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black beans in the can all mush / skins off / smells like sulfur / top all liquid & the rest all solid . All 10 cans are the same called GOYA & no return call from them

Need customer service

I obtained a product that was suppose to be vegetarian. Front label ---Baked Beans in a hearty tomato sauce made with brown sugar. I figured it be something like Bush's baked beans .(store was out ) Not what I call veggie-- some kind of fake chicken broth was in it. Why??? beans,tomato sauce and brown sugar is on the front of the can. Lesson: Read all labels --do not trust the front label ---make more time to shop.

goya foods is a slum

i been to goya foods headquaters in secuacus,nj...the people working there including managers and office personel has the same mantality as a criminal in prison...they are rude and very trashy...the warehouse has rat droppings and bug/roaches every where...the facility is filthy and not up to code to handle food distributed to the public...this place needs to shut down asap...

The board of directors of the CETPA, Incorporated has the honor to request support from your institution. In the regard, we are submitting a list of documents outlining the company’s objectives. The main objective of the company is to have a general food merchandises store in order to do Import / Export between the United States specially Miami and Haiti. The business is already established in Haiti, and its main products are coffee and mangoes, among others. The company would like to request technical, logistical and financial support. We would like to collaborate with order institutions that are interested in marketing agricultural products. Your support at any level will be greatly appreciated, and will creating a commercial partnership between the two companies. We thank you for your consideration and look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely, Louis ESTIVERNE, Executive Director

First time customer of Goya. As a matter of fact, first time trying any Goya product. I'm sure it will be the last. Placed an order on Goya's E-store. One week has gone by and nothing even though the facility is only 30 miles away. Paid $38.00 for a case of 24 pieces not to mention $17.00 for shipping. Have noticed twice in different stores that one single can of this product is selling for $.99 cents and $1.09 respectivly. Do the math! Tried to contact customer service, if they even have one, with no luck. You have to call this number, oh no you have to call this number, oh thats going to be difficult call this number. Where do these people come from? I can see Goya's service is top notch. This companys a joke. No wonder they only have small sections in major super markets. I'm sure they will be around for a long time. Yea right!

Bought your Olives and there is a HUGE DISGUSTING MAGGOT IN IT! I have called and left several messages o you Consumer Affairs Department and have not received a phone call back.. This needs to be addressed IMMEDIATELY! Listen to your voicemail messages and please contact me. I am MORTIFIED!! Will NOT be buying any of your products now or in the future!

I wrote to your company not so long ago to complain about the way the olive are pack. The olive are so salty. I used to love them. I even eat them out of the jar but sadly, I can’t stand them due to the fact that there so so salty what’s going on . A very disappointed, and sad customer Maria B. Rodriguez rodriguez.mariab@gmail.com 1718-541-4069

Goya Am very disappointed in the way Goya is preparing the packaging of their pitted and un pitted alcaparodo manzanilla olives there so salty that am unable to used them on my receipt any more am very upset about it and a bit dissolution about it…..change it back to the way it was I love them know I cannot eat them. I use to eat them by the spoon full right out of the jar. These is the only rating It should not have a start -1 that's what i give the olive of late Please bring back the original product it was great why change it. A very sad and UN happy customer Maria B. Rodriguez

Greetings, Let me start by saying that I absolutely love your Goya Products. I live in Virginia and my mother lives in New York City and we are having a hard time finding the Goya Garlic Powder. One grocery store in New York City told my mother that you no longer make that product. I am astonished; there are other people interested in the Goya Garlic Powder. My mother lives in a Senior citizens apartment and on behalf of all the seniors living there, I told them that I would write to Goya to find out if you are going to continue making that product. We surely do miss it, however, it is no where to be found. Please let me know if this is a discontinued product or just out of stock (for now). Your response will sincerely be appreciated. Thank you, P.S. I sent an email back in April 30 of this year and I have not heard back from the GOYA company -- not good customer service

I bought a pound of rice from this company and it had rat droppings. I knew it was rat dropping beacuse I felt the brown stubble and it was soft and smelled horrible. I also noticed from eating this bag of rice I haven't felt hungry lately. I will never buy Canilla Rice ever again!!!! Discusting !

What a horrible run around and disappointment. Two months ago I called Goya Angola, NY office and spoke to Lea about a food donation for an orphanage in Choluteca, Honduras. I gave her the Orphanage website and my website, she was pleasant and very enthusiastic and directed me to contact Rafael Toro at corporate office. I spoke with Mr. Toro and he told me that Goya could do a donation and to contact Lea back. I called Lea right away and someone else gave me the name of Carlos the general manager to talk to. Carlos was very friendly and enthusiastic also about a donation. He gave me his direct cell number and we spoke 5 times over two weeks. After 2 weeks he told me he didn't think he could donate any food that did not have an experation date on it. When I mentioned that I spoke to Rafael Toro he was not even aware. He told me he would call Mr. Toro and call me back in 10 minutes. Three weeks went by as I left 13 messages for Carlos on his cell and the office numbers with no response. Finally he answered my 14th call and said he couldn't help out. I was frustrated but my goal was still food for the children so I offered to purchase 50, fifty pound bags of rice. The price he gave me was his price he said that Wegmans gets, $21 and change a bag. I was able to purchase 2,000 lbs of rice from Sams club at $16 a bag. I could have dealt with a polite NO but what an enormous unprofessional run around, it speaks very poorly for your company. Please contact Dan Glushefski Truste for the Matthew Foundation 716-400-1921

I seen the incident on Route 3 last week where your truck lost the steal container box. It was a shame the way that towing company handled that incident. It should have been and hour or two at the very most. Instead what 4 or 5 hours. That was nothing more than padding the bill. Out and out robery. Not seeing the invoice, but if I had to guess, I bet that bill was between $30,000. and $40,000. dollars it should have been pulled up on there trailer either upright or on it's side and transported to goya where it could be off loaded and reloaded. The tow company had so many trucks there it looked like a parking lot where they park there trucks. I would contact town officials, I would contact the hudson county prosecutors they investigate insurance fraud and anyone else who will listen. It is wrong, It's insurance fraud, It's deceptive theft. And the Police just sat and watched and let it go on and on, Makes me wonder why?

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