go on and purchase this ticket. Finally I was able to purchase my ticket. Early morning October 18th, 2011 I received a text message from my bank stating my account was 1,309.03, the reason for this over draft was due to the fact that Greyhound resubmitted the previous tickets that your supervisor insured me was not showing and was not pending. I am very frustrated with this situation and with Greyhound. You have taken out money that was not supposed to be taken out and I need it to be released immediately and not go through before I have overdraft fees on my account. I spoke with my bank. Chase They need for you to send them a letter on Greyhound Letter Head letting them know that two of the three transactions you do not want to go through.

It's time for a class action lawsuit! It's way overdue!!!

I see that there has been some other issues as well as my own. I bought 2 tickets one from DFW to Memphis and the return. I sent priority mail, post office shows it was delivered to them at their corporate office box. Greyhound customer service always says they don't have them. That is $227 of my money I want back. I never get a person willing to do what is necessary to get my money back. I have a copy of my letter, my delivery confirmation and both my tickets. I sent another email to the refunds dept today. If not taken care of in a couple of weeks I will go to the bus station myself and get my money back. I am not happy with Greyhound. I should not have chosen to go by bus, and won't in the future. All I want is my money back.

I just found out that Greyhound Bus Company charged me for 5 around trip tickets instead of one. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE SERVICE OF THIS COMPANY???? It use to be so good. What HAPPENED.

04/15/2011Temporary HoldPending Card Transaction at GREYHOUND LINES #345 -$127.0004/15/2011Temporary HoldPending Card Transaction at GREYHOUND LINES #345 -$127.0004/15/2011Temporary HoldPending Card Transaction at GREYHOUND LINES #345 -$127.0004/15/2011Temporary HoldPending Card Transaction at GREYHOUND LINES #345 -$127.0004/15/2011Temporary HoldPending Card Transaction at GREYHOUND LINES #345 -$127.00 This is my proof that this company over charged me. I did get a speedily reply from the company. Here it is--- Dear Mrs Destine. Thank you for contacting our office with your concerns and for your interest in Greyhound. Regarding your question, if you experienced an error during a transaction to purchase a ticket, the deducted amount you are seeing on the balance of your account is a pending hold, the bank places it back into your account after 24-72 hours and you may contact them to expedite that procedure. Please call our Fares and Schedules Department at 1800-231-2222 to see, using the credit card number, if there was actually a transaction that is causing the charge and in that case, provide you the necessary information to address the issue, namely, the confirmation number of the ticket and instructions to claim it, or print it or how to properly address the issue. In this case, to assist you with the charges found on your account, you would need to get in contact with our Customer Service department at 214 849-8966 open from Monday - Friday 7:00 am - 7:00 pm Central Time, in order for you to be assisted from one of our representatives. Thank you for your interest in Greyhound. Their mistake could have put me in over drawn. It is their mistake but I still have to wait 24/72 hours for them to fix it. I am suppose to trust that they will fix it.

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