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I do not know if I have the right place, but I have to walk by a Goodyear Tire company everyday, as there is no detour and I do not drive. Every time I walk by there at least one employee harasses me yelling at me from the garage calling me bear, and now dead bear. I tried laughing it off for a while, and waving at him (them) from the sidewalk, but it persists. I have an 85 year old mother to take care of, so this action is uncalled for and innapropriate. Can you talk to them to keep it cool when I walk by? It has been going on for months. In my opinion their behaviour towards me is a bad reflection on the Goodyear Tire Corporation. The company concerned is located on Chapman Ave. in Garden Grove, CA 92841-3541 Your concern and action about this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Thomas P.S. I notice your company is very vast, so please forward this e-mail to the appropriate associate. Thank you.

I needed too get my truck repaired 9-4-10 I took it to UTAH VALLEY TIRE'INC 420south 500east salt lake city Utah 84102 under the Goodyear tire name gave them a $650.27 check on 9-7-10 so I applied for a Goodyear Credit Plan in case my truck broke down again denied 9-14-10 all that tell's me next time I need tires I refuse too buy Goodyear tires . Goodyear had no problem taking a $650.27 check from me did they yet when I ask Goodyear for something I am treated like a piece of trash .I will tell all my coworker's and friends not to buy Goodyear Tires .Tell Goodyear Kauffman too shove your tires where the sun don't shine

In your rating 'how low can you go' ok here we go.... I had the worst experience of my life with Goodyear/Fantastic Tire & Auto at 6169 Old National Hwy, College Park, Georgia....I paid $1456.72 for repairs to my car, (2000 Chevy Prizm) that took place at Fantastic Tire & Auto, on June 6, 2010. The services included: * Replace Sparks Plugs, Set Timing, Adjust Idle Where (Most Vehicles-Platinum Plugs Extra) * Catlictic Converter * Ignition Coils * Fuel Injection Maint (Chemically Clean) * Inspection includes: Belts, Hoses, Battery and Cables (Visual), Tires, Wheel Bearing Repack, Headlights and Bulbs, Shocks and Struts, Air Filters, Exhaust, Suspension,Wipers, and all Fluids Topped Off. Unfortunately, I had to return my car back to Fantastic Tire & Auto in July for some of the very same problems that I was having, prior to the first initial visit that took place on May 22,2010 and was charged an additional $122.32. The BOTTOM LINE, is I nor MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS will never to business with them again. Sincerely, Martha

Dear Sir or Madam, Regarding Invoice# 96977 on 04/28/2010 Recently my friend and associate Keith took his 1999 Chrysler Cirrus with 104163 miles to the Duluth store to be serviced. The reason for his visit was a noise in the front end. Keith is an older gentleman who knows his way around a car, but is limited to his abilities at mechanics at his age. When looking above the front tires he could see the upper ball joint boots were broken on both sides without any further inspection. He asked for them to be replaced and for the store to contact him if any further work was needed. They insured him no further work was needed after he had the following done: Front end checked 2 tires replaced and balanced wheel alignment upper ball joint replaced on both sides oil changed battery tested FOR a GRAND total of $757.54 The next day the noise was still there. He took the vehicle back to the Duluth store and they said to drive it around a little more and the noise should work its way out. The noise is still there. He then took the car to me. I inspected the vehicle and both lower ball joints are VERY bad. Ball joints are a simple item that should be a part of the inspection before an alignment and the cutomer should be advised of any problem with them before the alignment is done. Not to mention the fact that the car was there for a front end noise and upper ball joints that the customer noticed. Why was Keith Greene not advised of this hazardous situation even after he took the vehicle back to the Duluth store. Please let us know how Kauffman Tire can resolve this situation. Sincerely, James

Kauffman Tire is the worst company to ever take your car to. This was the worst experienec I have ever had!!!!!!!

I spent $707 at Kauffman Tire for some maintanence on my car and ended up with a bad catylist system efficiency below thrshold due to a sprk plug misfire. It costed me about another $2,000 to get that fixed. WOWWW right?

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