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We have a local Goodwill Store in Winter Garden, FL on west Colonial Drive. I want to say that this is one of the best Goodwill Stores that I have been going to (about 5 yrs) even compared to other Goodwill stores in Florida & other states. You have employees from the Manager level on down that are welcoming and friendly, but yet professional. The store is clean & inviting and has undergone changes through the years, always looking for improvement & better ways to serve their customers! This staff truly represents what in my mind Goodwill stands for, because they all work hard at this store and they listen to their customers. I see many loyal customers that return time and again (just like me) because of the way they are treated when they come into this Goodwill store. I feel that this Goodwill store & their employees deserves a big hand of applause from the corporate office! P.S., They do not know that I am writing this review. I would like for it to be a surprise, because they deserve it! Thank you for your time, Wanda J. Whitener

Goodwill store San Jose Ca. Alum Rock Ave. I went to the store and asked if they had gift cards to purchase for a friends birthday. I purchased two $40.00 cards and mailed them out in a birthday card to Esparto Ca. My friend called me and said he was very pleased to receive them however they were worthless in his area. He mailed them back to me. I went to the store to get a refund and was told that it was past the time limit for refund and that they are only good in the specific area that they were purchased. This should have been disclosed. I thought this unfair being that I was not told that these gift cards were not like other gift cards in that being implied normal gift cards can be used at any store, without time limits. Feeling greatly Cheated by this I called corporate head quarters and spoke to the regional managers secretary, very professional and understanding I was told that the Regional Manager would call me back, I felt assured. It has been a month, and still no call. I feel ripped off! , I am out $80.00 and someone didn’t get a birthday present. So much for good will Thomas

I wish to direct your attention to a Goodwill store in Cookeville Tn. I and my Wife where passing through Cookeville and noticed your Goodwill store, so we stopped to shop their. After walking around the store we noticed that (all and mean all on floor employee's including the register clerks) are like tin solders and seam to be affraid to even talk with a customer?? a standoffish frame of mind,staying glued to their jobs at hand and very imperonal to customers, almost to a unfriendly atmosphere! not a good selling relationship to a customers to feel good in buying products from Goodwill. Most places that sell goods will have floor employee's ask if they could help a customer and be more congenial to customers. I suggest someone from your head quarts might take a trip ( unannouced )to see for yourself, this could be a manger or district mangers idea of controling chit chat or get max work out of employee's, which could hurt sales! if it has'snt already.

I visit your Bettendorf Iowa location very frequently and have never seen anything out of the ordinary.... However...I happened to be in this particular store on Friday Feb 25th when the store opened....there was a lady walking around the store in her goodwill smock just gabbing away on her cell phone, by the way she was talking, I knew it was a personal call...I watched her for quite a long time roaming the store with cell phone in hand. I asked one of the employees if that was normal for the clerks to be wondering around on duty talking on a cell phone..he replied that she was a manager....and he said she seemed to do whatever she wanted as she was a "manager". I finally caught up with her and looked at her name tag and her name was Nina. There were a few customers waiting for her to come to the check out lane as they had purchases and they waited and she never came to her counter...they left their purchases on the counter and walked out the door. I don't blame them as I work in customer service also, and am aware of the do's and don'ts...one of them being on a cell phone during work hours....I think this was very rude on her part and being a manager on top of if it....I thought she was very unprofessional. they say management doesn't know about incidents if they are not reported and I feel this was an incident that should be looked into. Thank you.... Tina

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