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i have been going to this green valley store for the past 5 years and this is the best its ever been i give props to the sachier thats always on duty when i come in Sherrie at the stoer on craig and nellis this young lady is the best this store has ever had she assist the handicap and if theres something you want and they dont have she makes she that the next time they order it will be there the manager there seems to be bius to me she always have an attitude like she hate her job anyway i enjoy going to this store when Sherrie is there its always neat and clean i hope she become the manager of this store cause she do a dam good job.

Twice I have gone into the Green Valley Grocery to buy gasoline using my Smith's reward card, the first time I put in my information, swiped my card, purchased a car wash and started to fill my tank, the pump stopped at $75, I needed $100 for my Yukon. I went in and asked if they would continue the pump, with my saving information and was informed very rudely, that they could not do that by a short, heavyset, middle aged man who seemed extremely exaperated that I would ask such a thing, I asked to speak to the manager she came out and said nope we can't do that. I left frustrated still needing more gasoline and vowed not to return to this location, 3 months later I was running on fumes, with 4 grandchildren in the car I went in this time remembering I needed to pay in cash, I went out to the pump to run my rewards card, it would not take it, I walked back into the store and asked the same clerk to please put in my rewards info, he told me sorry I can't you already bought it. I said I haven't pumped yet could you please redo it, very agrily he said what's you number then proceeded to redo it. Poor customer service, it seems this clerk is mad at the world because he's going nowhere in life. I will not ever give them business againk!!!

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